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9 Face Exercises for Men to Tone and Slim Face

By Jason
June 9, 2023
6 minutes

It’s time you stop wasting money on using tools and massage to make your face tauter and cheeks sculpted. From the comfort of your sofa, it’s possible to tone and slim your face with simple face-slimming exercises for men.

To tone and slim your face, you’ll need to practice facial exercises or face yoga for about 30 minutes every day. An older 2014 study showed performing facial exercises can help tone and strengthen facial muscles. If your face is plumped or the cheeks are sagging, try facial exercises that work on the facial fat, and face structure to thin them and achieve a slim face.

Committing to cardio, increasing water intake, making dietary changes, and getting enough sleep can reduce face fat and thus slim face. Although some quotas are still reserved on whether exercising a particular area of the face can reduce fat, there are lots of exercises for beautiful face shapes on YouTube and other social media platforms.

To cut face fat, tighten face skin, and chisel jawlines, practice these face exercises for men every day until your face appears toned and slim.

1. Fish Face Exercise

Fish Face exercise is also known as Slimming Fish Face. If you’re looking to have well-sculpted cheeks this is the best facial exercise. Besides reducing cheek fat, the Fish Face exercise helps in toning and stretching the cheek muscles. Sucking your cheeks inwards repeatedly will eventually make the jawlines tighter and develop a perfectly chiseled jawline.

How to Perform Fish Face Exercise

Step 1. Close your mouth and with the aim of forming a fish-like face, suck the cheeks inside as far as possible.

Step 2. While holding onto the pose, try to smile

Step 3. Maintain the pose until you feel the cheek muscles and jawlines stretching. Hold the fish pose for 15-20 seconds.

Step 4. Repeat the exercise 5 times and keep doing it regularly.

2. Jawbone Presses

As fat starts to accumulate under the chin, the skin starts to sag and the face shape is lost. With jawbone presses, the two thumbs help push the sagging chins up towards the jawlines to restore face shape and make the jawlines look sharp. It also helps strengthen the jaws and makes the jawlines more chiseled.

How to exercise jawbone presses

Step 1. Hold your thumb fingers next to each other and place them under your chin with the fingers pointing to the middle of the throat.

Step 2. Move the fingers of each hand to hold the sides of your face gently and tilt the fingers to point towards the ears.

Step 3. Slide your thumb fingers apart from each other moving along the jawlines while pressing the skin gently. To stretch and help uplift the chin, open your mouth as you slide the thumbs. Repeat the thumb slides 8-10 times and do the exercise every day for at least 20 days.

3. Frankenstein Jaw Rolls

Performing Frankenstein Jaw Rolls exercise regularly will help streamline the jawlines along the face sides and upper cheeks.

How to perform Frankenstein Jaw Rolls

Step 1. Relax the lower jaw and while holding the rest of the face steady, push the lower jaw forward as far as you can.

Step 2. Start rotating the jaw slowly in circular motions. Rotate clockwise until you complete 20 circles, then switch direction and make other 20 circles.

4. Puffer Fish Press

To lift and affirm your cheeks we recommend the Puffer Fish Press exercise. As you strengthen the cheek muscles you also help lift the lower face and reduce smile lines. While there’s no study to support the efficacy and benefits of this exercise, you can try this exercise to reduce fat on your upper cheeks.

How to do the Puffer Fish Press exercise

Step 1. With the lips together, puff out both cheeks and use one hand to taut the skin around the lips.

Step 2. Use the other hand to perform the puff presses. While holding the puff, gently press one cheek and cross to the other cheek.

Step 3. Repeat the puff presses alternatively for 30 seconds.

5. Pucker Up

Pucker-up facial exercise benefits include firming dropping cheeks and lips and getting rid of the wrinkles around your mouth. It’s a non-invasive and simple facial exercise for men to tone and slim faces.

Pucker up your lips in the tightest way possible and then push them forward. Suck the cheek in while keeping the lips rolled out.

Hold this facial yoga position for 30 seconds. To tone up your lip area, repeat pucker up 5 times and do the same every day till you achieve the desired slim and chiseled cheeks. Face yoga is a great way to tone the jowls.

6. Cheek Lifts

A cheek lift is an excellent facial exercise if you want to eliminate sagging facial skin, look younger, and smooth skin folds on the jawlines and cheeks. According to Harvard Health Publishing , facial exercises may help improve facial muscle tone and redistribution of face fat.

How to naturally uplift cheeks and tone your face.

Step 1. Open your mouth wide and adjust jawbones and cheeks until you feel the strain on the cheek muscles and along the jawlines.

Step 2. Fold the upper lip tightly over the teeth, and then smile to lift the cheek muscles up.

Step 3. Hold on for 15 seconds then slowly release the cheek muscles. Repeat cheek lifting 15 times always ensuring maximum cheek muscle stretch.

7. Chipmunk Cheek Squeeze

As you push your head back while moving the chin forward, you stretch and strengthen cheek muscles. If you’ve got chubby cheeks, the Chipmunk Cheek Squeeze exercise best fits you.

To perform Chipmunk Cheek Squeeze facial exercise, push your head far back while pushing the chin forward. Simultaneously, squeeze in both cheeks until the skin is stretched to the maximum, and hold the pose for 5 seconds.

Repeat the exercise 10-15 times and do the same every day.

8. Eye Squeeze Facial Exercise

Eyes exercise helps diminish fine lines, tone the skin around the eyes, and strengthen eye muscles. It also strengthens cheekbone muscles and improves face structure.

Practicing Eye Squeeze

While in a comfortable position, take a deep breath then pull your lips down until you feel the face tightened. Alternate the direction and pull the lips upward.

Squeeze your eyes tightly close them for a second and open them to relax. Repeat the close-open pattern 10 times. Sequentially, repeat these movements 10 times every day.

9. Tongue Twister Jawline Exercise

To tone your jawline and slim face, start performing tongue twister jawline exercises. Try doing this exercise for at least 3 weeks to minimize early aging signs.

Start by placing the tongue on the roof of your mouth just directly beneath the teeth. Next, press the tongue tightly against the roof, and then add tension.

While humming, make a vibrating sound for a minute to activate jawline muscles.

Other Simple Ways to Tone and Slim Your Face

Courtesy of The Derm Institute

While face exercises are the best natural ways to tone and slim your face, there‘re other simple face-slimming techniques. For example, tightening loose face skin will make your skin appears toned and slim.

Reduce alcohol consumption – If you’re used to excessive alcohol consumption, water retention on the face is likely to occur. This makes the face appear puffy. Reducing alcohol consumption will decrease water retained on the face and make it slim.

Laser resurfacing – In laser resurfacing, the intense laser beam is directed to the skin to destroy the skin’s outer layer while heating the dermis. This stimulates the production of collagen making the skin tone well textured.

Face Ultrasound – People have been using ultrasound for face slimming years and has proven to be effective. The ultrasound waves tone the fat muscles underneath the fat labs making the face slimmer. Ultrasound energy absorbed into the skin promotes the creation of collagen which firms the face skin.

Using Firming Creams – If you love using the cream on your face, make retinol and retinoids your friend. Using retinoids and creams containing hyaluronic acid will increase skin firmness. Even though it may take longer to see good results, your face will eventually tone and be streamlined.

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While there’s little scientific proof that face exercises tone and slim face skin, face yoga experts, skincare and fitness influencers , and dermatologists have shown it’s possible. Consistency is important if you want to get results within weeks of practice.

Among the slimming face exercises for men, you can try while at home include jawline face exercises such as the Frankenstein Jaw Rolls and Tongue Twister Jawline exercise, face exercises for cheeks like the Cheek Lifts, and face exercises for wrinkles.

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