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20 Fun Father’s Day Activities for the Whole Family (2023)

By Mariela
May 23, 2023
7 minutes

This year’s Father’s Day is around the corner, and it’s another opportunity to celebrate the men who have kept the world going and carried their families on their shoulders. What would a world without responsible fathers look like? Your guess is as good as mine. Fathers are unifiers and leadership symbols at home and elsewhere.

However, because many spend their time away from home trying to make things work, it may be challenging to create fun activities to mark their day as a family. How do you know which activity will strike the right chord with him? Besides, if your father has gone to rest or you look up to a father figure because yours is unavailable, how do you best communicate your gratitude to him during this holiday?

The answers to these questions and more can remain a mystery if you don’t finish reading this article. That’s because, from the 20 Father’s Day fun activities you are about to read here, you will get several helpful suggestions on how to make your father happy this holiday. Here we go.

  1. Take Dad Out Shopping

He’s used to stopping by shopping malls and getting everyone something, but can you also show him he deserves the same treatment if not more? Since it’s a family plan to surprise and make him happy, seek other family members’ conscience on how best to go about this so everyone is genuinely involved. But from a man’s viewpoint, it’s best to allow him to choose his gifts.

  1. Time to Revisit Your Family Tree

One of the best things to do on Father’s Day is to review your ancestry with him. Most dads will give up anything to attend this session. You can begin by going through the family pictures with him and later switch to setting up a family tree to see how everyone is related. As the activity makes him happy, it will also serve as bonding and learning time.

  1. Work Together in a Home Garden

Do you keep a garden in your backyard or elsewhere? Suggest that your dad spend some time with you attending to the flowers and vegetables come next month’s Father’s Day. It’s not much about what you do there but the time you spend together. Nevertheless, having a clear-cut plan of action before reaching the garden will help ensure the outing is memorable.

  1. Attend a Public Show with Him

A fun-filled activity outside the home will always go well with most dads. And it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive; a cinema for relaxation and movie watching or a musical concert show is a good starting point. Please take with you some of his best snacks, and be sure to snug up to him on such shows. If he takes beer and you know his favorite, the occasion would be appropriate to hand him a bottle or two of such.

  1. Push for a DIY Project

Father’s Day is an appropriate time to initiate a project that affects everyone in the family. For instance, it could be the fixing of a broken pipe, the painting (or re-painting) of a room, or even a major electronics repair. You can be sure that Father won’t back off from such projects, and the more he gets involved, the more fun-filled the day gets.

  1. Get Sporty

If he likes soccer or Gulf, you’ve already found an ingenious way to make him glad. Get the necessary kits and plan a mini football competition or gulf with him on this day. The chances are that dad will outclass you in this game, but what more can you expect from a professional soccer or Gulf enthusiast? The more family members get involved, the merrier it is.

  1. Try a Scavenger Hunt Game

It’s never a bad idea to celebrate Father’s Day with a scavenger hunt. More like a hide and seek, this game makes your dad look around the house for items you have prepared and kept in certain places. It gets more interesting if one of such items is a carefully thought-of gift to mark this day.

  1. Breakfast in Bed

Before everyone wakes up, prepare your dad’s favorite breakfast and neatly serve and present it to him in bed. It doesn’t get better than that. He will feel so loved and appreciated. And you? It will be a heartwarming sight to behold.

  1. Consider a Family Photo Shoot

A photo session with the entire family is something you hardly do regularly. Typically, there must be a justifiable reason to get everyone dressed and show up for family photo shoots. But guess what? Father’s Day is a worthy reason to get everyone to snap pictures with Dad. You can use your mobile phone camera or an ideal camera for this session. It’s best to have a family member coordinate this session.

  1. Organize a mini At-Home Dance Party.

Nobody says it cannot get boisterous on Father’s Day. A mini dance party with sumptuous meals makes everyone feel it’s a big ceremony. But isn’t it? This activity is best for a dance-loving dad, and it doesn’t require much planning to execute. If you can get your mom and siblings to join in this home party, you’ve successfully nailed this year’s holiday for your dad.

  1. Play Video Games with Dad

Men and video games are almost inseparable. Thank goodness; it’s a holiday. You can spend a substantial part of the day in a competitive video game with your dad. It doesn’t matter who wins; the focus is on spending quality time together.

  1. Learn Something Together

Dads are not always the first name that comes to mind when cooking at home is the topic of discussion. But that doesn’t mean they cannot learn and prepare great meals. You can spice up this day by enrolling him and other family members in a virtual cooking class and practicing what you learn in the kitchen. It’s a way to remove his mind from the daily toils of fending for the family.

  1. Present an Appreciation Memoir

It’s customary for people to pen down beautiful words about their dead loved ones. But, unfortunately, it’s usually useless to the dead because they cannot read it. Don’t be like that. Everyone at home can put a few lines of appreciative words on a large cardboard and sign against it. Someone can read this aloud to Dad during breakfast as everyone applauds him for his efforts. You will be amazed at how far this little effort can go in making him happy.

  1. Ride a Bike with Him

Again, nothing beats outdoor activities when celebrating with Dad is the goal. Men are naturally outdoor lovers, and open bike riding with a few family members will significantly excite them. Good enough, the destination does not have to be far, and everything can happen within the neighborhood. One way to spice this up is to make customized T-shirts with Dad’s picture for everyone participating in the ride.

  1. Can Everyone Help Wash His Car?

Dad has probably been spending fortunes to keep his car clean, or he’s probably been doing it himself. You can take off this burden on June 18 in style. Everyone should be involved, and it should be arranged such that he’s there watching as the washing progresses. While this is going on, you can discuss life and work with him, and it’s an ideal time to ask any questions you think he might be willing to answer.

  1. Pray for Dad

An excellent Father’s Day can be a season of prayer for the man willing to put his life on the line for everyone. Whatever religion you practice, prayer is undoubtedly a key element, and he’ll be motivated, happy, and proud to see his entire family take turns saying a word or two of prayers for him. Men go through a lot for which they don’t want to bother their families. More than any material gift, prayers are men’s most profound need to keep them going through the vicissitudes of life.

  1. Visit the Museum Together

June 18 is a perfect outing day for Fathers and children to see the beautiful collections of historical pieces kept at museums. Your choice should, however, be tailored to your Dad’s preferences and not yours. If he’s science-oriented, you shouldn’t insist he visits a historical museum because you prefer it. After all, it’s Father’s Day.

  1. Unravel a Puzzle Together

When you and Dad sit to solve a puzzle, it’s more than the activity; you are bonding by reasoning together. It often takes time and thought to solve tricky riddles and puzzles, but if you both go through the process, you will be happy about it. It’s a productive way of positively spending the holiday with him.

  1. Go on Charity with Dad

Whether volunteering for non-paid work, donating to a food bank, or helping in the neighborhood, giving back is therapeutic. We spend much time focusing on ourselves and family members while many crave attention and care around us. You can choose to relieve people’s pains – and do it together with Dad – on this special day.

  1. Spend Quality Time at the Beach

Good enough, Father’s Day always falls around summer, when outdoor activities like beach visits are safe. If you’ve done other things and still have much time, the entire family can have an excellent time at the closest beach. Things you can do there include swimming or learning to swim, playing in the sand, horse riding, relaxing, and other creative and entertaining programs. The focus must, however, be on your father, not on something else.


The type of fun activity you can choose during a Father’s Day celebration depends on your age and your father’s age. For instance, seniors in their 60s and 70s cannot participate in strenuous activities like horse riding, beach visits, etc. Instead, they will benefit more from homely and mind-engaging events like solving puzzles, enjoying new playlists, making music, etc.

No father is too old or young to be appreciated. And even if they aren’t your biological father, you should still celebrate them for their fatherly role in your life. The world has not yet seen what it can be with fathers who are motivated and feel appreciated.

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