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12 Best Face Moisturizers to Buy in 2023 (Includes Every Skin Type)

By Viktoria
April 7, 2023
6 minutes

Are you wondering if you really need a moisturizer? And if people with oily skin type can skip this step in their routine? Or if you can go without hydrating your skin in summer when you are drinking water all day? Well, do not let anyone tell you that moisturizers can be skipped in any case.

Whether you are a fan of a basic skincare routine or love investing time in 10-step skincare, moisturizers are an integral part of every skincare regime. But it is also no easy feat to find the right moisturizer for your skin type and other requirements.

If you are tired of having your moisturizers collect dust in the corner, we want you to research a standardized hydrating cream before buying the next one. And to help you in your research, here we are with the list of the best face moisturizers to buy in 2023.

12 Best Face Moisturizers to Buy in 2023

For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin that gets flaky in winter and itchy in summer, your barrier must have been compromised. So, applying a moisturizer regularly can help you repair it and make the skin supple.

1. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Dry Skin

  • Quick absorption

  • Dermatologist recommended

  • The jar packing can lead to product contamination

CeraVe is the top brand that offers a wide range of affordable yet potent products. Its CeraVe moisturizing cream contains essential hydrating ingredients including ceramides (1, 3, and 6) and hyaluronic acid with MVE technology. Additionally, its creamy texture allows a smooth application and quick absorption of the product.

So, your skin stays hydrated for a full day. The skin barrier is restored and maintained within 1 month. It is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and hypoallergic. Moreover, it is developed with the help of dermatologists and cleared by NEA.

2. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Moisturizer

  • Immediate yet long-lasting results

  • Relieves eczema and redness

  • Might irritate sensitive skin

First Aid Beauty ultra repair intense moisturizing cream is specially prepared for people with extreme skin dryness and conditions like eczema. It contains colloid oats that soothe itching and shea butter that protects the skin barrier.

Its fast-absorbing formula with its rich consistency provides instant moisturization without making skin oily. Additionally, this cruelty-free, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, and alcohol-free cream is also dermatologically tested ensuring that it does not harm your skin in any way.

3. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face Moisturizer

  • Does not clog pores

  • Earth-friendly packaging

  • Does not have SPF

Neutrogena Hydro Boost face moisturizer has a gel-like consistency with a lightweight formula that makes your dry skin feel moisturized but not greasy. Its active ingredient is hyaluronic acid which is well-known for locking in the water in the skin while making it plump and supple.

Neutrogena is one of the best drugstore skincare care brands. Its hydro-boost cream is perfect for extra-dry, dry, or normal skin types. Moreover, it is free from oils, fragrances, and dyes. So, this dermatologist-recommended cream works well for sensitive skin as well.

4. TATCHA The Dewy Skin Cream

  • Spatula for hygienic dispensation

  • Contains antioxidants

  • Expensive

TATCHA is a famous Japanese brand with products loved by everyone. Its Dewy Skin Cream contains botanical extracts, Japanese purple rice, Okinawa algae blend, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients balance the moisture level of the skin, boost the skin’s natural hydration, and save the skin from stress and pollution.

Consequently, the skin appears fresh, nourished, radiant, and glowy. It also feels soft and plump to the touch. So, within 2 weeks you can fall in love with this luxury moisturizer for its amazing results.

For Oily Skin

Regardless of people saying oil skin produces enough oils to hydrate itself, you must know how important moisturizers are for people with oily skin to balance sebum production. So, here are our top oily skin-friendly hydrating creams.

1. Vichy Normaderm PhytoAction Acne Control Moisturizer

  • Salicylic acid and vitamin C enriched

  • Treats and prevents acne

  • Not suitable for people sensitive to fragrance

Vichy Normaderm PhytoAction moisturizer is a dermatologically tested cream that contains 2% salicylic acid, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. So, you can expect it to deal with adult acne, blackheads, textured skin, and open pores, improve skin tone, lighten blemishes, and make the skin smooth in addition to hydrating it.

It is a gentle, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, ophthalmologist-tested, and dermatologist-recommended product that hydrates oily skin deeply without making it look greasy.

2. CETAPHIL DERMACONTROL Oil Absorbing Moisturizer

  • Oil absorption technology

  • Sun protection

  • Can irritate eyes

CETAPHIL DERMACONTROL oil-absorbing moisturizer comes with an innovative micro pearl technology that absorbs excess sebum from the skin surface and hydrates the deep layers of skin thoroughly. So, it gives the skin a matte finish.

Moreover, it contains avobenzone that protects the skin from sun damage and oleosome that keep the SPF agents stable. It does not irritate sensitive skin but you should not get it into your eyes. Lastly, it is lightweight and oil-free.

3. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Face Moisturizer

  • Long-lasting hydration

  • Oil-free moisturizing formula

  • It is not alcohol-free

La Roche-Posay tolerant face moisturizer has dual effects. It works to repair broken skin barriers within 1 hour and keeps the skin hydrated for up to 48 hours. As it is an oil-free product, it works well for all skin types, especially oily skin.

Its main ingredients are selenium-rich prebiotic thermal water that protects the skin from cellular damage, ceramide-3 which retains water while maintaining a barrier, and niacinamide which restores skin health.

4. Differin Oil Absorbing Moisturizer

  • Comes with SPF30

  • Provides a matte finish

  • It is not fragrance-free

  • Harsh on eyes

Differin oil-absorbing moisturizer also comes with a micro pearl technology to soak excess oils from the skin and make it look smooth and matte. It is non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin as well.

Additionally, it provides broad spectrum protection by using little SPF due to its oleosome. So, it is a lightweight non-greasy moisturizer that hydrates oily skin gently.

For Combination Skin

Lastly, when you cannot decide if your skin is oily or dry, finding a suitable moisturizer can be a hassle. So, let us move on with our top picks in this category.

1. PCA SKIN Clearskin Lightweight Face Moisturizer

  • Enriched with vitamin E

  • Balances natural oil production in the skin

  • Expensive

PCA clearskin face moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer suitable for a combination to oily and acne-prone skin. It contains niacinamide, vitamin A, vitamin E, lemongrass, cucumber fruit extract, and marigold flower oil.

These ingredients purify oily skin while calming dry areas, balance skin hydration, and lighten acne marks. Moreover, it is free of fragrance and is trusted by dermatologists and aestheticians.

2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Cream for Combination Skin

  • Alcohol-free, fragrance-free, oil-free

  • Prevent acne breakouts

  • Comes in a small packaging

Neutrogena oil-free moisture cream is specifically designed for combination skin as it works to control the level of oils in the T-zone or cheek area along with moisturizing dry skin zones. It is lightweight and unscented. So, your sensitive skin won’t get irritated.

Moreover, it does not clog pores and is recommended by dermatologists as well. So, if you want an affordable drugstore moisturizer for your combination skin, this is the one.

3. Cetaphil Face Moisturizer

  • Offers broad spectrum SPF35 protection

  • Does not irritate sensitive skin

  • Thick consistency

Cetaphil Face Moisturizer for combination skin is a 3-in-1 lotion that hydrates the skin, nourishes it, and protects against sun damage. It is free of parabens, comedogenic agents, fragrances, and oils. Thus, it is compatible with all skin types including sensitive ones.

Moreover, it is packed with vitamin C and edelweiss flower extracts that work to repair the damaged skin barrier and prevent skin irritation. Lastly, its small bottle makes it travel-friendly.

4. Dermalogica Active Moist Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

  • Smooth application

  • Provides oil-free hydration

  • Too thin consistency

Dermalogica’s active lightweight face moisturizer is a vegan, paraben-free, oil-free, fragrance-free, and gluten-free product to hydrate your skin without making it look shiny. Additionally, it improves the texture and natural barrier of the skin.

Its major ingredients include plant extracts, cucumber, lemon, burdock, and a prebiotic complex that prevents dehydration, smoothens skin surface, and refines the skin. Moreover, it is also specifically formulated for combination skin.


Moisturizers are a must-have product if you want to have healthy skin that appears glowing but not greasy. Moreover, they prevent the signs of dehydration like flakes, itching, or redness. Although the significant role of a moisturizer is to hydrate your skin, the ingredients of the moisturizer determine which other benefits it can provide.

Moreover, the texture, absorption, and fragrance also play an essential part in making a moisturizer suitable. Regardless of the season or your skin type, regular hydration of the skin is an absolute necessity. So, in this article, we have talked about the best moisturizers of 2023.

Lastly, we hope you won’t compromise on the health and the natural barrier of your skin this year.

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