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12 Best Summer Hats for Men to Protect from Sun (2023)

By Jason
May 27, 2023
7 minutes

Summer is right here at its peak. So is the scorching heat and overwhelming sun radiations. Therefore, it is time to take your sun protection game to the next level.

Additionally, sun protection is as important for men as for women. So, make sure you stay in the shade whether you are going to the beach, your work, or simply getting some groceries. But, as staying in shape is not easy, you should get sun hats to keep your face protected from the sun.

So, if you are wondering which sun hats are on trend these days both in terms of their looks and performance, let me help you. I have searched for the best summer hats in 2023 that men are loving. So, let me walk you through the list of the top 12 summer hats for men to protect from the sun this year.

What to Look For in a Sun Hat Before Buying

Before jumping straight to my recommendations, let me explain what to look for in a summer hat. Also, I considered these factors while devising the list of the best summer hats for men to protect from the sun.

  • Fabric: Sun hats should be made of fabric that offers an Ultraviolet Protection Factor or UPF. It must be 50 or more.

  • Material: Wearing hats in the summer heat can cause sweating. So, a good sun hat is made of breathable material like cotton, linen, or nylon. Additionally, the material needs to be durable.

  • Broad Brim: The brim of sun hats should be 3 inches or more to provide enough shade for you to protect your face from the sun.

  • Strap: A strap helps in keeping the hat in place. So, look for the hats with an adjustable strap. However, a strap is not necessary if a hat fits your head well.

Best Summer Hats for Men to Protect from Sun

Comparison Table

In this table, I have provided an overview of all the hats we will be discussing today to make it easy for you to choose one of these amazing sun hats.

Sr. No.

Sun Hat

Global Amazon Ratings




KIRAAT Mens Outdoor Wide Brim Fishing Hat





Pineapple & Star Sun Straw Fedora Beach Hat





EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men





Home Prefer Mens UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap





KastKing Sol Armis UPF 50 Boonie Hat





Calamus UPF 50 Boonie Sun Hat





adidas Men’s Victory Iii Bucket



$24.62 to $29.76


Sunday Afternoons Charter Hat



$42.56 or $42.91


GearTOP Fishing Hat For Men





MISSION Cooling Bucket Hat





Quiksilver Men’s Bushmaster Sun Protection Bucket Hat





Outrip Fishing Hat for Men




1. KIRAAT Mens Outdoor Wide Brim Fishing Hat

KIRAAT is Amazon’s choice in the category of best sun hats. And I quite agree with it because this hat also comes with protective fabric flaps for the face and neck in addition to its broad brims. So, it provides more than mere shade from the sun. Also, the facial flaps are detachable helping you customize its use.

It is a lightweight hat made of 100% nylon making it breathable and quick-dry. Moreover, it can be packed into a small size to keep it in your bag when not in use. This outdoor sun hat is windproof and waterproof as well. So, you can do your hiking, camping, cycling, beach tour, and other outdoor activities without worrying about the sun.

Also, here is a quick guide to planning an impromptu trip this summer.

2. Pineapple & Star Sun Straw Fedora Beach Hat

When you think about a sun hat for the beach, a straw hat will come into your mind, right? So, Pineapple & Star has a straw hat that offers UPF 50+ sun protection to help stay in style while saving your skin from UV radiation.

This pull-on closure sun straw hat is made of ultra-premium fine paper straw and polyester making it durable. Its material is certified breathable and has an adjustable size and removable chin strap. So, it is the perfect fit for a beach, pool, or cruise holiday. Moreover, it comes in a wide range of colors.

3. EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men

EINSKEY sun hat is for men who sweat a lot and want a breathable hat that helps them dry off the sweat and moisture quickly. It has a mesh panel and a built-in sweat-wicking band that makes it comfortable.

Moreover, it is made of water-repellent polyester material and has a 3.9 inches wide brim that provides shade from the sun. So, it can be used in the sun as well as in rain. This packable sun hat has several options for colors and prints as well.

4. Home Prefer Mens UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap

Home Prefer sun protection cap comes with 100% polyester makeup, customizable strap, back flap for neck and crown, wide brims, and mesh vents. So, it protects the neck and face from the sunlight without making you prone to summer heat.

Moreover, it is lightweight and can also be folded making it travel-friendly. It is comfortable to wear as well because of its breathable fiber. However, it cannot be washed in a machine.

5. KastKing Sol Armis UPF 50 Boonie Hat

KastKing Sol Armis Boonie hat is a camo-style hat made in collaboration with Stacie Walker, a wildlife artist. So, you can expect it to give you a thrilling experience. It comes with an in-band strap to adjust its size, drawstring closure to keep it in place, crown mesh to help in ventilation, and UPF 50 to reflect sun rays.

It comes in multiple patterns like blackout, shoreline, silver mist, multi-shade, Bali, blue patriot, mango breeze, fire and ice, sea foam, and ambush.

6. Calamus UPF 50 Boonie Sun Hat

Calamus UPF 50 boonie sun hat is a breathable cool hat with a mesh in the crown region, drawstring closer strap, and broad brim. It is a comfortable hat because of its lightweight material, ergonomic design, moisture-wicking headband, and breathable fabric.

Moreover, it provides protection against both UVA and UVB and comes with or without a neck flap. In contrast to other hats, it offers some bright colors like pink and yellow as well.

7. adidas Men’s Victory Iii Bucket hat

If you are someone brand conscious and want the best, check out the Adidas Men’s Victory Iii bucket hat. It has a graceful sports-friendly design and can add to your golf costume. It is a combination of materials like polyester, natural latex rubber, spandex, and nylon.

This imported hat offers UPF 50 sun protection, built-in mesh, a boonie bucket design, drawstring closure, and a moisture-wicking sweatband. So, it has all a standard sun hat should feature. You can choose one of its six colors.

8. Sunday Afternoons Charter Hat

If you believe in “simplicity is beauty”, I insist you check out Sunday Afternoons Charter sun hat. It is a 100% breathable nylon hat with a minimalist design. Its design features semi-circular brims, a floatable foam core, and drawstrings.

Moreover, it is made of certified UPF 50+ fabric. It also has a slipstream vent on its outer headband for ventilation. Lastly, this imported hat can only be washed by hand as the machine can destroy its material.

9. GearTOP Fishing Hat For Men

Are you tired of sun hats that can only be washed by hand? I have the Gear Top fishing sun hat for you machine washable polyester material. It is for men with head sizes ranging from 22 to 23.5 inches with its one-size boonie fit and drawstrings.

Moreover, it has a thick wide brim along with UPF 50+ UVA and UVB protection making it fit as a sun hat. It is breathable and has a mesh design as well.

10. MISSION Cooling Bucket Hat

Another of our minimalist and simply designed hats is the MISSION bucket hat. It comes in a number of colors and prints. But all of them are a standard bucket hat design with a MISSION logo on it.

It has no mesh. However, it is made of a cool polyester fabric that keeps the temperature up to 30 degrees. Moreover, its brim is 3 inches wide and its UPF factor is 50.

11. Quiksilver Men’s Sun Protection Bucket Hat

Another summer-friendly material for sun hats is cotton because of its easy maintenance and airy feel. Quick Silver Men’s Sun Protection Bucket hat is made of 100% cotton and has a drawstring closure.

This hand-wash-only sun hat has a large brim to provide protection from the sunlight and comes in up to 20 unisex colors. However, there is no information on the UPF of this affordable sun hat.

12. Outrip Fishing Hat for Men

Lastly, I have an Outrip fishing hat for you with its typical broad-brimmed sun hat design, and face, neck, and back flaps that offer the highest degree of sun protection making it suitable for all activities on your summer bucket list. Also, here are a few ideas for a summer bucket list if you still need to make one.

Back to the hat, it is made of nylon and polyester with mesh and easy-to-clear manufacturing, and comfortable wear. Additionally, it is lightweight, water-repellent, and quickly dry.


Sun protection can be difficult but it is also an absolute necessity. Whether it is skin burns or premature aging, the sun can cause more damage than we can assume. So, it is better to take measures to protect yourself as soon as possible.

However, men seem to forget it. So, I am here to remind you to stay consistent with sun protection and get one of the sun hats I have mentioned above. Moreover, here are some fun activities for summer weekends you can try wearing these hats.

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