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Soft Wax vs. Hard Wax: What Difference and Which Is Better?

By Viktoria
December 14, 2023
6 minutes
Soft Wax vs. Hard Wax

When the French said “Beauty is Pain”, they might have talked about waxing. It is one of the most popular hair removal methods as it lets you enjoy hairless skin for up to a month. Additionally, waxing reduces hair growth over time with repeated sessions.

Waxing can be done with a wax roller, strips, or no strips at all. In all these forms, there are mainly two types of waxes used, hard wax and soft wax. However, people find the use of these confusing.

Therefore, we are going to find out the major and minor differences between these two types of waxes and conclude which of the two works better for different parts of the body and occasions. 

Also, do not be in pain while waxing, and check out the best numbing creams for waxing.

Table of Contents:

What is Hard Wax?

Hard wax, also called stripless wax, is made either using polymers or without polymers. In both cases, a hardened film is obtained when the melted wax is applied to the skin.

It has a thick consistency and comes in the form of beads, pellets, discs, or tablets. 

How to Use 

Here are the steps to use hard wax

  • Just like soft wax, the beads/pellets/discs of hard wax are melted in a wax warmer to an appropriate temperature. 
  • Take the wax on a wooden stick and apply a thick layer of it on the desired area in a way that unwanted hair is fully covered. Remember to apply the wax in the direction of hair growth.
  • Let the wax harden over the skin. 
  • Pull it off in the opposite direction and you are done.


Lately, hard wax has been gaining popularity as it offers these advantages.

  • Relatively nearly painless as compared to soft wax
  • As it has a thicker consistency, there is little to no mess
  • No residues of the waxing material are left behind on the skin
  • It works better for sensitive and delicate areas of the skin
  • It even gets rid of the shortest hair


Below are some of the disadvantages of hard wax.

  • It is more expensive as compared to soft wax
  • The procedure takes more time as you have to wait for the wax to harden
  • Might not be suitable for large areas of the body
  • The wax can break before removal. Therefore, it is more suitable to be done by skillful hands

What is Soft Wax?

The wax that is commonly used at home and the salons is soft. Although the base of the soft wax is of the same ingredients, it can be enriched with aloe vera, lemon extracts, and additional materials for extra benefits.

Also, soft wax adheres to the superficial layer of the skin along with the hair. Strips are a mandatory part of using soft wax. Both woven and muslin strips can be used.

How to Use

Here are the steps of using Soft Wax.

  • Clean your skin well and prepare it for the application of soft wax
  • Warm the soft wax to a consistency that can be easily applied on the skin without burning it
  • Take a small amount of the soft wax on a wooden spatula and spread a thin layer of it in the direction of hair growth
  • Apply a strip over the skin and press it down 
  • Make the skin tight
  • Pull the strip off in the opposite direct


Soft wax is the most used wax for the following reasons.

  • More economical as a small amount of wax can cover large areas
  • Works better for large areas as it does not break
  • Does not harden instantly. So, it can be applied even when it is slightly warm
  • It also exfoliates the skin as well
  • Less time-consuming as compared to hard wax
  • Grabs fine hair more efficiently 


The cons of soft wax are given.

  • Creates a mess because of its thin consistency
  • Leaves a difficult-to-remove residue on the skin
  • Creates waste because of strips
  • Might not remove all hair in one go
  • More painful
  • Has the potential to damage the skin

Difference Between Hard Wax and Soft Wax

It is time to compare both types of waxes side by side to determine which of the two is more practical.

Use of Strips

The main thing that distinguishes both types of waxes is the strips. You need to use strips for soft wax. On the other hand, hard wax turns into a strip by itself as it hardens on the hair.

Although using strips might not seem a bit deal, their use makes soft wax lose the game. It is because strips might not stick well to the soft wax at times removing unwanted hair inefficiently. Also, strips create waste. 

Temperature for Warming

The initial shape and formulation of soft and hard wax can be used as an indication of determining the temperature for warming them. As you can see the hard wax is too hard to be melted at a low temperature, you will need to heat it to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, soft wax is already soft. You just need to warm it a little to make its consistency thin. Therefore, a temperature of up to 45 degrees will suffice. Additionally, you might not need to heat it at all if the weather is warm.

Cleaning the Mess

Hard wax is a little difficult to apply as it hardens and breaks quickly. However, the process becomes easier with proper skill and you won’t have to clean any mess created by spilling of the wax.

The easier the soft wax is to apply, the more the chances of spilling it and creating a mess. Not to mention the efforts done to clean the floor and the skin because of the sticky residues.

Compatible Body Parts

Hard wax suits the areas of the body that are more sensitive to pain, have delicate skin, or are concealed. Therefore, it is more compatible with eyebrows, brazilian, and bikini lines.

On the other hand, soft wax proves to be better on large areas having thin hair. Therefore, the face, legs, arms, and abdomen are the more compatible parts for soft wax.


The price of hard wax is $35 to 45 while soft wax is priced at $20 to $30 on average. This price excludes the wax warmers. The quantity of hard wax used in any area is much more as compared to that of soft wax.

So, a single jar of soft wax goes a long way while the whole pack of hard wax finished in a small area. Therefore, soft wax is more affordable and cost-effective.

Which is Better: Hard Wax or Soft Wax?

Soft wax is currently the most popular type of waxing even though the fame of hard wax is also increasing exponentially. There can be no one-size-fits-all technique for selecting one of the two as the best form of wax.

Hard wax is better when used on sensitive areas by a skillful person. Soft wax is the better choice when it comes down to large areas and affordability. 

Which Hair Removal Method is Better than Both?

ulikeWaxing might be one of the most commonly used hair removal methods by women. But, it is neither sustainable nor suitable to be used for a long time. You can give the reasons to stop waxing a read to know why.

Under such circumstances, the hair removal method that has grabbed our attention is IPL hair removal. It helps you save the money spent on professional hair removal treatments and prevents the damage done to the skin by waxing. 

Now, we would like to suggest one of the best IPL hair removal devices available in the market as well. Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset has been reviewed and cleared by influencers, dermatologists, and other people for the following reasons,

  • A high-quality device at an affordable device
  • Not only the ergonomic and eye-catching design of Ulike, but its leather storage case, and complete hair removal kit adds to its value
  • Its 24/7 live support, 90-day money-back guarantee, and 2 years of warranty make it a safe bet to invest
  • Also, it is nearly painless because of its sapphire ice cooling technology and has UV filters to protect the skin
  • It manifests the results in 2 weeks and you can achieve 90% hairlessness in a month


Waxing hair removal works on the principle of grabbing the hair from the roots and pulling it off allowing hair-free skin for 30 days. Soft wax is used in a thin layer with strips to do this. 

In contrast, hard wax needs no strips and a thick layer of it is enough to remove the hair leaving skin intact. However, using hard wax every few weeks is not economical, and repetitive use of soft wax can harm the skin.

Therefore, we suggest giving some long-lasting hair removal methods a try for a better experience.

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