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Can I Wax After Laser Hair Removal? (& Why)

June 12, 2023
6 minutes

Since laser hair removal has been introduced, we have all considered getting it done at least once. It is an effective method for reducing the number of your hair, and getting you silky smooth skin.

The heat produced by laser destroys your hair follicles, stopping or delaying hair growth in the future. It seems tempting when you think you are going to have a hairless body forever, right? But sadly laser hair removal is not long-lasting. After you are done with your sessions, you will have thin and lesser hair but you still need to remove them.

Now, most of us will go for waxing because that is the traditional method we all have been using for ages. Have you ever thought about whether waxing is the right method to opt for after or in between your laser hair removal sessions? Let’s dig deeper together and know the right answer.

What Happens to Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal uses heat to destroy the hair follicles by penetrating into your skin. With the benefits it provides, there come some side effects that might be temporary or long-lasting.

After you are done with your laser hair removal sessions, some reactions occur in your body in response to the heat produced by the laser leading to:

Skin Irritation: The heat of a laser hair removal device when reaches your hair follicles, it might cause a stingy sensation making you feel itchy for some time.

Tenderness: The reaction to laser can make your skin red and tender. But, don’t you worry this is not going to stay for long.

Swelling and blister formation: Laser hair removal can destroy the upper layer of your skin resulting in fluid entrapment there leading to inflammation and swelling in the treated area.

Skin Sensitivity: As your skin is continuously exposed to heat, it gets sensitive, especially in darker people. That is why, avoiding sunbath after hair removal is recommended.

To know these side effects and their causes in detail, you can click on Side Effects and Risks of Laser Hair Removal, You Should Know.

Can I Wax After Laser Hair Removal? (& Why)

What do you think about the safety of waxing after laser hair removal after reading about the side effects of laser hair removal? Yes, you are right. It is not safe to wax your skin after laser hair removal.

When your skin is already going through all those reactions, and is red and tender, waxing it can further disrupt the skin and add to the side effects of laser hair removal. Wondering if all those side effects are temporary and if you can do your waxing when they are gone? Well, we have another reason to avoid waxing after completing your laser hair removal sessions.

Waxing after laser renders your treatment ineffective. When you wax any part of your body, it pulls your hair from the root and signals the roots to make more follicles for e better regrowth of new hair. Resultantly, instead of thin and less hair, you will get the same thick and more you have had before. No one would like to waste their money like this, so it is best to avoid waxing.

Can I Wax In between Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

Just like how you can’t wax after laser hair removal, it is best not to wax even in between your laser hair removal sessions. Laser hair removal requires a few sessions and there is a 4-6 weeks gap between each session.

It seems a bit hectic, but as the growth of your hair occurs in a cycle, these sessions are to make sure that hair follicles are targeted in their new growth stage. Now, coming back to the point, for laser hair removal to work effectively, your hair should be intact with your hair follicles.

When you wax and remove your hair completely, there will be no means for your body to absorb the heat produced by the laser energy. This means no matter how long your sessions go, they will only cause burns and no hair removal. It is best to stop waxing a month before starting your laser hair removal sessions.

After How Long Can I Wax My Hair Again After Laser Hair Removal?

In any case, it is best not to wax your body hair after laser hair removal or in between your hair removal sessions. But there exist some variations.

Some studies completely restrict you from waxing while others suggest that you can wax after 3 weeks of completing your laser hair removal sessions. Just to be sure, we’d recommend you take advice from the place you are getting your treatment done as no one but the professionals know the best about what can be suitable for their client. So, don’t be hesitant and ask your queries from your clinic to avoid any issues.

What Other Methods Should I Avoid After Laser Hair Removal?

You cannot just go on and try any method of removing your hair after you are done with your laser hair removal sessions. Other than waxing, there are some other methods you should avoid using, and let’s discuss why.

1. Sugaring

Just like waxing, sugaring can easily damage the outer layer of the skin causing it to be more sensitive and making the aftereffects of laser hair removal adverse. Furthermore, it also removes your hair which indicates that the laser treatment will go ineffective irrespective of the fact that you are doing it in between your hair removal sessions or after that.

2. Threading

When your new hair grows after a long time of having hairless smooth skin, you might think that threading can be the right option for those thin, small hair. Similar to other conventional hair removal methods, threading also removes your hair from the roots. No hair in your follicles means no absorption of heat and you are just wasting your money over these expensive sessions.

3. Plucking

Plucking is another method that seems easy and efficient to remove your unwanted hair. As you pluck your hair, you lose the hair till your roots. Laser mainly targets the roots and weakens them by cutting off their blood supply. As plucking removes these roots, there will be no use in getting laser hair removal.

4. Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams do not remove your hair from the roots which means they might be effective for removing your hair during your laser hair removal sessions. But these depilatory creams can cause reactions to your skin as your skin is more prone to damage after laser hair removal.

So, it is best to avoid depilatory creams especially if you are already suffering from the side effects of laser hair removal.

Is There Any Alternative Method I Can Use After Laser Hair Removal?

After reading all the methods mentioned above, you might be wondering if there is any method left for you to remove your hair now. Well, there is, and it is also safe.

That is shaving. Shaving does not completely get rid of your hair from the roots. It only removes hair from the skin surface which means when you go for laser treatment, the laser will be able to target your roots and work efficiently.

Shaving after you are done with your sessions will help prevent the growth of extra hair as it does not affect the roots of your hair.

Can I Shave Immediately After Laser Hair Removal?

Although shaving is safe, it also comes with some guidelines depending on whether you want to do it in between your sessions or after you are done with all of your sessions. It is best to shave at least 3-4 days after the treatment. It is because your skin needs some time to heal and shaving immediately can irritate your skin and also increase the burning sensation caused by the laser.

If you want to shave in between the sessions, it is advised to shave 24-48 hours before the treatment or you can go with what the clinic advises you to do.


Laser hair removal has made our lives easier as it reduces the number of your body hair to a great extent and saves you from the emergency waxing or plucking of your hair. It is an efficient method but does not give long-lasting results so you are required to remove your hair then and now.

The new hair is less and thin so the hair removal will be less frequent but you can’t just adopt any method. Waxing, plucking, and threading can remove your hair from the roots. This leads to more hair growth and your treatment sessions will go to waste. In such cases, it is best to shave the unwanted hair as shaving does not pull off hair from the roots so the laser can easily target the roots and provide results.

Other than shaving, you can follow the before and after hair removal skincare routine to get even better results.

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