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Cucumber on Face: Benefits, Side Effects and How to Use

By Mariela
June 25, 2023
7 minutes

Cucumbers, a vine plant belonging to the family Cucurbitaceae, have unlimited benefits for skin, hair, and physical health. These fluid-enriched fruits contain 96% water which helps us fight the periods of dehydration as in summer.

They can be taken in salads, raw, sandwiches, smoothies, or juices. But let me tell you that they can be applied on the skin as well as their soothing fruits instantly make skin glow and can be used in multiple DIY skincare recipes. Moreover, cucumbers are the basic ingredients of several skincare product lines available in the market.

So, the question arises if cucumbers really are worth the hype. If yes, how to use them, and what could be the possible side effects of these miracle fruits? In this article, I have all the information you need about the use of cucumbers for the face.

So, without further ado, let us find out.

How Cucumbers Are Beneficial For the Body and Skin

Cucumbers, the native fruit of India, might taste bitter at times but it instantly refreshes you and improves your health. But how do cucumbers do that? Well, cucumbers have few calories but are a rich source of water, carbs, fiber, antioxidants, and proteins.

In addition, cucumbers are full of vitamins like vitamins C and K and minerals like potassium, manganese, and magnesium. [1] There is also a minor amount of vitamin A, biotin, vitamin B1, sodium, iron, calcium, and caffeic acid in cucumbers.

So, they are full of nutritional content that can help your skin and your body as well. Today, we will only talk about the uses of cucumber for the skin. In addition to cucumbers, there are other best fruits with low sugar and carb content that you can try.

Benefits of Cucumbers

The following benefits of cucumbers make them an important ingredient of skincare.

Soothing Redness and Inflammation

Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties because of the presence of phytochemicals in them. They contain saponin, steroids, tannins, and flavonoids. These chemicals work to soothe skin redness and eventually reduce skin inflammation.

Moreover, a study shows the cooling effects of the cucumber on skin along with its anti-oxidant properties that help in dealing with swelling and associated skin redness and pain. [2]

Reducing the Incidence of Acne

Cucumbers are excellent at combating acne because they hydrate the skin, shrink the pores, cleanse the skin, and reduce the chances of pore blockage. The astringent properties of cucumbers help you get rid of acne, avoid breakouts, and deal with acne scars as well.

Additionally, you can check the details of research carried out to find the effects of cucumbers in reducing acne. [3]

Hydration of the Skin

The high water content in cucumber enables it to thoroughly hydrate your skin. Additionally, cucumber alone might not offer complete moisturization. So, you need to add more ingredients like honey to cucumber to get the best of this amazing fruit.

Eating cucumbers also help in skin hydration as explained in a study . [4]

Treating Hyperpigmentation

Cucumbers contain vitamin C which is the essential vitamin used for brightening skin tone and treating hyperpigmentation. Additionally, cucumbers have caffeic acid and lactic acid that exfoliates the skin.

So, regular application of cucumbers to the skin reduces blemishes, acne marks, dark spots, and freckles. Additionally, it whitens the skin tone. Further, you can look for the Best fruits good for skin whitening here.

Shrinking Pores

Cucumbers have astringent properties. So, they reduce the size of the pores and control the production of sebum by the skin. As a result, pores appear to be smaller and skin looks flawless, clear, and glowing.

Rejuvenation of Skin

Cucumbers remove dead skin cells, stimulate the production of new cells, fight off free radicals, and boost the moisturization of the skin. Consequently, the skin is rejuvenated and it appears radiant and bright.

Although raw cucumbers rejuvenate the skin, cucumber extracts are exceptional and quick at making your skin healthy as stated in an article [5]. Additionally, you can try these foods for skin glowing .

Dealing with Eye Concerns

Whether it is dark circles, crow lines, or undereye puffiness, cucumbers help in reducing them all. The anti-inflammatory properties of cucumbers soothe puffiness and make the eyes look fresh. Their skin-brightening properties reduce dark circles and help you get rid of the effects of sleepless nights.

Lastly, the anti-oxidants of cucumbers prevent premature aging and thus crow lines. A study on cucumbers shows how cucumbers are useful for the eyes. [6]

Soothing Irrition and Sunburn

The common effects of increased exposure to the sun are red inflamed skin that feels like burning and is painful. Cucumbers offer a cooling effect on the skin and they reduce inflammation.

So, when cucumbers are applied on irritated or sunburnt skin, they immediately provide you with a relaxing sensation and calm the sunburns. Also, cucumbers are one of the best natural sunburn treatment remedies as explained in a skincare blog

Preventing Premature Aging

Last but not least, cucumbers prevent premature aging and prove to be useful as anti-aging fruits as well. This is because of the presence of vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A in cucumbers.

These vitamins reduce the signs of premature aging by rejuvenating the skin and fighting pollution, sunrays, and free radicals that cause aging. A study illustrates the effects of cucumbers in anti-aging. [8].

Side Effects of Cucumbers

If fruit can have such incredible benefits, it would be impossible for it to be free of side effects altogether, right? So, cucumbers have some uncommon side effects that we are going to discuss below.

But these side effects are rather caused by eating an excessive amount of cucumbers rather than applying them on the skin.


Have you ever noticed that cucumbers are slightly bitter? This is because of the presence of cucurbitacins in cucumbers. These are the toxic compounds that can prove to be harmful to health as explained in research . [9]

However, the content of cucurbitacins is low in cucumbers and you will be alright as long as you eat them in a moderate quantity.

Excessive Diuresis

Cucumbers also have cucurbits, a compound known to increase diuresis. Diuresis is a process of elimination of excess fluids or water from the body. When taken in excess, cucumbers stimulate unnecessary diuresis. Consequently, your body becomes dehydrated.

It can also prove to be harmful to the kidneys.

Skin Allergy

If you have an allergy to melons, chamomile tea, pollens, or bananas, it is best to avoid cucumbers. As they belong to the melon family, it is likely that cucumbers can trigger skin allergies in you as well. Also, this side effect is mainly associated with eating raw cucumbers or using them directly on the skin.

Digestive Problems

Although cucumbers appear completely harmful to your gut, they can cause flatulence and bloating in people who have hypersensitivity to cucurbitacin. This is a rare side effect. So, you can try eating 1 cucumber at first to estimate how your digestive system reacts to it.

How to Use Cucumbers

It is finally the time to find out the ways to use cucumbers on your skin to make it glowing, radiant, poreless, healthy, and texture-free.

Cucumber Slices on Face

If you want to get the best out of cucumbers without putting in any effort, cucumber slices can be your go-to option. All you need is a well-washed cucumber and a knife. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and apply them all over your face including your eyes, wait for 15-20 minutes, and remove them. Cucumber slices can hydrate the skin and even skin tone.

Cucumber Ice Cubes

If you are someone who stays out in the sun for a long time, cucumber ice cubes can save you from scorching heat and sunburn when you return home. Simply extract out cucumber juice by grating them and freeze them in ice cubes.

Using one ice cube daily can help you treat sunburn and soothe your skin.

Cucumber Toner

Cucumber toner can be used as a facial mist for a refreshing feel and to make your dull skin look bright instantly. To make cucumber toner, cut a cucumber into small pieces and boil it for 10 minutes in water. Then blend the mixture and strain it with the help of a clothe.

Store the obtained liquid in a clean spray bottle and use it as you like. You can also add rose water or lemon drops to this toner to enhance its effects.

Cucumber Face Masks

If you are more into DIY face masks, you have endless options with cucumbers. Ingredients like honey, oats, tea tree oil, aloe vera, and lemon go well with cucumbers. So, these face masks can be used to treat skin concerns like acne, dry skin, itching, or premature aging.

Cucumber Water

How about using cucumbers to wash your face and counteract the dryness caused by active face washes? Cut cucumbers into slices and put them in a big bowl of water. Let it stay like that for the night and use this water to wash your face in the morning.

It will make your skin soft, smooth, and bright.

Cucumber Containing Skincare Products

If you are someone who avoids DIY skincare and has no time to cut cucumbers, resort to skin care products containing cucumber extracts. There are countless face masks, toners, moisturizers, and night creams with cucumbers available in the market.

Final Verdict

The cucumber is an incredible fruit that can be used to make your skin healthy with some easy-to-make face masks and toners. It has anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and skin-soothing properties. I have discussed those properties in detail in this article.

Moreover, overconsumption of cucumbers has a few side effects which I explained earlier. Moreover, this article is backed up with studies to ensure how cucumbers work for your skin and body health.


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