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Gift Ideas for 20 Year Old Female: 8 Thoughtful Gifts to Choose from!

By Viktoria
April 3, 2023
7 minutes

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special?

Finding the right gift for them can be challenging. Don’t worry. We have you covered! We are sharing some thoughtful and creative gift ideas for 20-year-old female that she will love. All of these are sure to impress her and make her day special.






IPL Hair Removal

Beauty Appliance

Easy and Safe Body Hair Removal


Personal Safety Alarm

Hand-Held Electronic

Promotes Safety




Style Statement/Promotes Active Lifestyle




For Self-Development




Better Time Management


Jewelry Box

Portable Storage

Keeps Jewelry Safe


Dry Towel


Helps with Sensitive Skin


Aromatheray Shower Steamer


Helps Fight Stress and Anxiety

Hair Removal Device

Among the thoughtful and useful gift ideas for 20-year-old females. If your friend has issues removing body hair and has explicitly shown interest in a personal hair removal device, you might as well gift her one.

The key here is picking something that fits her needs. So, the first thing to consider is your friend’s skin sensitivity. Some people have more sensitive skin, which makes them irritated or inflamed when using these devices. Therefore, you better check her skin and ensure the one you are gifting her doesn’t lead to any complications.

In addition to her skin sensitivity, you should consider brand and type next. Every hair removal device type has its advantages and disadvantages. So, you better do your research. If you don’t or are unable to do it and want a safe option, you can gift your friend an IPL Hair remover.

IPL Hair Removal reduces hair regrowth. These devices are quick and easy to use and offer excellent value for your money. IPL doesn’t risk any cuts or skin irritation. The device emits light pulses that target and kills hair follicles.

If you want to buy a device for your friend, you better check Ulike; they are a premium IPL hair removal brand offering some of the best hair removal devices at throwaway prices. You can check their range here !

Ulike’s high-end range of IPL hair removal devices easily removes hair and keep them from growing back for a long time. They are easy to use, just choose your setting, and get beautiful skin effortlessly.

Personal Safety Alarm

Starting our list with a personal alarm might not sound right, but it is a useful tool (for almost anyone).

Any girl that feels more vulnerable when going out and about should better equip herself, even if she does it for her peace of mind. A precautionary measure gives you a better sense of control in a scenario where you might feel helpless.

These scenarios can be going to unfamiliar places, being alone at night if you feel potentially endangered, or feeling you might be harassed or attacked. What’s more, these alarms can prevent an attack in the first place.

These devices can work as a deterrent and make you less of a target in front of a would-be attacker because you won’t be someone they can easily overpower, thus making you less vulnerable. Again, this is not the trendiest thing you can gift, but if you find your friend in the abovementioned scenarios, you might want to consider a safety alarm for her.

Trendy Sneakers

If your friend leads an active lifestyle or is involved in sports, you should gift her something practical and thoughtful. Sneakers can be both stylish and functional. Yes, you can wear sneakers with a wide array of outfits, from jeans to shorts, skirts to dresses, etc. Sneakers are versatile additions to your wardrobe, so you can’t go wrong here.

When looking for sneakers, find something that offers proper support and comfort when jumping, planning, and running. Find a pair that has cushioned soles and breathable materials. As they support physical health and well-being, finding the right pair for your friend can help prevent injuries and improve their performance.

Once again, it’s a thoughtful and practical gift that pars with all the latest trends; they are stylish and on-trend. Depending on the event, you can dress up or down with these sneakers.

Books for Thoughtful Reading

One of the few Gift ideas for 20-year-old female that are just as symbolic as practical. When buying a book, consider your friend’s interests and preferences. Find something that aligns with her interest or speak to her personally; this way, she will appreciate and cherish the book.

Also, ensure the book is age-appropriate and suitable for her reading level. You must consider these crucial details because books are a meaningful and valuable gift that promotes growth, intellectual stimulation, and empathy.

Aside from personal growth and intellectual stimulation, a good book can provide escapism. Yes, it can provide a much-needed escape stresses and anxiety of daily life. A book can transfer its reader to a different world, allowing them to relax and unwind.

Finding the book can be a fun and rewarding process; consider your friend’s interest, and based on that, research some popular books (accordingly), read reviews, and try finding something that gives a positive message.

A Personal Planner

This is yet another thoughtful and practical gift. A planner can help you organize yourself and keep track of all important dates, tasks, and appointments. This might help improve her time management and get on top of her commitments.

Having a personal planner by your side does encourage productivity. This provides a visual representation of progress. Yes, the planner might motivate you to set your goal and work towards achieving them.

Gifting your friend, a planner shows you care about them and demonstrate you want to support them in their daily life and struggles. It will make them feel appreciated. Last but not least, the planner allows for personalization; these planners come in all shapes and sizes, with customizable stickers and colorful tabs. All this lets your friend make her planner with fun and creative activities.

Jewelry Case

Yet another practical but personal gift. Think about it, which girl in her 20s doesn’t have some beautiful jewelry?

If your gal has a lot of jewelry and accessories and has trouble keeping it, then it’s time you gift her a jewelry box. This box will help keep her jewelry organized and in one place. Doing so keeps your jewelry from getting lost or damaged, thus making it easy to find specific pieces.

The jewelry box helps protect jewelry against scratches, dust, or other damage. If your friend has a valuable or sentimental piece, she will appreciate having a safe place for it.

And don’t forget to look for a travel-friendly option; make sure the case is compact, especially if your friend travels often. Lastly, make sure the box is easy to personalize so your friend can make it her own.

Quick Dry Bath Towels

You might be discovering them now, but these are a must-have, especially for girls who care about their skin health. Quick dry towels dry faster than regular towels, helping you save time. As they dry quicker, it cuts back bacteria growth. Wherever you are going, these towels can help you get ready in a second.

This leaves almost no space for bacteria or mold to grow compared to regular towels. If your friend has sensitive skin, it will benefit her because she will face almost no skin irritation or infection risk.

So, help her stay healthy and save time by gifting her a quick dry towel, especially if she has a skin sensitivity problem. As these towels are made with high-end materials, they last long and are more durable as compared to regular towels. So, she can make use of your gifts for a long time. Gifting a quick dry towel is a practical and thoughtful gesture which might help make her routine efficient, and hygienic. It’s a gift that she can use and appreciate every day.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Aromatherapy shower streamers make a unique gift for several reasons. This help relaxes and enjoy a sensory experience as they improve mode and promote well-being. It’s a gift that will encourage her to take time and care for herself. These showers are easy to use and need special equipment. Just put them in a corner and let the steam do the rest.

A gift is suitable for all occasions, albeit it’s her birthday, holiday, or just for appreciation. If she takes care of herself, gifting her a shower streamer will help her improve her self-care routine.

Also, these shower streamers are surprisingly cheap. So if you want to express well even though you got her an inexpensive gift, you won’t go wrong with these showers. You can purchase these showers in sets and gift them to multiple people.

There is a wide variety of scents to choose from. So, you will easily find something to fit everyone’s taste.

Don’t worry if your friend has an allergy. Aromatherapy shower streamers are made with natural and eco-friendly ingredients. Therefore, they still make an excellent gift even if you are conscious about your skin’s sensitivity and allergy or just worry about the environment.

How to give gifts to girls that they’ll love

Giving gifts to girls can be tricky. You want to show that you care, but you also don’t want to waste money on something they won’t like or use. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Find out what she likes. The best gifts are the ones that match her interests and hobbies. Pay attention to what she talks about, what she wears, what she posts on social media, etc.
  • Go for practicality. Girls appreciate gifts that make their lives easier or more enjoyable. Think of things that they use often, such as cosmetics, electronic gadgets, etc. If you know what products they prefer, even better. This shows that you understand her daily needs and wants.
  • Add some flair. Girls love to look good and feel good. That’s why beauty items are always a hit. Whether it’s a necklace, a bag, perfume, or a beauty machine, you can’t go wrong with something that helps her look good.

These are some of the ways to give gifts to 20-year-old girls that they’ll love and use. Remember, the most important thing is to show that you care and that you put some thought into it. That’s what makes any gift special.


Finding the perfect gift for a 20-year-old girl can be overwhelming. Still, you can find something she will love and appreciate if you put a little thought and creativity into your effort. Whatever you choose to gift her, remember that what matters, in the end, is that you care about her and appreciate her. With the right gift, you can show this to her!

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