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The 15 Fun and Creative Easter Egg Hunt Game Ideas

April 5, 2023
8 minutes

Growing up as a child, the Easter Egg hunt has always been one of my favorite aspects of the holiday. I recall when we went visiting, my neighbor’s mom would force us kids to go up the stairs each year so they concealed plastic eggs stuffed with sweets and occasionally money all over the home. Although the game of Easter egg hunt is not the primary point of Easter, it nevertheless remains a wonderful tradition that several households would continue to pass on to their offspring.

Want to spice up this year’s traditional Easter egg hunt celebrations with a little something extra special? Well, by preparing for a massive family egg search that includes both adults and young children, you can begin to explore your creative side indoors or outdoors. For this reason, I have selected 15 thrilling Easter egg hunt ideas that you and your family would find entertaining. These entertaining suggestions will make your Easter celebration even more memorable. They range from imaginative Easter egg hunt suggestions, like designing customized Easter egg baskets for each of your children, to useful, kid-friendly solutions, like tying a balloon to each buried egg to make it easier for infants to spot.

1. Golden Ticket Easter Egg Hunt

easter eggs 1 If you have multiple children, you can hide a golden ticket inside each egg for the Easter egg hunt. For example, if you have three children, there would be three eggs with golden tickets inside. Inform your children that there is only one golden ticket to be found. If your children are not the “open as I find it” kind, you can consider painting a golden star or other distinguishing marking on the outside of the egg to let them know when they have discovered a golden ticket egg. Another option is to make golden eggs. In the end, they can exchange their golden ticket for a larger reward right away (or after the hunt is complete) if they locate one. As a word of caution, I strongly advise placing one golden egg per person if you’re doing this with children. The reason is that the essence of the game is to make the kids happy. However, if only one kid gets to find the only golden egg (suppose you use only one golden egg), the other kids may not be happy. But if everyone gets a reward for finding a golden egg, everyone will be happy and would love to play again. Easter egg hunts are intended to be enjoyable.

2. Scrambled Easter Egg Hunt

To do the scrambled Easter egg hunt, choose a few larger prizes and print the names of those prizes on a piece of paper, with each item printed in a different color egg. One letter should be placed in each egg you hide after cutting out each letter from the goodies.

To help children understand how many letters are in each prize, create a poster with corresponding colored blank spaces for each letter in each prize. Kids should look for the eggs until they have located all of the letters needed to claim a specific prize, aftward they will be awarded that prize.

3. The Gold Confetti Game

This is another interesting game that children love to play during Easter. The main idea of this game is to let the children go on a search for gold. The confetti egg game would be fantastic, speaking of gold. Whoever finds the Gold wins the game. To play this game, you’d put confetti in some eggs and gold sequins in one. Then let them find eggs and smash them against one another; the winner is the one who finds the gold egg.

4. Reverse The Roles Easter Egg Hunt

easter eggs 4 The Easter egg hunt game is not only meant for kids. In fact, adults too can Play this game. Have the youngsters fill the Easter eggs with items they want on slips of paper by switching positions (like staying up for an extra hour, skipping chores for a day, etc.). Once every egg has been filled, ask the children to hide them while the parents search for them. Children are allowed to retain any eggs that are not discovered within a specific amount of time. Since grownups would likely find the majority of the eggs, I advise doing higher incentives.

5. Easter Egg Hunt With Blindfolds

The whole family may participate in this one since it doesn’t have to be children alone. To play this game you can simply create two-person teams with one child and one adult on each squad. You should ensure that the adult is blindfolded and put them in front of the child. Then the child would lead the blindfolded adult outside to find Easter eggs when you say “go.” The child must remain in place and only guide the adults from the opposite side of the yard. This is an excellent way to have an adult-only Easter egg hunt without excluding the children. The adult and child are free to share whatever eggs they gather.

6. Skip The Candy Easter Egg Hunt

Instead of candy or toys, have kids fill Easter eggs with slips of paper listing acceptable prizes. Hide the eggs, and the kids will receive rewards for the eggs they find. The more eggs you find, the higher your chances of getting more rewards. Just doing this in particular concerning the customary candy eggs is also an option. There are other Easter egg filler ideas if you want to keep the no-candy theme but still want to put stuff in the eggs.

7. Easter Egg Hunt with a Huge Reward

This game is particularly suited for adults or teenagers. A few huge Easter eggs should be filled with adult prizes like money, gift cards, lottery tickets, and other things. Place the Easter eggs in difficult-to-find places, then send grownups on their egg search. One, two, or three eggs can be found by each person, or you can just let them locate as many as they want.

8. Easter Egg Relay Race

To play this game, you can sort your children into groups. Have the first child from each squad go in search of an egg when you say go. Once they’ve located an egg, they return and designate the following teammate to go find an egg. The process then continues until a team finds a predetermined number of eggs. Then, each person receives a basket filled with goodies at the end of it all.

Younger children can also do this; just be sure they understand that they can only discover one egg and return. It’s not allowed to return with more than one egg at a time.

9. Teen Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Teenagers adore texting, so they will adore this idea for a text-based Easter egg hunt! To uncover their own Easter baskets and clues, two groups of teenagers living in different homes must communicate back and forth. You can do this with the older kids, teens, and with your nieces and nephews. It’s a wonderful method to get teenagers interested and have a good time.

10. Easter Egg Eggstravaganza

easter eggs 3 Each egg should contain a slip of paper with a funny assignment, such as singing “Itsy Bitty Spider,” naming three red fruits, or performing a handstand. Make them enjoyable since this is an Easter egg hunt. The mission can be completed when the finder brings the egg back to you after finding it. After they complete the assignment, you can either offer them sweets or a toy to choose from or give them cash or tickets that they can exchange for something more substantial after the search.

11. Treasure Hunt For Easter Eggs

We all know that treasure hunts are very interesting and kids, as well as adults, love them. Create hints that send your children scurrying around the home in search of the next place they’ll discover a clue. To prevent them from unintentionally missing an egg while searching, conceal the hints in eggs and assign each egg a number. Make the bigger prize—one for each child or one for everybody to share—the final destination of the clues.

12. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Similar to the above, this is a hunt without any clues. You’d have to go about looking for eggs cluelessly. You can play this by making a list of eggs for the kids to find, such as striped ones, green jelly beans that have quarters inside, etc. When the children have located every item on their list, they can exchange it for a large gift (such as a movie, toy, gift card, or money) by crossing it off. This is a fantastic approach to still allow kids to hunt for plenty of eggs without giving them too much candy.

13. Easter Egg Hunt with Clues

As opposed to the above, this egg hunt comes with clues. Children would be able to find the hidden items with the aid of clues. Try this one instead of the scavenger hunt method described above (discover one clue, then keep looking for the next one). Make use of Easter egg hunt clues and hide a lot of eggs that correspond to them. When you have places for the eggs, hiding them becomes much simpler. Then, rather than having the kids just run around looking for eggs, give them a clue from a basket and instruct them to find that egg before moving on to the next. Or, make it a contest by reading out a hint to everyone; the person who discovers it first gets to keep the egg and gift inside.

14. Hard-boiled Egg Hunt

easter eggs 2

Another cool game for adults is the hard-boiled egg hunt. To pato this game, you can place a number of both genuine (raw) eggs and hard-boiled eggs in a public place. When an adult discovers an egg, they must return and break it open (if they want to take a risk, they could do it on their head). They receive a prize if the egg is hard-boiled. Before going hunting again, they must clean it if it is raw. This doesn’t have to be a simple adult egg hunt. If you’re playing this game with the adults ensure the eggs are properly hidden.

15. Easter Egg Hunt Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to test your child’s activity level. You can set this game up for your kids and have them compete for the best puzzle solver. To put jigsaw pieces in eggs, break them up into individual or multiple pieces. Hide those eggs, then when everyone has found one, they must put the puzzle together to receive a larger prize.


Without a doubt, Easter is a period to share love and affection. Part of this process is bringing up Easter game ideas to make the season more interesting. The Easter egg hunt is a major attraction, and everybody enjoys it. There are many different ways to embrace the thrill of the hunt, however, you can always go traditional and just sprinkle plastic Easter eggs around your yard or house. If I were you, I’d consider the above-mentioned Easter egg hunt suggestions. Perhaps you plan the sweets so that the children and adults in your group can participate in an Easter-themed treasure hunt. Or, if you want to extend the enjoyment, ask young hunters to sing songs (perhaps a festive song) when they find eggs.

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