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20 Good Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend 2023

By Laura
December 6, 2023
7 minutes
Good Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Are you wondering what to get for your girlfriend this Christmas? Wonder no more because you just landed on the article with the most fantastic Christmas gift ideas for her.

We know how difficult it can be to pick the perfect gift for the special her, especially when you know that her friends might even get to see the gift and give their opinions. This is not to put you under pressure, but it will be sweet to get her something she will either cherish in her secret place or something she can proudly show to her friends and family.  

The gifts do not have to be expensive or too cheap, just something sweet for her, which is why we have made a list of the perfect Christmas gift ideas for her – a combination of different types of gifts that appeal to different girls based on their unique personalities.

Before we dive in, check out these 20 funny Christmas gift ideas for your family, friends, and adults around you here. 

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20 Good Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

  • Fancy Keyboard and Mouse

Fancy Keyboard and MouseDoes she spend lots of time typing at work? Surprise her with a gift that says you support her career and want to make things easy for her at work. They are not just beautiful; they also make typing easy and enjoyable. It’s not one of those gifts that she will lock away forever, never to be seen by anyone; it’s a gift that she will continue to use and proudly showcase to all. 

Ulike IPL Even if your girlfriend is a die-hard fan of Chewbacca, she would still want hairless and silky skin that she can proudly showcase when necessary. Get her the Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL Hair Removal device, which has been clinically tested and recommended by a dermatologist. It will help her maintain a well-groomed body and treat any skin disease that may be giving her a hard time. This device will also make her feel appreciated and cared for because you care about her appearance and want her to look and feel good at all times. 

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  • Mirror 

Mirror That’s right, a mirror. Show me a woman who says she doesn’t use a mirror, and I will show you a woman who cares less about her looks. Mirror is an essential part of every woman’s property because she would need it at intervals. Whether it’s a small hand-held mirror for a quick face touch-up or a large one for dressing, your girlfriend would appreciate it. You can replace her old mirror or get her a size you feel she needs for her makeover. 

  • Sunglasses 

SunglassesGirls love sunglasses, especially those that make them feel cool and street-chic. If you can afford a pair of designer sets, she would love it. But if you can’t afford it or don’t want to spend too much on sunglasses, the regular ones can still do the magic.

  • Fleece Slippers 

Fleece SlippersMost times, girls tend to wear their fleece slippers till they get so worn out without them noticing it. You can come to the rescue with a new one to give the old one its deserved retirement. If your girl does not have one of these pairs before, she will be glad that you introduced her to them.

  • Makeup pouch

Makeup pouchHelp her to keep her makeup set together with this gift. It’s the perfect gift for the girl who is always on the run, as it will keep all her makeup items organized. This pouch is affordable, DIY-able, and can be customized. However, with this gift, size is key. You don’t want to make it so big that it becomes a burden.

  • Lampstand

LampstandThis gift is not just for the bookworms; it comes in handy in the bedroom. Gift her something that shines light in her room whenever she wakes up and finds her surroundings dark. It gets better if your girlfriend is a student, as this gift will show her that you support her studies and want the best for her academically. You can imagine how she’ll feel about you every time it lights up her world.

  • Hair clip

Hair clipHair clips may look small and old school but do not underestimate the bond between them and girly girls. If your girlfriend loves to look all sweet-sixteen and trendy, consider getting her a hair clip. The butterfly clip appeals to most girls even up to this present day.  

  • Sneakers 

Sneakers Why not hills? Girls love sneakers for several reasons. First, it’s a wear that can double as a gym piece and a regular shoe. Sneakers also make girls look energetic, trendy, and chic as they add a touch of youthfulness to their appearance. You know your girlfriend best. So, you are the best person to determine if she will love this gift.

  • Wearable Blanket

Wearable BlanketIt’s like telling your girl that you will always be there for her, even on the coldest nights. A wearable blanket will not just cover her up during cold weather, but it will also give her a warm hug. Girls love gifts like this, especially when it’s coming from the love of their lives. 

  • Travel Journal 

Travel Journal Help her to keep journals of the places she has visited with this gift. Your girlfriend does not have to be a travel freak before you get her this gift. It’s something that can encourage anyone to keep journals. Many things happen daily that are worth writing down, and this book will help her to see that. Note that it may not appeal to the girls who hate to write. 

  • Apple AirPods 

Apple AirPods Okay, it may seem pricey, but nothing is too expensive for the girl you love if you can afford it. Every girl will appreciate this, especially if she loves to listen to music alone. It also comes in handy for the ones that drive as it will enable them to receive calls while driving or even listen to audiobooks.  

  • Camera 

Camera Chances are that your girl loves to snap pictures. It’s rare to find a female that doesn’t spend some time doing this. Gift her a camera that will make her give her phone camera a break and also begin to print photos for memory display at home. It will help her to capture those priceless moments and print them. 

  • Charging Hub

Charging HubIf your girlfriend is among those girls who always move with low battery, this is the perfect gift. She no longer has to keep praying for her battery not to go totally out on her. She can charge her phone and gadgets whenever she can, especially if she is the travel type.  There are many varieties of this gift, and the best ones can set you back by a few hundred dollars. But once gotten, you’ve solved a significant problem for her, which is one thing a relationship should be about.

  • Eye Mask 

Eye Mask Show her that you care about her beauty sleep by gifting her with an eye mask. This may not look much, but it goes a long way in making your girl comfortable at night. Get the soft ones that she will feel comfortable wearing. 

  • Perfume 

PerfumeSmelling good is a sure way of attracting good luck, which is why you should gift her with one this Christmas. Plus, everyone loves it when their girls smell nice; it builds intimacy as you are drawn to every inch of her body. It’s a gift that she will not be able to resist, especially when she knows that you love that particular smell. She would cherish it as long as it lasts and always wear it for you.  

  • Makeup Set 

Makeup Set As they say, “Looking good is a good business.” Girls love makeup sets because it emphasizes the desirable features of their face and conceals the less desirable ones. It also boosts their confidence in themselves. Getting a set for your girl is another way of telling her that you love it when she looks good for you. The challenge here for you will be determining the proper makeup set for her. But if you guys have come a long way in your relationship, you can instinctively tell what makeup she’ll like

  • Tote Bag 

Tote BagThese days, Tote bags seem to be trending for girls, so imagine what a gift like this would do to her. Maybe she will just let the whole world know that her man is a generous, sweet soul who knows the trend. Also, there is something about Tote bags that speaks of class and street style, so it will be the bag for all occasions. 

  • Date Ideas poster

Date Ideas posterImagine getting her a gift that both of you would use together; it will strengthen the bond that you two share. This contains 100 date ideas that you can practice one at a time. Every day, you scratch off a point to see a date challenge for you two. Needless to say, it’s one of the most romantic gifts you can get for her this Christmas. You two will have 100 days of Christmas.  

  • Wristwatch 

Wristwatch Even if she is not into jewelry, a wristwatch will still make her happy. It’s a gift that never goes out of trend. You can go for the classic leather ones or the chained ones. Just ensure that it has a touch of feminine charms; she will adore it. 

Wrapping Up

What is Christmas without those boxed gifts from our loved ones? Make her Christmas memorable with any special gift ideas on our list. Remember, you are both supposed to be happy with the gift, so choose a gift that will not be too inconvenient for you to get, especially in terms of the price of the gift. 

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