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Vellus Hair: How to Get Rid of Vellus Hair on Face Permanently

By Viktoria
October 10, 2023
10 minutes

Peach fuzz is seen in all of us, but these hairs become more prominent due to color and texture. Many ways are available to get rid of these hairs, and remember to treat all methods gently, as your facial skin is delicate and can be damaged if you try anything improperly.

We’re discussing 10 ways to get rid of this hair and the reason for the excessive growth of peach fuzz. Let’s carry on with us to discover the ways.

What is Vellus(Peach Fuzz) Hair?

Vellus hairs are also called peach fuzz hairs; they are delicate, fine hairs on different body parts and are easy to remove. These vellus hairs help in regulating body temperature and also protect our skin.

Health specialists do not recommend removing these hairs until they are not creating any health issues. But if their growth is high, especially for people who don’t like the hair on the face and neck, as these parts are more prominent and want to remove these vellus hairs, consultation is good before the selection process.

According to Hayley Wood, a skincare guru and licensed holistic esthetician at The New Knew!

“The most important thing to note about hair removal for your face is that everyone can have a different preference for how and when to groom it. You can skip it all together, or you can make it part of your regular routine.” 

Why am I Getting so much Peach Fuzz on my Face?

If you’re getting so much peach fuzz hair on your face, there may be some health issues for this excessive hair growth. Some main reasons are:

  1. Excessive peach fuzz may be due to Hypertrichosis, a medical condition in which hair growth disturbs and grows excessively on the face and all over the body. 
  2. Female face peach fuzz is often due to hormonal imbalance, and excessive hair growth is the main cause of excessive hormonal androgens; more production of androgens causes more peach fuzz and terminal hair on the face and body.
  3. Anorexia Nervosa and other health disorders like bulimia nervosa are also reasons for peach fuzz hair growth. 
  4. Cushing’s syndrome and eruptive vellus hair cysts may be the reason for peach fuzz growth on the neck, face, belly, chest, and legs. 
  5. Hirsutism is the leading cause of terminal and vellus hair growth. It may be on the face, legs, belly, and all body parts.

So consult a health physician or doctor to cure any health issue. Till then, you can’t get a peach-fuzz-free face and body. The peach fuzz will regrow in no time due to these health problems. 

Is it OK to Remove the Peach Fuzz from the Face?

Yes, you can remove peach fuzz from your face and body if you don’t like these hairs, although they do not create health or beauty issues for you. But it’s a matter of your choice and preference; it’s okay to remove them.

Before selecting any process, ensure it will be compatible with your body’s needs. Will your body be ready for this process? Clean the face and body before applying any cream, gel, or wax to remove peach fuzz. This article will help you get better results and protect you from germs and infections.

Will Peach Fuzz Grow Back Thicker if I Remove it?

No, it’s a misconception and lack of knowledge when people consider peach fuzz to grow thicker after removing it. When we shave or clean our body and face, when hair regrows, we feel it more and thicker. But it is just your misunderstanding, and there is no reality. 

How do I Remove Vellus Hair (Peach Fuzz) 10 Ways?

Vellus hair removal is more accessible than terminal hairs as they are delicate and refined. Lots of ways are applicable for their removal. Let’s explore some of these methods:


Shaving Cream

Shaving is an easy and quick solution to remove peach fuzz hairs, although it removes hair from the skin surface. But many other benefits make this the most applied method for vellus hair removal. To get good results, ensure your skin is clean and impurities-free. So bacteria and germs can’t produce irritation on your skin. A good razor keeps you safe from cuts, and applying any lotion or cream to make skin soft. Application of cream shaves better and faster. For good results, you have to shave daily.

Pros Cons
No redness & irritation You may have to shave daily for good results
Most accessible and easy way to remove peach fuzz hair Excessive pressure and wrong use damage your skin

2- Natural Methods for Facial Peach Fuzz Removal

Natural Ingredients

Natural ways also prove effective in removing facial peach fuzz hair, so let’s discuss some methods. 

  1. Mix unflavored gelatin powder with some drops of raw milk to make a thick mixture. Milk should not be cold; add honey and a pinch of turmeric to get the desired consistency. Apply it to your face with a clean brush. After drying the mixture, remove it from the downward to upward. Don’t apply on lips and eye area. You will get excellent results. Add tea tree oil or lemon juice to decrease the weird smell of gelatin. Use once or twice weekly to free your face from peach fuzz hairs.
  2. A lemon juice and sugar mixture is one of the most natural ways to eliminate peach fuzz hairs. You can make a mixture by heating lemon juice, sugar, and water and applying it to your face and neck. After 15-20 minutes, remove it in the opposite hair growth direction. Rinse it off with water or a cloth strip.
  3. Mix one tablespoon of gram flour, one tablespoon of yogurt, two pinches of turmeric, and one fine alum powder with lukewarm water. A thick mixture is ready to apply to your face. Apply it on the face and all over the body, as it is safe to use. Rub it gently to clean the face after drying it. Use it 15 days a month by giving a day gap to get a hair-free face and body. Its daily use can cause redness or skin issues. So, use this mixture after skipping one day to get better results.
Pros Cons
All ingredients are easy to access, mainly from the kitchen You may be required to use these ingredients again and again to get the desired result
All methods are cost-effective methods for peach fuzz hair removal Irritation and redness may occur if used improperly and wrongly


Electrolysis is a next-level vellus hair removal that targets the hair follicles to eradicate them. It eliminates the hair with chemical energy and heat, and you get permanent results. This method inserts a needle into the hair follicle to pass an electrical current to damage hair follicles. It permanently destroys the hair follicle, and it can grow again. It gives you the ultimate result in one treatment, and you mostly do not need maintenance and follow-up sessions as you need in other hair removal methods.

Pros Cons
Electrolysis is suitable for any hair color It can’t be performed at home.
Long-lasting and permanent results Expensive process than other methods
FDA-approved method and ideal for those people who can’t do laser hair removal due to color pigments are not suitable for other processes May scarring and pigmentation may occur due to heat and chemicals used in the process

4- Depilatory Creams and Gels

Face peach fuzz can also easily be removed using depilatory creams and gels. The active ingredient of cream or gel, thioglycolate, breaks the hair proteins, and hair is dissolved and breaks. For peach fuzz hair removal, a very short time is required to apply cream on the skin.

After leaving it for some time, wipe the cream or gel gently without rubbing the skin. Your skin will be clean and smooth. Ensure you’re using cream or gel specially manufactured for facials. The facial cream and gel may be safe for facial use. The body cream and gel may contain harsh chemicals that damage the facial skin. Therefore, buy only authentic and brand face cream to apply on the face.

According to the doctor!

“They must be applied with caution as accidental application to sensitive areas like ears, eyes, and nose can cause chemical burns. Chemical depilatories can also cause contact dermatitis, a reaction or rash on the skin to the chemical ingredient.”

Pros  Cons
No cuts and bleeding problems while using creams Blistering and stinging may happen due to the presence of harsh chemicals
It’s a painless process of facial hair removal Messy and strong odors make it unbearable for some users

5- Threading


Peach fuzz face hair can be plucked by rolling over two cotton threads on the face and other body areas. It is an excellent method if you do it properly without damaging the skin. For sensitive skin, threading is highly recommended as it needs no chemical or instrument. You need a cotton thread to perform the task. Some main advantages of threading are less regrowth of hair, fewer ingrown hairs, and no itching, as no harsh chemical is used in the threading procedure. It also exfoliates the skin, and you get silky and smooth skin. 

Pros  cons
Work well for small body areas It takes much time and causes ingrown hairs
Long-lasting results up to 5 weeks than other methods It may cause cuts and micro tears if not done properly

6- Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning Sideburns

Dermaplaning is a beauty treatment used to cure acne and scars. Still, nowadays, we are applying this method to fix skin peach fuzz hair. In this method, we use a small scalpel, which is safe for all people with different skin types. To get smooth and brighter skin, we skin away the dead skin using an exfoliating blade. It is also helpful in removing vellus, or you can see peach fuzz hair from the face and other body parts.

Along with peach fuzz hair removal, some other benefits of the Dermaplaning process are:

  • Get rid of dead skin cells
  • Smooth makeup look 
  • Minimize wrinkles, fine lines, and acne
  • Fresher look 
  • Makeup stays longer 
Pros Cons
No chemical is used in this process peeling, redness, and irritation may occur if the blade is used too hard
Rejuvenates dull complexion by removing dead skin cells Hypertrophic and skin discoloration may happen after the Dermaplaning process

7-Laser Hair Removal/IPL


Laser hair removal is one of the most convenient and popular choices for peach fuzz and terminal hair removal. It targets the hair follicles and terminates the hair growth in the future. Removing laser hair from an authentic and licensed dermatologist or professional is recommended to avoid skin damage. IPL is also laser technology, but it can be utilized at home. It works the same as laser hair removal. IPL’s unique features and sleek design make it more demanding and easy to use than traditional methods.

Pros Cons
Best choice for long-term hair removal It is costly and can’t be affordable for everyone
Minimal pain and suitable for both genders Need a professional to perform the laser hair removal

8- Bleaching

Face Waxing for Women Procedure, Safety, and Cost

Bleaching is also used to lighten the face peach fuzz and is mainly used by people who don’t want to risk hair removal. People have dark hair and those with excessive peach fuzz growth. Mainly, bleach is used to lighten the hair so it becomes less visible and can’t be seen prominently.

Pros Cons
Safe and cheap method It may not be suitable for sensitive skin.
Easy to apply and doesn’t need to go anywhere. Your skin can burn, irritate, and be rash if you mix the paste with the wrong ratio.

9- Waxing

Waxing is one of the long-lasting and applied methods. You can pull out peach fuzz from the roots. So, ultimately, hair growth becomes delayed and grows after a long time. Waxing comes in two forms- soft wax and hard wax. Yoly wax on the hairy area and wait till it cools and becomes hard. You can use a cloth to remove the wax from the face and other body areas. After peeling off the wax, there may be some burning effects, and redness may appear on the skin. It will disappear after some time; time differs from person to person. Do a skin patch test if you are waxing for the first time or have sensitive skin.

Pros Cons
Remove peach fuzz from the root.  Slight redness and irritation may happen after waxing.
Long-term results and smooth skin Pimple may appear around the wawed area
Cheap and easy to access for everyone Painful process 

10- Use of Medicine and Cream to Control Peach Fuzz Hair Growth

We’ve discussed mostly used methods for peach fuzz facial hair removal, but are they suitable for everyone, and if someone can’t try them? What will he do?

So, the last option for those people is to use medicine and medicated creams to inhibit the growth of facial peach fuzz. But don’t decide without consulting a doctor before starting any treatment to eliminate excessive peach fuzz growth. Spironolactone pills are used to reduce hair growth, and they may prove effective in slowing down the peach fuzz growth. You can use a medicated cream, Vaniqa, a widely applied cream to decrease hair growth. These medicines can help slow down hair growth but at a very slow speed compared to other hair removal methods in which you get instant results.

Pros  Cons
Reduce hair growth and make hair finer and lighter Small skin bumps and allergic reaction
Block the enzymes responsible for peach fuzz growth on the face and body Overdose may increase the blood pressure 

How do you Get Rid of Peach Fuzz without it Growing Back?

Do you want to eliminate peach fuzz like a pro at hme wi needing skin specialist assistance?

We’re revealing one of the best solutions to tackle this issue. The market is full of hair removal products and devices. But the use of these products won’t be clear for these queries. 

  • Whether your peach fuzz will be removed permanently.
  • Will these peach fuzz not grow back for a long time, or will they return soon?

Hair growth is a natural process, and we can’t stop this process, but by using some methods, hair growth can be reduced visibly for a long time, and new hair will be weak and less in number than they were before.

Why Choose Ulike IPL

Ulike Back to School Sale

Ulike IPL laser hair removal is the best option for peach fuzz and for gaining hair-free, flawless, and smooth skin. Some of the benefits why you should choose Ulike IPL laser:

  • State-of-the-art technology and quick results
  • Long-lasting benefits & safe for all skin types
  • No matter whether you want peach fuzz or terminal hairs, it is effective for both hair types
  • Address the specific needs of every person to offer tailored solutions
  • Say goodbye to bleeding, cuts, ingrown hairs and itching
  • Effective hair removal solution for all age group
  • Save time and money and reduce frustration 
  • Long-term use of IPL without any additional cost and replacement

The factors mentioned above are just some of the main benefits of Ulike IPL laser technology. It also has many benefits and features that make it possible to consider facial peach fuzz and other body hair removal processes.

So choose IPL technology to get rid of peach fuzz without growing it because The use of at-home IPL technology is 100% safe and guarantees no back peach fuzz for a long time. It is painless, quick, and best for ingrown and unwanted hair from the face and all body parts. 

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