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The 9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Hair Removal Options

November 30, 2023
6 minutes
Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Hair Removal Options

Physical hair grooming and achieving a neat hair-free look does not have to be harsh on our environment, right? If you are into using eco-friendly and Sustainable products in your routine, plastic shaving razors, synthetic non-biodegradable wax, and chemical-rich depilatory must make you guilty. 

Therefore, if you are in search of eco-friendly products that are sustainable and gentle on the skin as well, we have you. Let us talk about the meaning behind eco-friendly hair removal methods, their benefits, and the top 9 eco-friendly and sustainable hair removal options. Also, find out which of these options will work best for you. 

What is the Importance of Eco-friendly and Sustainable Hair Removal Options?

You must be aware that human-created pollution is the source of damage to our mother Earth. From depletion of ozone layers and entry of UV rays into our environment to deficiency of natural fuel resources and more, human activities are killing the earth.

So, now it is the responsibility of humans to do everything they can to control and reverse this pollution and save the earth. One of the ways to do so is by using eco-friendly and sustainable products including hair removal methods.

The 9 Eco-friendly and Sustainable Hair Removal Options

Now that you are well aware of why should you shift from your regular hair removal methods to eco-friendly ones, here are the best 9 eco-friendly and sustainable hair removal options for you.

1. IPL Hair Removal: Goodbye to Objectable Hair

IPL Hair Removal Goodbye to Objectable HairLet us first talk about the hair removal method that not only is eco-friendly and sustainable but also nearly painless and long-lasting. IPL hair removal targets hair follicles to deactivate them and enable them to produce hair.

As it depends upon the stage of the hair growth cycle, it can take about 6 to 12 sessions to achieve the desired results AKA up to 99% hair-free skin. Furthermore, it is important to choose a durable IPL device that goes a long way with you. Therefore, we recommend a Ulike Sapphire IPL Hair Removal Device. You can find out Why chose Ulike here.  


  • Handy, lightweight, ergonomic, and attractive design
  • A lifetime of flashes that won’t run out 
  • Hairlessness in 4 weeks
  • Reusing the device whenever you want
  • Economical 


  • Not as long-lasting as a laser
  • Might seem expensive 

2. Safety Razors: A Perfect Close Shave

Safety Razors A Perfect Close ShaveThe first thing that you must do on your journey to sustainable products is ditch that plastic razor that is filling the earth with waste and damaging the environment. So, what to choose instead if you still want to shave?

An eco-friendly option for shaving unwanted hair is safety razors with replaceable blades. It reduces the waste to a minimum as the blade is recycled and the handle can be reused for several years. Additionally, some safety razors have handles made of bamboo making them even more eco-friendly. You can find the best safety razors at the 9 top safety razors in the market


  • Pocket-friendly and a single razor goes a long way
  • Cheap 
  • A simple hair removal method
  • Most blades are replaceable and recyclable 


  • Can give you razor cuts and burns when it is not used rightly
  • The blade might not be recycled 

3. Sugaring: The Hair Removal Method of Our Ancestors 

Sugaring The Hair Removal Method of Our Ancestors The methods our methods, grandmothers, and even women older than that used to remove the unwanted hair is sugaring. Regardless of the introduction of countless hair removal methods, sugaring is still popular as it is easy to make, sustainable, inexpensive, relatively nearly painless, and effective. 

Making the sugaring paste can be a little difficult. So, we have the best sugar wax recipes for you. Also, you can simply buy a pre-made organic sugar wax at a store. Sugar wax is sticky yet soluble. Furthermore, as it is made of natural ingredients, it is easy to remove it without creating any waste. 


  • Results lasting for 4-6 weeks
  • Can be made at home
  • Works for sensitive skin on the face, bikini lines, or body
  • No need to use strips that create waste 


  • An accurate recipe can take some time to master
  • Might create a mess

4. Epilation: The Mess-Free Hair Removal 

Epilation The Mess-Free Hair Removal Another 1 product hair removal method is epilation. All you need is a durable epilator that lasts you years for it to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Epilators come with rotating tweezers that grab the hair and pull it out of the skin. 

Although extremely painful in the beginning, the skin becomes used to it after a few sessions. Furthermore, some epilators offer different speed settings for it to work on hair in different areas of the body. You can find the best epilators available in the market at 


  • Hair grows back to be thinner and softer
  • No need for pre-treatment cream 
  • You only need 1 product, the epilator
  • Creates no mess and removes hair from the roots 


  • Can be super painful
  • Some brands test on animals 

5. Waste-Free Hair Removal Creams: The Pain-Free Hair Removal 

Waste-Free Hair Removal Creams The Pain-Free Hair Removal Hair removal creams are the worst of the hair removal methods when it comes to their working principle and side effects. The chemical makeup and the packaging of most hair removal creams have adverse effects on the environment. 

But do not worry as there are few organic and eco-friendly hair removal creams available in the market. These include Arte Fiore, L’avenour, and a few other options. The formulation of these creams contains natural, organic, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients. 


  • Gentle on the skin and effective on the hair
  • A quick hair removal method
  • Leaves skin smooth and nourished
  • Has no harmful chemicals 


  • The packaging might not be eco-friendly
  • Difficult to find 

6. Tweezing and Threading: Hair Removal for Face

Tweezing and Threading Hair Removal for FaceFor women with fine hair growth on the face or only some stray hair on the chin and eyebrows, tweezing and threading can prove to be the most suitable options for you. For tweezing, all you need is a high-quality tweezer that will last you years and years. If it ever feels dull, you can get it sharpened Also, find out the best tweezers in the market here. 

Threading uses a cotton thread which is biodegradable. A small thread removes hair all over your face efficiently. While threading can be done at home, most women choose to go to a salon for safer practice. 


  • Perfect for face
  • Use of biodegradable or durable tools
  • Only 1 tool for hair removal 
  • Lasts for up to 6 weeks 


  • Takes time to master it at home
  • Does not work well for body hair

7. At-Home Natural Remedies: The Effortless Hair Removal Solution 

At-Home Natural RemediesThe next effortless hair removal solution is the home remedies that are made using ingredients in the kitchen. There is no need to buy extra stuff as you will have most of the products needed at home. Also, they will produce no waste as they are made of natural ingredients.

You can use ingredients like curd, chickpea powder, turmeric, papaya, lemon juice, gelatin, and eggs to make these recipes. The recipes in detail are mentioned in natural homemade remedies for facial hair removal


  • Cheap
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Can slow down the growth of hair
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Provides additional benefits to the skin


  • Do not remove all hair in one go
  • Might be ineffective for coarse hair

8. Laser Hair Removal: The Longlasting Method

Laser Hair Removal The Longlasting MethodIPL is great. However, if you want an updated version of IPL, then in-salon laser hair removal will prove more suitable for you. It uses a greater power output, has a more concentrated beam of energy, and penetrates more deeply into the skin. As a result, hair removal lasts for a longer time.

Also, no waste is created in getting laser hair removal done, it can serve as a good eco-friendly option for long-lasting hair removal as long as you have enough money. 


  • Lasts for years 
  • Precise 


  • Expensive
  • Painful 
  • Time-consuming 

9. Electrolysis: Hello to Hairlessness Forever

Electrolytic hair removalThe last eco-friendly and sustainable hair removal method is electrolysis. It is another in-salon procedure that is also expensive. A thin metal wire and electric current are used to destroy the hair follicle in a way that it can never regenerate. As a result, you get hairlessness that lasts forever. 


  • FDA-cleared long-lasting hair removal solution
  • Targets individual follicles 
  • Makes skin smooth and rejuvenated
  • Works for all hair and skin types 


  • A single session might take hours
  • Expensive 


Let us say goodbye to the products that damage the earth and say hi to the hair removal methods that prove to be economical for you and save for the earth in the long term. Such methods use biodegradable ingredients and reusable devices. 

Therefore, IPL, laser, and electrolysis prove to be sustainable long-lasting hair removal solutions, safety razors, and eco-conscious hair removal creams are the quickest hair removal methods, and sugaring, epilation, and tweezing are the monthly solutions to hair that erupts out.

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