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Extended Bikini Wax: Procedure, Benefits, and More

By Viktoria
January 17, 2024
6 minutes
Extended Bikini Wax

The difference between Bikini Wax and Brazilian Wax is now known to most women because of the popularity of these waxes in the recent decade. However, another type of waxing the intimate areas is becoming the talk of the town, the extended bikini wax.

So, are you also wondering what is it but are too embarrassed to ask about it from others? Well, worry no more as we are here to help you. You can find all the information you need to know about extended bikini wax in this article.

Additionally, let us see if it is worth a try as well.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What is an Extended Bikini Wax?

Extended bikini wax, as the name shows, is the extension of the traditional bikini wax that you normally get at a salon.

Extended bikini wax is the type of waxing of the intimate areas in which unwanted hair is completely removed from the bikini lines along with a part of hair on the pubic region.

This part includes the top and sides of the pubes that might be visible from your bikini wear. Additionally, the same hair is also removed from the sides of the labia leaving the majority of the hair on the labia behind.

Part 2: Bikini Wax vs. Extended Bikini WaxBikini Wax vs. Extended Bikini Wax

Bikini wax, as you must already know, is the removal of unwanted hair from the genital region. It involves the hair that might be visible through a bikini such as hair on the inner thighs that extend beyond the underwear.

The hair on the top of the pubic region and around the vagina or labia are not included in regular bikini wax. In contrast, extended bikini wax includes the hair in those parts as well. The extent of hair you want to be removed is your personal choice as extended bikini wax is customizable.

Also, it is important to know that the parts involved in extended bikini wax in packages from different salons are not alike. Some might include hair removal on the buttocks and labia while others do not. So, feel free to ask the esthetician about it before booking the appointment.

Part 3: Does Extended Bikini Wax Include Bum?

Well, hair from the bum is mostly a part of the Hollywood or Brazilian wax. Also, extended bikini wax is just the extension of wax from the bikini area that does not include the bum.

So, it is confusing for women to know whether the buttcheeks will be included in extended bikini wax or not. Let me clarify the confusion for you.

It is highly variable from region to region and salon to salon. While most salons include the buttocks in extended bikini wax, especially the hair that might be visible, others do not, especially the hair around the anus. In the latter, you can ask for bum wax as a separate service.

Therefore, it is important to consult with the waxing expert beforehand to know if their salons include bum in extended bikini wax or not.

Part 4: Benefits of an Extended Bikini WaxBenefits of an Extended Bikini Wax

Here are the advantages of the extended bikini wax over the regular wax.

Well-Groomed Appearance

Extended bikini wax takes your intimate region grooming routine to the next level. It removes every strand of hair that might poke from your undies. As a result, you achieve a cleaner look.

This clean look allows you to wear a variety of high and low-cut bikinis and also makes you confident of flaunting your physique anytime.

Better Performance and Comfort

The hair on the inner parts of the thighs and sides of the labia is irritating. They also tend to poke into the skin, get rubbed with the undergarments, and destroy the mood, right?

Therefore, extended bikini wax will help you eliminate all these factors. Furthermore, it improves the performance during sports, swimming, and exercise.

Longer-Lasting Results

Last but not least, waxing the pubic region with the extended bikini wax allows you to stay stress-free on grooming the hair on your vagina for a long time.

It is because most of your hair is already removed. So, you can go by leaving the rest untouched. Also, waxing slowly reduces hair growth as well.

Part 5: What to Expect During an Extended Bikini Wax?

Yes, we know that extended bikini wax sounds great. But is the experience of waxing that great as well? Let us see.

Privacy Concerns

The basic reason why women avoid Hollywood wax and go for bikini wax is privacy, right? So, it is also a big concern for extended bikini wax.

But the professional esthetician is well aware of this and works while maintaining your privacy. Furthermore, your intimate region can be draped in a way that privacy is not violated.

Also, you can clearly discuss with the esthetician if you ever feel uncomfortable during the process.

Pain and Discomfort

If you are already getting bikini wax, you might either be aware of the pain or become used to it by now. The discomfort of extended bikini wax is similar to regular wax.

Also, pain is greatly determined by your pain threshold. Therefore, if you are too sensitive to pain, try taking a painkiller or applying an anesthetic gel beforehand.

You can also go for hard wax instead of soft.

Part 6: Aftercare and MaintenanceAftercare and Maintenance

As your intimate area is freshly waxed, it becomes red and may develop bumps. In such cases, you can take the following measures.

Post-Wax Skincare Tips

The ways to avoid ingrown hair are mentioned here. Let us talk about general post-wax skincare tips after extended bikini wax.

  • Once you are done with the wax, make sure to clean the area with a mild cleanser to remove the residues.
  • Follow cleansing with a gentle body lotion to calm the skin.
  • Avoid the use of chemical-containing products, hot water, or harsh ingredients for 24 to 48 hours after a wax.
  • Wear soft and loose undergarments.
  • Do not use perfume-containing products in that area.
  • If you often develop bumps or ingrown hair, exfoliate the skin regularly to avoid those.

Maintenance Schedule for Extended Bikini Wax

After the extended bikini wax post-care, you are free to enjoy life for upto 2 to 4 weeks. However, as hair tends to come back after waxing, you need to maintain the routine.

Regular waxing reduces hair regrowth and makes the hair grow back finer. Moreover, it only lets the hair grow to the length where wax is not very painful. Lastly, waxing makes your skin used to the pain and you feel comfortable in subsequent sessions.

Therefore, schedule your extended bikini wax sessions at the interval of 2 to 4 weeks. Sessions at 2-week intervals are more comfortable as the skin has healed from the previous session and hair is the perfect length to be removed.


If you want to enjoy wearing a high-cut bikini with confidence, swim like a fish, and workout without irritation, extended bikini wax is the way to go.

It involves the removal of hair from a part of the labia, upper pubic region, inner thighs, and at times, the bum as well.

Also, it can be a little embarrassing and uncomfortable at first. So, make sure to talk to your bikini wax expert about it and get a healthy extended bikini wax experience.

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