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Deep Cleansing Facial: Everything You Need to Know About It!

By Mariela
April 18, 2024
7 minutes
Deep Cleansing Facial

Throughout our hectic routines, we need time to relax and give ourselves a break. Similarly, our skin goes through environmental stress daily and gets exposed to pollutants frequently. This makes it dull and it also needs a break.

For detoxification of our skin from all the impurities, the best option is a regular deep cleansing facial. This pocket-friendly method of skin care can help you achieve smooth skin and prevent premature aging. It can be done at home and is also offered at salons. Let’s discuss the details!

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What is Deep Cleansing Facial?

Deep cleansing facial is a multiple-step professional skin treatment useful for skin rejuvenation. It cleans the clogged pores, gets rid of all the dirt and impurities from the face, and removes excess oil from the oily skin.

Unlike regular facials that include basic skincare, deep cleansing facials thoroughly clean the deep-seated impurities to provide you with a better complexion. Therefore intensive skincare treatments such as steaming are done in deep cleansing.

How to know if you are suited for a regular facial or a deep cleansing facial? Regular facials suit every skin type while deep cleansing facials are mostly preferred for oily and acne-prone skin.

Part 2: Deep Cleansing Facial Steps

Getting a deep cleansing facial done by a professional can help you achieve better results. They properly analyze your skin type and process accordingly to ensure that the client gets the best possible treatment. A deep cleansing facial at a salon involves the following steps:

Skin Analysis

  1. Skin Analysis: First skin analysis is done using a magnifying glass to understand the skin conditions and concerns of the client. It helps the professionals to plan the further steps accordingly.
  2. Makeup Removal: Makeup removal before facial cleansing is necessary to prevent clogging of pores. It also ensures that the products used are absorbed well into the skin
  3. Cleansing and toning: Then comes the cleansing step. In this step, a gentle cleanser is used on the face to get rid of all the impurities. After that, most professionals use toners to maintain skin pH
  4. Exfoliation: After a thorough cleansing, exfoliation is performed to remove dead skin cells. It reveals the fresh skin cells underneath dead cells and stimulates the skin renewal process. It is either done through mechanical exfoliation in which physical agents remove dead cells or chemical exfoliation which uses enzymes or acids
  5. Steaming: In the next step, steam is used to open up the skin pores, soften the blackheads, and moisturize the skin. It improves the blood flow and makes extraction more convenient
  6. Extraction: In this step, professionals remove the blackheads and whiteheads from the face by hand. The area with active acne is left alone as it can cause permanent marks on the face.
  7. Face Mask Application: Face masks are applied to fulfill the specific needs of the client or to hydrate and nourish the skin in general. Most professionals opt for thermal heating masks as they regulate the penetration of products deeper into the skin
  8. Facial Massage: Facial massage on the face, hands, neck, and shoulder helps relax the client and lets the products absorb completely into the skin
  9. Application of Moisturizer: Then comes the crucial step. After the skin is completely purified, professionals tend to moisturize the skin to maintain the glow on the face and keep the skin hydrated
  10. Sun Protection: After deep cleansing facial, the skin becomes sensitive and needs protection from the sun. So, the salon will end the steps by applying a protective sunscreen on the face

Part 3: Benefits of Deep Cleansing Facial

Wondering how deep cleansing facial can be helpful for you? Let’s explore some deep cleansing facial benefits:

  • Since the whole process is completed by professionals, it provides more vibrant, glowing, and fresh cleaning as compared to the facial done at home
  • The facial gets rid of all impurities and excess oil present deep in the skin, so it prevents acne, wrinkling, and premature aging
  • You only require a deep cleansing facial once a month is even lesser
  • A self-care day with massage and a fresher face makes you feel good and relives all the stress from the mind
  • Proper Skin hydration and improved blood circulation make the skin look brighter and even-toned thus giving you a better complexion
  • It clears out clogged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads thus giving your face a smoother appearance

Part 4: Deep Cleansing Facial Before and After

After a deep cleansing facial, people tend to see improvements in the texture of their skin and find their face more glowing and smooth. Here is a before and after image of a client who underwent a deep cleansing facial.

Deep Cleansing Facial Before and After

Reetu Shubham Goel shared her experience with deep facial cleansing. She has a dusky complexion and never underwent any facial procedures until 2022. First, her face was treated with mango bleach, then gel scrub was used on her face. After that, the owner gave her a massage and applied a face pack to her face. Once the process was done, she could immediately feel improvement in her complexion. Her skin got softer and she felt her nose to be cleaner and smoother as all the blackheads were gone.

Part 5: Deep Cleansing Facial: At-Home Options

Deep cleansing facial can also be done at home as long you know your skin type and choose the ingredients accordingly. Before attempting an at-home deep cleansing facial, it is necessary to know your skin type. In this way, you can choose the products according to the needs of your skin and attain better results.

Let’s see what tools and techniques are required for deep cleansing facials at home:

  • First, opt for a cleansing oil instead of a regular cleanser as the oil can penetrate deeper into the skin and provide better cleansing even for sensitive skin types
  • Then exfoliate the skin using a gentle exfoliating scrub. Your skin will start feeling smoother after thisDeep Cleansing Facial
  • Now your face is free of all impurities so you can further soften the skin by steam. For this, you can use a large bowl with boiling water in it. You just need to position your face over the bowl and let your face absorb the steam. For effective results, it is optional to add essential oils to the boiling water
  • The next step is the application of a mask. You can use a mask that addresses your specific skin concern. For instance, a salicylic acid mask is best for the removal of blackheads
  • Then end the deep cleansing facial with the application of a gentle moisturizer on the face

Part 6: Deep Cleansing Facial Price

A deep cleansing facial usually costs around $100-$150 on average. The price range can vary from location to location. Bigger cities and towns usually cost more than the smaller ones. It also depends upon the expertise of the professional and the extra services you are getting at the salon. In addition, you can expect price variation depending on your skin’s requirements.

Part 7: How Often Should You Do Deep Facial Cleansing?

As deep cleansing facial targets the deeper area of your skin, it becomes sensitive and needs some time to heal. Therefore, it is recommended to do a deep cleansing facial once every 4-6 weeks. However, the time duration for a facial can vary depending on your skin type and requirements.

For instance,

  • Those who have acne-prone skin can get it done more frequently.
  • If your daily routine does not allow you to take regular care of the skin, you can get deep cleansing facial done more often.

In this way, regular sessions and proper aftercare can help you achieve optimal skin health. After your facial is done, protect your skin from the sun every time you go out. It is even recommended to use sunscreen when you are at home.

Also, keep hydrating the skin and cleanse it after every outing to maintain the glow on your face.

Part 8: HydraFacial vs. Deep Cleansing FacialHydraFacial vs. Deep Cleansing Facial

Hydrafacial is another powerful skin resurfacing treatment that clears up dead skin cells and brightens the face using a machine. It is similar to deep cleansing as they both cleanse the skin of impurities, hydrate it, and focus on skin protection from the environment.

Here are some differences between HydraFacial and Deep Cleansing,

  • Hydra Facial uses advanced vacuum technology to extract blackheads and whiteheads from skin depth and then infuse serums into the skin using small tools
  • Deep cleansing facial uses chemical products or scrubs to clean the face manually
  • HydraFacial is also quicker as it only takes a couple of minutes
  • Deep cleansing facial takes a long time of up to one hour or more.

They provide similar results. But, HydraFacial is more gentle so is preferred by individuals with sensitive skin while deep cleansing facial is better to address specific skin issues. Since each of these works differently for different skin types, it is better to consult a professional to know which suits you better!


A deep cleansing facial is a skin rejuvenation treatment method that removes impurities from deeper skin, opens up clogged pores, and removes excess oil from the skin. As people with different skin types have different needs, you can personalize your deep cleansing regimen.

In addition to in-salon deep cleansing facials, DIY deep cleansing is no big deal either. All you need is suitable ingredients and high-quality products that help you thoroughly cleanse the skin and provide it with a radiant glow.

The effects of DIY deep cleansing resemble that of HydraFacial without the use of certain machines. Therefore, we assure you that your skin will become beautiful whether you want to do your deep cleansing at home or go for professional sessions.

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