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Crystal Hair Erasers: Does this Viral TikTok Hair Removing Tool Actually Work?

By Mariela
September 18, 2023
7 minutes
Crystal Hair Erasers Does this Viral TikTok Hair Removing Tool Actually Work

In the recent few years, a crystal-looking thing has been gaining attention on TikTok as the “Magic hair removal eraser”. Apparently, it removes unwanted hair from the skin simply by rubbing just like physical scrubs exfoliate the skin. 

Every other beauty influence has been seen using these crystal hair erasers. Additionally, users claim that it is a nearly painless, effortless, and inexpensive method of hair removal. 

But not everything you see on camera is true, right? If you are skeptical about the use of these crystal hair removal erasers, their safety, efficiency, and more, we got you. 

So, let us find the truth about these viral TikTok hair removal tools and what makes them better than the conventional methods of hair removal in this article. 

Table of Contents:

  • Part 1: What is a Crystal Hair Eraser Stone?
  • Part 2: Does the Viral TikTok Hair Removing Crystal Actually Work?
  • Part 3: How Does a Crystal Hair Eraser Work?
  • Part 4: What Do Users Have to Say About Crystal Hair Removers?
  • Part 5: What Are the Advantages and Drawbacks of Crystal Hair Remover Eraser?
  • Part 6: How Does it Compare to Other Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair?
  • Part 7: What to Use Instead for Removing Unwanted Hair?

    1. What is a Crystal Hair Eraser Stone?

    What is a Crystal Hair Eraser StoneCrystal Hair eraser stone is a handheld device with a slightly dome-shaped rear end and a straight shiny anterior surface. This anterior surface is actually a crystal with nano-glass technology that has a tiny and almost invisible granular glass surface and the back side of this eraser is smooth. 

    Overall, crystal hair eraser stone looks just like a computer mouse that fits easily into your palm. Several grooming brands have launched their own crystal hair erasers. With a little difference in shape and quality, the rest of the features of these hair remover stones are the same.

    2. Does the Viral TikTok Hair Removing Crystal Actually Work? 

    Does the Viral TikTok Hair Removing Crystal Actually WorkYes, just like the Tiktok influencers show, hair-removing crystal actually works. It does not cause any pain, reduces the appearance of bumps and ingrown hair, makes skin look smooth, and works well for large areas like legs.

    However, there is a catch of crystal hair removal erasers. They cannot be used on facial skin as it is delicate and friction can cause irritation. Also, check out why should you remove hair at Hair removal for health

    3. How Does a Crystal Hair Eraser Work? 

    The viral TikTok hair-removing crystal has a unique method of working. Unlike your shaving razor which cuts the hair and waxing that forces the hair out of the roots, crystal hair eraser works on the skin’s surface by clumping the hair and breaking the strands at the surface of the skin.

    All you have to do is move the eraser in gentle circular motions. The crystalline surface of the eraser moves hair together, makes clumps, and removes it through the effect of friction. It exfoliates the skin while removing the top layer of dead skin cells.   

    4. What Do Users Have to Say About Crystal Hair Removers?

    What Do Users Have to Say About Crystal Hair RemoversWhile influencers might be sponsored to promote crystal hair removers, below is what real users have to say about the device. 

    “I will say that it’s not a process to rush but rather takes a bit of TLC but I love it nonetheless. I mean who doesn’t love a little extra self-pampering? This is definitely one of those things that you gotta try for yourself.” – Anne on Aug 15, 2023

    I use this WITHOUT water (tried water once and it was a disaster, dry skin is best.) It works! It definitely exfoliates the skin nicely and looks very smooth when done, I have very dark, thick hair and this seems to lessen any strawberry-look. Downside: it takes forever. At least for me probably takes min 30 min. It’s relaxing and good for self-care, but if you’re looking for a quick shaving alternative this wouldn’t be my top recommendation. Very nice overall. “ – Annah S on Aug 2, 2023

    “I used this as instructed and did not find it pleasant at all. It felt like I took sandpaper to my leg. It was very red and irritated after. 5 hours later my skin still stings and looks irritated. It didn’t even do a great job of taking all the hair. It took way longer than I thought and it hurt so I only did the lower area of one leg. It did leave my skin smooth, I’ll give it that, but it looks irritated which negates the smoothness. I’m going back to shaving/waxing for the time being.” – VMVA on April 1, 2023

    All these reviews are taken from different brands. So, it might be the quality of the device making people have different experiences or it could be its mechanism of use. 

    5. What Are the Advantages and Drawbacks of Crystal Hair Remover Eraser? 

    How Does it Compare to Other Ways to Remove Unwanted HairAs seen in the reviews, determining the worth of the crystal hair Eraser might be confusing. So, here are the pros and cons of crystal hair remover crystal to help you make a decision of your own. 

    Advantages of Crystal Hair Removal Eraser:

    The whole marketing game of Crystal Hair Eraser is based on the following benefits. 

        • Eco-Friendly: Unlike other methods of hair removal where you collect a lot of plastic waste in the form of razor handles and wax jars, this crystal is reusable and can last for 5 years or more. 
        • Nearly painless: Although it removes the hair through clumping and friction, crystal hair removal eraser feels nearly painless on the body. 
        • Prevents Ingrown Hair: The chances of the development of ingrown hair, bumps, and strawberry legs are reduced by using crystal erasers. 
        • Economical: A high-quality crystal hair eraser only costs around $15. This price makes it one of the most cheap hair removal options available. 
        • Effective: While the mechanism of this viral hair removal tool is unclear, it does really remove hair. 
        • Work Well for Body Hair: It can be used on legs, arms, hands, and back. 

    Drawbacks of crystal Hair Removal Eraser:

    We have researched the real-life experience of people with crystal hair erasers and found the following drawbacks.

        • Cannot be used on Sensitive Skin: Crystal hair eraser is not suitable to be used on sensitive skin areas like face, armpits, and bikini lines. 
        • Can Cause Skin Irritation: The friction caused by sandpaper-like texture results in skin irritation, rashes, and redness. 
        • Repeated Use Harms the Skin: Exfoliation and hair removal might be the effects you want. However, long-term use of these glass devices can damage the skin. 
        • Hyperpigmentation: Rubbing the device with a rough surface on soft skin causes inflammation. This inflammation results in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 
        • Time Taking: Crystal hair removal eraser is a time-consuming process as you have to rub the device on a section multiple times for it to remove hair. 

     6. How Does it Compare to Other Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair? 

    The commonly used methods of hair removal can be studied in armpit hair removal methods and tips. Let us see where crystal hair erasers stand when compared to different methods of hair removal 


    Both shaving and crystal glass erasers trim the hair at the surface of the skin. Their results and side effects are also similar. The difference lies in the principle. Shaving razors cut the hair while crystal hair erasers break the hair strands. 

    Along with hair trimming, shaving can also cause razor cuts and nicks. Moreover, the plastic waste created by shaving razors does not make it an environment-friendly hair removal option. 

    In contrast, skin irritation, over-exfoliation, difficult-to-repair skin damage, and severe breach of the skin barrier which is definitely not worth it.


    Waxing can prove to be a better method of hair removal as compared to crystal hair erasers. It might be painful and a little more costly as compared to crystal erasers. The treatment time of both methods is almost the same as well. 

    However, waxing proves to be better in terms of results for 4-6 weeks, gentle skin exfoliation, slower hair regrowth, and reduced risk of ingrown hair. 

    Depilatory Creams:

    Depilatory cream stands neck to neck with crystal hair erasers even though their mechanism of action is completely different. Both are economical, their treatment time depends upon the area, and both remove the hair just near the skin surface. 

    However, both methods are not recommended for long-term use. The friction of crystal erasers and chemicals of depilatory creams irritate the skin and cause inflammation and hyperpigmentation. 

    IPL Hair Removal:

    IPL hair removal is a seamless method of hair removal as compared to crystal hair erasers. It is one of the most skin-friendly alternatives to abrasive methods like glass stones. Moreover, it is super fast requiring only a few minutes for full body treatment and its results last for a long time as well. 

    The only catch is that a highly reputable IPL device costs $300 to $600. However, a device with unlimited flashes lasts for a lifetime making it the most economical option in the long term. 

    7. What to Use Instead for Removing Unwanted Hair? 

    Ulike Air 32Crystal hair removal erasers cannot be your best partner for removing hair every time. As seen in the comparison of these so-called magical tools with other hair removal methods, you can make a good decision for yourself, right?

    So, if you just want to use it once in a while and devote yourself to another method of hair removal, we suggest you try the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Device. After using this device, you will forget about the irritating glass-etched tools with no clear mechanism of working. 

    Ulike Air3 IPL Hair Removal Device is nearly painless and effortless as well. A cherry on top is that it feels comfortable on the skin and makes it smooth like that of a dolphin. 

    Moreover, the results last for a long time and you do not need to spend much time on hair removal as with Crystal glass erasers. You can find the reviews of Ulike at Ulike reviews: Why Ulike?  


    The viral crystal hair erasers might look like magical tools that will take all the unwanted hair away in a few rubs on the skin. Instagram and tiktok beauty influencers seem to be loving this earth-friendly inexpensive hair removal tool as well. 

    However, dermatologists and skincare enthusiasts are not too fond of the effects caused by long-term usage of this abrasive hair removal crystal. 

    So, if you want to use it for once in a while, your skin can take it. But using this every week causes micro tears in the skin, breakage of the skin barrier, irritation, and inflammation.

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