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13 Best Summer Sale Savings on Skincare, Beauty, and More (2023)

By Viktoria
June 10, 2023
7 minutes

Have you been waiting for the summer sale to get the products you have your eyes on for a long time? Even if you can buy these products at the full price, buying them at a discount and saving money is a whole new story, an ecstatic story.

Whether it is expensive skincare items, personal care tools, beauty products, or more, you will see a sale on all of them when the summer is at its peak. However, not all discount deals are the same. You might save a few dollars on some deals with 10s of dollars on others.

So, we have looked for the products you can save the most on. These products offer 10 to 50% discount. So, let us find out more about summer discounts below.

Summer Sale Savings on Beauty Tools

Although several beauty tools like shaving razors also have discounts, it is only $10 to $20 which does not prove to be much cost-effective.

So, here we have the beauty tools that offer the greatest discounts of $50 to $100 plus. So, they prove to be better when it comes to getting a good product at a lower price.

1. Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer with Precise Temp Control

pure daily Original Price: $64.95

Discount Price: $33.95 (minus 48%)

If you ever wanted a facial streamer to improve the texture of your skin and take your skin cleansing game to the next level but gave up because of the high prices, it is your chance to buy Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer.

It offers more than just steaming the face and can also be used as an ionic humidifier to add moisture into your surroundings and a towel warming chamber tool to moist your towel and give you a warm refreshing feel.

Included in the kit Pure Daily Care steamer are 5 stainless steel facial cleaning tools like a blackhead extractor and blemish remover, a nano steamer unit with its 3 parts, and a cup to add water into the steamer.

2. Ulike Sapphire Air3 Hair removal IPL device

Original Price: $379

Discount Price: $259 (minus 32%)

Although you can find an IPL hair removal device at the cost of $200 to $300 easily, such devices are either ineffective or painful to use. So, devices like Ulike provide the best results while protecting your skin from any damage and pain.

The advantages of Ulike are stated in Ulike Air3 vs Air+ . However, the original price of Ulike might seem a lot to you. There is good news for you that Ulike also has the biggest sale of the year going on with flat $120 off on all of its devices making the devices affordable.

Additionally, it offers more deals like a lucky draw and a luxurious giveaway. You can check more about such deals at Ulike kicks off the summer sale . So, this is the right time to get your hands on this amazing hair removal IPL device at such a low price.

3. ZORAMI Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper

zorami Original Price: $39.99

Discount Price: $12.99 (minus 68%)

Zormani offers the greatest discount of $27 on its nose and ear hair trimmer making this deal unavoidable. So, even if you have never tried an electric trimmer, it is time to buy one at a pocket-friendly cost and groom the hard-to-clean parts of your face.

This electric cordless hair trimmer has dual-edged blades made of stainless with slits, a noise-free powerful motor, and a plastic cap. Moreover, it can be used in the shower or without it because of its ergonomic waterproof manufacturing.

In addition to trimming nose and ear hair, it can be used on eyebrows, beard, and face making it perfect for both men and women.

4. Polamd Professional Manicure Pedicure Kit

polamd Original Price: $48.99

Discount Price: $38.99 (minus 20%)

Most women love manicures and pedicures for how beautiful they make their hands and feet look. However, many women cannot get such expensive treatments often. So, the solution is to get a salon-like manicure and pedicure at home with Polamd Professional Manicure and Pedicure kit.

This kit is currently available at a discount and will cost you almost the same as that of 1 salon session. It is a rechargeable device that comes with 5 nail drill bits in different shapes, 1 transparent plastic cap, 1 C-type charging wire, and a how-to-use guide.

So, you can use it to remove the callus, cuticle, firm skin, and corns, shape the nails, and polish them to make them appear super groomed. One of its charges lasts for 2 to 3 hours.

Additionally, it has a built-in LED light for precision, 5 speed setting to personalize the treatment, and 2 rotation directions to treat your finger and toenails with ease. Also, here are some ideas for summer nail color trends .

5. NuDerma Professional Skin Therapy Wand

nuderma Original Price: $129.95

Discount Price: $99.95 (minus 23%)

One of the newest techniques to treat various skin concerns like acne marks, premature aging, and hyperpigmentation is light therapy. The light therapy machines are expensive. But they become accessible on discounts. One such device is the Nuderma Professional Skin Therapy Wand kit.

It consists of 6 wands, 3 made of Neon with Tungeston, and the other 3 are made of Argon. The wands include a mushroom wand for cheeks, forehead, and jawline, Y shaped wand for areas below the face, a comb wand for the scalp, a tongue-shaped wand for spot treatment, a rod wand for the body, and a small circular head wand for contours like nasal folds.

Summer Sale Savings on Skincare

Now that we have the tools to take good care of ourselves from head to toe, let us take a look at products specifically for skin care.

1. Neutrogena Triple Age Repair Anti-Aging Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 25

neutrogena Original Price: $28.09

Discount Price: $19.01 (minus 32%)

Neutrogena triple age repair moisturizer serves multiple purposes. It is infused with glycerin that moisturizes the skin, shea butter to nourish the skin, vitamin C that brightens skin tone and dark spots, hexanol technology for anti-aging, and SPF 25 for protection from the sun.

Additionally, it has a soothing shea butter scent. So, get this moisturizer right now if you are suffering from the sun and dehydration-induced skin dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and dark circles.

2. FOREO Microcurrent Facial Device Face Sculpting Tool

foreo Original Price: $239

Discount Price: $219 (minus 8%)

Although an 8% discount is not much, it is still better to save something than buy a high-quality tool at the original price. Foreo Microcurrent Facial sculpting device is one of the most effective devices to exercise and tone your facial muscles through a microcurrent.

Consequently, they appear young and ageless as time passes. It is an FDA-cleared device with T sonic pulsation that provides botox-like effects by lifting your face, turning your double chin into a sharp jawline, and dealing with puffy eyes.

All you need is 3 minutes to see such results instantly. Additionally, it has an anti-shock system to automatically customize the intensity level. Along with the Microcurrent device, there is a nourishing serum in this deal.

3. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

sk II Original Price: $229

Discount Price: $113.98 (minus 50%)

SK-II is a luxury Korean brand popular worldwide for its amazing serums, essences, moisturizers, and other skincare products. But the luxury comes at a high price, right? So, if you have been wanting to try the trending SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, you can get it at 50% off from Amazon Summer Sale.

It is a fragrance-free essence that is enriched with essential amino acids in a gel form. This magic essence is good for skin rejuvenation, moisturization, and cellular metabolism. So, it helps treat skin concerns including uneven skin tone, and wrinkles.

4. BAIMEI Jade Facial Beauty Roller Skin Care Tools

baimei Original Price: $29.99

Discount Price: $16.99 (minus 43%)

Facial jade rollers are another way to naturally lift your face, drain lymphatics, improve blood flow, and make your skin look younger and more radiant. Additionally, facial rollers help in better absorption and even distribution of skincare products.

BAIMEI is offering a fantastic discount on its jade roller and gua sha set. It is made of rose quartz and has an ergonomic design to move along with facial contours and roll smoothly on the face.

5. LOUDYKACA Red-Light-Therapy-for-Face

loudykaca Original Price: $109.99

Discount Price: $69.99 (minus 40%)

Led Light therapy masks are a recent invention in the world of skincare. These robotic masks are an effortless way to hydrate the skin, lock in moisture, contour the face, tone skin, reduce open pores, and prevent aging. LOUDYKACA multip-light therapy mask for the face can only be ordered for $69.99.

It has a red light to help in making skin younger, green light to treat dark spots, blue light to soothe irritated skin, purple light to drain lymphatics, yellow light to whiten skin, blue light to relax muscles, and white light to enhance cellular regeneration.

Summer Sale Savings on Other Items

Lastly, we have some haircare, hygiene maintenance, and household items at a discount for you.

1. NEW LOOK | Tree of Life Vitamin C Set

new look Original Price: $63.59

Discount Price: $45.49 (minus 28%)

If you want to have all of your skincare products under $50, the New Look Tree of Life Vitamin C set is for you. Currently on an upto 30% sale, this set has a cleanser, a toner, a serum, an eye gel, and a moisturizer.

It is a cruelty-free dermatologist-tested skincare set that proves to be useful for cleansing the skin, removing impurities, nourishing it, moisturizing it, and lastly, treating dark circles and undereye puffiness.

2. Nexxus Shampoo and Conditioner Therappe Humectress

nexxus Original Price: $46.99

Discount Price: $42.99 ( minus 7%)

Nexxus Shampoo and Conditioner is an affordable duo that can be used to wash hair thoroughly and moisturize them every day. It is a silicone-free haircare set that helps in repairing hair damage, making hair smooth, boosting its growth, and making them elastic and supple.

Moreover, one set has 1 liter of shampoo and 1 liter of conditioner. So, it will last for a long time making it one of the most pocket-friendly options out there.

3. Beautify Beauties Hair Spray Bottle

beautify Original Price: $14.99

Discount Price: $5.99 (minus 60%)

Beautify Beauties spray bottle has several uses from taking care of yourself to taking care of your home. It can be used as a hair spray bottle and facial mist bottle; a water dispensing bottle for ironing clothes, watering plants, and cleaning windows; and as a sustainable hair freshener as well.

It is an aerosol-free spray that does not use any pressurized containers. So, stock up on these bottles for the year now as they are available at a big discount.


Summer sales are a good option to buy the things you have been looking forward to for months. Some things offer great discounts while others provide value for money even on small discounts. So, you can get up to 70% off on items we have mentioned in this article.

Moreover, some brands like Ulike offer additional deals in addition to basic discounts. So, do not forget to find a good one for yourself.

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