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The 10 Best Golf Balls for Beginners/Seniors of 2023

By Laura
April 25, 2023
6 minutes

A good golf ball can make or break the game, have you run to a golf field or run away from it, make golf your favorite or the least liked sport. So, you can gather the importance of choosing a practically suitable golf ball for you as you are just beginning to learn to play golf.

Similarly, senior players who either have been playing for a long time or just started loving this calming hobby need a specific type of golf ball for their strength level, height, and physique. So, both beginners and seniors should use soft and coated balls for a better experience.

But if you are not well versed in the quality and experience provided by different types of balls and want to get a ball that will make you excited while playing golf and help you get skilled gradually, let us find out the best balls for beginners/seniors here.

Best Golf Balls for Beginners/Seniors

We made a list of 10 of the best golf balls for beginners/seniors to help you enjoy your game passionately.

Comparison Table

Take a look at this comparison table to know about the price and reviews of all the balls on our list.




Amazon ratings


Balls in 1 pack


Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls






Srixon Soft Feel Prior Generation Golf Balls






Bridgestone Contact Golf Balls






Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls






Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls






Vice Drive Golf Balls






TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls






Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Balls






Maxfli SoftFli Matte Golf Balls






Nitro Golf Crossfire Golf Balls





1. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls The top on our list is Amazon’s favorite and the most bought soft golf ball by a reliable sports equipment brand, Callaway. The Callaway supersoft golf ball has a durable hybrid outer covering with a dense yet soft compression core combined with the flight technology to have the balls travel a long distance swiftly.

Its ergonomic design also allows better control on the field for beginners with a high flight and low spin. Moreover, its optimized hex aerodynamics increases friction and allows a better strike and flight. One pack includes 12 balls allowing you to practice golf to your full.

2. Srixon Soft Feel Prior Generation Golf Balls

Srixon soft fell prior generation golf balls Srixon soft feels prior generation golf balls are designed with a thin yet firm outer cover with symmetrical dimples for reduced drag force at the beginning, improved greenside spin, and a better lift. Additionally, its super soft fast layer core makes it move a great distance on each strike.

Moreover, it is made of the ionomer material that works best for beginners and seniors as it provides low spin allowing better tee shots. Also, if you love yellow-colored golf balls, these are the ones.

Lastly, they are amazing for seniors because of their low compression and softer feel. Also, being affordable is another of their major advantages.

3. Bridgestone Contact Golf Balls

bridgestone contact golf balls If you are looking for golf balls with better contact, Bridgestone contact golf balls are here with 38% better contact between the ball and the ground which allows a better energy transfer. Its structure is made of three parts, the outer contact force dimples, middle active acceleration mantle, and inner gradational core.

So, it offers long and straight ball flight right to the hole cups giving beginners/seniors a sense of achievement and motivating them to play more. Moreover, it is also the number 1 golf ball fitter by 2018’s golf data tech survey and the gold winner in 2022’s golf digest hot list.

4. Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

Titleist trufeel golf balls Titleist is one of the top brands to produce golf balls with thin covers and large cores that fly off far in the field. Its ergonomically designed Titleist TrueFeel golf balls feature the thinnest of the 2.0 true flex covers and a larger core. The cover allows good game control and the core helps the ball in traveling long distances.

Additionally, it provides an ultra-soft feel because of the low compression and true touch core. Titleist also produces golf balls in all colors like white, optic yellow, and matte red. So, Titleist true feel can become the go-to golf ball for beginners and seniors.

5. Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls If you want affordable golf balls in a pack that offers more than 1 dozen well-designed high-quality balls, Wilson staff zip golf balls are for you. These composite balls offer patented zero compression cores that make them one of the softest balls available in the market.

They have speed-generating covers that allow the balls to swing fastly across the greenfield and their 302 Ph.D. aerodynamics flat-bottomed shallow dimples allow excellent control. Additionally, the core is made of blended rubber and the cover is of ionomer. Thus, these golf balls move stably and allow beginners to play well.

6. Vice Drive Golf Balls

Vice Drive Golf Balls Vice Drive golf balls are pocket-friendly balls that provide long-distance coverage and a soft feel. Regarding the makeup of Vice Drive golf balls, they feature a DuPont Surlyn cover with strong and cut-resistant yet soft cores, and on the outer surface lie 392 symmetrical dimples.

So, these balls are perfect for people who want to make golf easy for themselves. Additionally, this structure makes the balls durable and resistant to continuous hits, the dimples make the ball bounce on the tee, and the balls stay in line while moving to the hole cup.

7. TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls The two-piece constructed TaylorMade distance+ golf balls are made of an outer ionomer cover which is the best material for beginners/seniors and an inner react speedcore that gives a low drive but high-speed ball performance. Additionally, its 342 aerodynamic dimples reduce drag and make the ball move even faster.

Consequently, these golf balls cover a long distance in a good alignment. Its new plus alignment aid technology keeps the ball in a straight line with your aim. Lastly, these lightweight balls can also be used for high or medium spins and they come in white and yellow colors.

8. Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Balls

Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Balls Want to have a variety of colors along with high-quality golf balls, Volvix Vimax soft golf balls are for you. They come in red, orange, yellow, and green colors that allow excellent visibility on the golf field. They are made of synthetic material with a dense and shallow dimple-covered outer surface and high-energy soft cores.

Thus, the ball has a high launch, a low spin, a soft feel, and a fast speed that covers a great distance. Moreover, the patented icosahedron dimple design keeps the ball stable throughout the flight and allows the ball to move according to your directions.

9. Maxfli SoftFli Matte Golf Balls

Maxfli SoftFli Matte Golf Balls The ultra-low 35 compressions core, the ultra-soft feel, and the ultra-long straight distance covering Maxfli Softfli matte golf balls also come in multiple colors like green-yellow, pink, red, and blue. These balls allow feedback shots from tee to green in addition to the ultimate soft feel.

Furthermore, its 332 dimples provide the balls with a straight and consistent flight no matter which swing speed it is in. Their outer ionomer cover is suitable for beginners/seniors because of its swing speed and durability. Lastly, their colored matte covers allow more visibility.

10. Nitro Golf Crossfire Golf Balls

Nitro Golf Crossfire Golf Balls Want to hit the golf balls without running to get them back if they go in the water or off the field? Get yourself Nitro crossfire golf balls that feature 45 balls in one package. These white golf balls have Dupont lithium Suryln covers that prevent cuts and a titanium soft core for an optimized energy transfer from club to ball.

Moreover, their innovative dimple design adds to the softness of the golf balls. So, they can cover a long distance with low spin and fast speed. These inexpensive golf balls can be used by amateurs and pro players in addition to beginners and seniors.


The best golf balls for seniors and beginners are the ones that have ionomer out covers and soft covers. Because this 2-piece design helps such players achieve better control over the ball. Additionally, such construction keeps the ball moving straight, giving it a high launch flight with a speedy low spin. So, that the balls reach the distant holes cups easily.

Moreover, getting the golf balls in a set of a dozen or more helps beginners practice more and hone their skills. We included such golf balls in the list. So, what are you waiting for? Get on your golf course!

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