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Can You Bring a Razor on a Plane? 2023 Updated!

September 28, 2023
5 minutes
Can You Bring a Razor on a Plane

Carrying a grooming kit while traveling always comes in handy, especially for those who are more concerned about their looks. But, carrying razors can be a little troublesome in airplanes if you don’t follow the rules properly. Razors in your baggage can sometimes be a little tricky, which is why this article highlights rules and regulations on whether can you bring a razor on a plane.

Having the right idea of the rules will help you avoid potential delays, penalties, or confiscation of your items.

Table of Contents:

Part 1:Can You Take a Razor on a Plane?

Product Image Razor Type Carry On Bags Checked Bags
Electric Razor Electric Razor Generally allowed Allowed
Disposable Razor Disposable Razor


Allowed (usually with the blade covered) Allowed
Safety razor Safety razor Allowed (usually with the blade covered) Allowed
Straight razor Straight razor Not Allowed Allowed
Individual razor blades Individual razor blades Not Allowed Allowed

Guidelines of Different Razors in Detail

Here’s a guideline on are razors allowed on planes:

  1. Electric Razors: Electric razors don’t have removable blades, so, you cannot use them as a weapon inside the aircraft. That’s why airlines allow them to be carried in the cabin baggage and check-in baggage. But since they can be costly, it’s better to put them in your cabin baggage.
  2. Disposable Razors: If your disposable razors have handles with non-removable blades, then they’re allowed in both; check-in and cabin baggage. Airlines don’t consider blades of disposable razors dangerous.
  3. Safety Razors: To carry your safety razors in airplanes, you need to separate the handle and blade. Then carry the handle in the cabin and the blade in the check-in baggage. Alternatively, you can cover up the blades and carry the entire razor in the check-in baggage without detaching them.
  4. Straight Razors and individual razor blades: Since they have exposed blades, they can only be put in the check-in baggage, that too, blades need to be covered up. The same is the case for individual razor blades.

Part 2:Can You Bring a Gillette Razor on an Airplane?

Yes, you can bring a Gillette razor on an airplane, but if your razor has removable blades, you need to put the blades in the check-in baggage and its handle in your cabin baggage. Also, remember that can you take a razor in hand luggage depending on the type of razor you’re carrying.

Part 3:Guidelines and Restrictions for Carrying Razors on a Plane

Guidelines and Restrictions for Carrying Razors on a Plane

TSA Rules for Blade Length & Packaging

Blade Length Rules

TSA rules don’t impose restrictions on the length of razor blades that you can carry in airlines. But, if your razor has removable blades, you are more likely to detach the blades and handle, and carry them separately in the check-in and cabin bag, respectively.

Packaging Rules

According to TSA rules, you don’t have to necessarily put your razors in a clear and/or resealable plastic bag. However:

  1. Putting your razors in a clear bag will help screening agents to identify the items in the bag easily. That will reduce the chances of your bag being opened and checked by the security staff at the airports.
  2. Putting them in safe boxes such as covers, can reduce the chances of other items being damaged in the baggage. Also, it avoids any chances of injuries to the baggage handlers.

Alternative Options for Those Who Need To Bring Razors

1. Purchase at the Destination

You may consider buying a disposable razor after landing at your destination. Several drug stores and general stores sell these items. Also, if you’re checking in a hotel room, hotel amenities might provide razors.

2. Use Travel Grooming Kits

Travel grooming kits are pre-cleared for TSA compliance, so they’re very safe to take in your cabin bag. You can invest in these kits if your budget allows.

3. Use Electric Razors

Electric razors are allowed in check-in and cabin baggage, so you may carry them while traveling.

4. Put in Your Check-in Baggage

If you don’t have to use your razor at the airport or don’t want immediate access to it, you can simply put your well-packed razor in the check-in baggage.

Part 4:International Travel Considerations

International Travel Considerations

  1. European Union: airports in the EU have guidelines similar to TSA, but some EU countries follow slightly stricter guidelines.
  2. United Kingdom: The rules followed in the UK are called “ECAC”, and are similar to TSA. But ECAC rules have explicitly defined a list of restricted items, so you need to check in advance if you can carry your razor.
  3. Australia: The official Department of Home Affairs (Australian Government Body) has imposed similar rules to TSA but local airlines tend to impose their own restrictions.
  4. India: Only a few airlines and airports allow carrying razors.
  5. Japan & Canada: Razors can be carried in the check-in baggage but not in your cabin baggage.
  6. Middle East: Whether or not you can carry your razor in your cabin baggage depends on the security personnel.
  7. China: You can carry safety razors in your cabin baggage, and disposable razors may be inspected at the airport.
  8. South America & Africa: Here, the regulations differ widely, and you need to consult the guidelines of the specific local airlines.
  9. Russia: The Russian regulations state that you need to carry your razors only in the checked-in baggage and it’s advisable if you can cover them up in a clear baggage for more safety.


So far we learned that can you bring a shaving razor on a plane. Since there is so much confusion among people about whether can you bring an electric razor on a plane or can you bring a disposable razor on a plane, it’s highly advisable that you familiarize yourself with the rules to avoid trouble at airport security. Even if can you bring a safety razor on a plane without covering them, you should prioritize safety and compliance with the TSA rules, which will give you a hassle-free journey.

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