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10 Best IPL Laser Hair Removal Machines in 2023

By Mariela
March 26, 2023
6 minutes
Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device

Are you looking for a fast, safe, and flexible hair removal method? Well, consider getting yourself an IPL hair removal machine. These devices use intense light to remove hair from the root, ensuring long-lasting hair reduction. This article looks at the 10 best IPL hair removal machines you can buy today.

As you can see, IPL hair removal systems afford you benefits that other methods cannot. So, if you want to switch to these devices, here are 10 IPL machines you can buy today

10 Best IPL Laser Hair Removal Machines

1. Ulike Sapphire AIR+ IPL Hair Removal

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Ulike is a renowned producer of high-quality hair removal devices, and this IPL handset is no exception. With it, you can rest assured of results within 4 weeks. And with continued use, expect long-lasting hair removal within 12 weeks or so. The process is nearly painless, meaning you won’t suffer from skin irritation or ingrowth hairs.

As you’d expect Ulike Air+ is FDA-cleared, meaning it is safe to use on any body part. Speaking of body parts, you can work on your face, legs, arms, armpits, and bikini line seamlessly. Besides, it comes with 1 million pulses, which can last you for decades.

2. Philips Lumea BRI948 IPL Hair Removal

Next on the list is the Philips IPL hair removal system. Unlike the Ulike option, this model comes with 450,000 flashes. As such, you can use it for years without replacement. It has a corded design, which might be a turnoff if you prefer removing hair in your bathroom.

With four intelligent attachments, you can work on your face, body, underarms, and bikini area. To achieve desired results, you should use the device four times in 4 weeks.

After this, use it once every four weeks. As you’d expect, it is compatible with most skin tones such as dark brown and white.

3. Braun NEW Silk·expert Pro 5 IPL

Braun is yet another leading producer of popular IPL devices. This model targets the roots of your hair, ensuring long-lasting hair reduction after continued use.

In fact, you should start seeing results after four weeks. You can rest assured of smooth skin for up to six months.

Like other premium IPL hair removers, the model automatically detects your skin tone, adjusting the light intensity accordingly. And since it has sensitive modes, the hair removal process will be nearly painless. With close to a million pulses, you can use it for a lifetime.

4. Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

This IPL device from Triabeauty comes in a compact and lightweight design, ideal for everyday hair removal. It has an appealing white and pink color combination, which improves its aesthetic significance.

What’s more, you get an ergonomic grip for comfortable use. Like other IPL devices, it is FDA-cleared, for effective and safe use.

The device boasts 4x hair removal power, meaning you can expect results in less than four weeks. Unlike most devices on the list, it comes with an LCD display, allowing you to adjust the settings. Besides, there’s a battery indicator so you can know when to recharge it.

5. Ulike Sapphire AIR3 Hair Removal

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The Ulike Air3 IPL hair removal handset boasts enhanced pain-free technology. This means you won’t experience discomfort and skin irritation when using it. What’s more, you can expect results within three weeks. And you don’t have to spend hours on your body. Rather, it only takes you 10 minutes.

This FDA-cleared device, has cutting-edge technologies such as Graphene Cooling Solution and Sapphire Ice-Cooling, for a more comfortable experience.

And you can choose between soft and body modes depending on the area you are working on. Whether you want to make your face, legs, bikini, or arms soft, this device got you sorted.

6. JOVS Venus Pro Hair Remover

JOVS is a leading producer of some of the best skincare products. This IPL hair removal device comes with six modes and energy levels. As such, you can use it on different body parts and skin tones. And thanks to the Ice Cooling technology, the process is nearly painless. With it, you can remove hair on your bikini line, legs, face, arms, and underarms.

You will enjoy the ergonomic design this device will afford you. As such, you won’t strain your hand when using it. And thanks to the sleek matte exterior, you get an eye-appealing IPL device. And thanks to the LCD touchscreen, you can adjust settings seamlessly.

7. SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL Hair Removal Device

If you are looking for a minimalist IPL hair removal device, this is the perfect choice for you. Coming in an appealing black and gold finish, it is appealing to the eye. Unlike other devices on the list, it has 10 power settings, meaning you can use it on many body parts. And since it has powerful intense pulsed light, it can treat your body within 10 minutes.

You also get three comfort modes and two treatment modes. So, if you want to treat your face or legs, this IPL device got you sorted. Thanks to the integrated Smart Skin technology, it will automatically detect your skin tone and use the most efficient power setting.

8. The Noodist Kit

While a compact and minimalist IPL hair removal device, it offers efficient hair removal, guaranteeing results within 8 weeks. It comes with a digital display so you can adjust settings and monitor the battery.

As you’d expect, it works on all body parts. As an FDA-cleared machine, it is safe to use on your body.

With 600,000 flashes, you can use it for a lifetime. Like other IPL devices, it is nearly painless, despite the high light intensity.

9. Silk’n Flash&Go Pro Hair Removal Device

If you want long-lasting hair removal, this might be an ideal option. It features a triggerless design, making it an ideal option for beginners. And since it has up to 500,000 flashes, you can use it for decades.

What’s more, it comes with a skin color sensor, so you can enjoy safe and efficient hair removal. You can choose from 5 power settings, depending on the area you’ll be working on.

10. Kenzzi IPL Multi Function Handset

Finally, you can opt for this multi-functional IPL device. Not only can you remove unwanted hair but also acne and age spots. Whether you want to work on your back, legs, or underarms, this device got you sorted.

With it, you can expect results within 90 days or less. And since it boasts of a pain-free technology, there’ll be minimal discomfort during the hair removal process. It is FDA-cleared, making it a safe hair removal option.

Benefits of IPL hair removal machines

  • Nearly painless removal

Unlike other hair removal systems such as waxing and epilating, IPLs are nearly painless. It is devoid of the irritation that waxing affords you. While the skin will appear red and tender after the treatment, you won’t feel any pain afterward. Besides, you’ll start experiencing nearly painless hair shedding after a week or so.

  • It is a safe method

IPL is a clinically proven and dermatologist-cleared safe way of removing hair from your body. Most IPL devices undergo thorough third-party testing before they get introduced to the market. Whether you want to treat your cheeks, shoulders, back, or legs, IPL is the safest method you can use today.

  • Suitable for different skin types

Unlike other hair removal methods, IPL is compatible with most skin types. Unfortunately, it does not work on dark-toned skin. The melanin in darker skin tones tends to absorb intense light, reducing the method’s effectiveness.

  • Reduces hair growth

This is arguably the chief benefit of using IPL hair removal machines. IPL machines remove hair from the root, mitigating hair regrowth. This is unlike creams and razors that offer partial hair removal. Furthermore, continued use of IPLs leads to long-lasting hair removal.

  • Quick option

Depending on the area you are working on, an IPL machine can take at least 30 minutes. This saves you time compared to other hair removal methods.

What to consider when purchasing an IPL hair removal machine

The key things to consider include:

  • Speed: While considering the speed between flashes may sound superficial, slow IPLs make the hair removal process tedious and ineffective.
  • Lifespan: Ensure to check the flashes the device affords you. Most come with lifetime flashes, while others have flashes that can last you a few years.
  • Power levels: You need an IPL device with several levels so you can work on different body parts.
  • Treatment heads: An ideal IPL machine will have heads for different body parts such as your legs, arms, and bikini line.


As you can see, IPL hair removal machines offer pain-free hair removal solutions. Besides they are faster than other hair removal methods. The best part? You can use them on different body parts. If you need one, consider choosing either of the above options.

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