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How Many Times Do You Have to Pluck a Hair Before It Stops Growing?

By Laura
January 14, 2024
7 minutes
How Many Times Pluck a Hair Before It Stops Growing

Have you heard of how waxing makes the hair grow thinner throughout repeated sessions by damaging the hair follicles as it plucks the hair out of the roots and causes them to produce lesser and finer hair? Well, plucking is a similar method of hair removal. 

That is why people consider that constant plucking can make them hairless. However, others consider it just gibberish with no sound basis. Which of the both groups are you? Anyway, let us resolve your concern and discuss if plucking can make your hair growth stop, and if yes, how many times do you have to pluck a hair before it stops growing? 

Without further ado, let’s answer all your queries related to plucking and its effect on hair growth. 

Table of Contents:

1. What are the Effects of Plucking the Hair on Hair Growth?

What are the Effects of Plucking the Hair on Hair Growth?Let us discuss different phases of the hair growth cycle and talk about how plucking affects the hair present in a particular phase. There are 3 stages of hair growth given as.


This is the stage where a hair follicle is active by receiving an enthusiastic blood supply which leads to the growth of the hair. When the hair is plucked at this stage, the hair root is removed along with the hair as well and you can expect it to regrow back after the completion of the whole cycle which normally takes 4 to 6 weeks.


In the catagen phase, the hair is coming out of the skin but not growing actively underneath. Plucking the hair at this stage also removes it from the roots. However, it will regrow back sooner as compared to plucking in anagen because it is midway through the cycle.


The hair goes to a resting stage in telogen and moves towards shedding in this phase. So, plucking hair in telogen is not very effective as the hair is going to shed in a few days anyway. Also, new hair is growing at its roots. So, you can see hair coming out within 2 weeks or less.

2. What are the Compatible and Incompatible Areas with Plucking?

What are the Compatible and Incompatible Areas with Plucking?While plucking seems simple, it might not be the most appropriate method to be used on all areas of the body. So, here is where and where not to use a tweezer or thread to pluck the hair.

Areas People Pluck the Hair From

The areas of the body that are compatible with the plucking of the hair include eyebrows as it works best for the stray hair on the brows; chin as it only has a few hairs that can be removed with a tweezer; upper lips when they sprout unwanted hair, and facial moles if they are present in the area of hair growth.

In addition, you can also pluck hair from the armpits, on the abdomen, bikini lines, toes, and fingers. However, it takes way too much time.

Areas You Should Avoid Plucking at 

There are some areas of the body where plucking can make your skin inflamed and give you ingrown hair and infection in addition to pain. 

These include the pubic region as hair is thick and the area sensitive, inside of the nose or ears as it can interfere with the protection mechanism of these parts, and ingrown hair as the area can be scarred because of lucking. 

3. Can Plucking Eliminate the Hair from the Roots?

Can Plucking Eliminate the Hair from the Roots?The top reason why people choose plucking as a method for hair removal is the fact that removes the whole hair strand including the roots. Therefore, plucking eliminates the hair from the roots if your technique is correct and the hair is in the growing phase.

However, if you break the hair strand in between its length instead of pulling it out accurately, the hair root might not be eliminated. So, if you pluck the hair from the roots, there is no hair regrowth for the next 1 and a half months and you can enjoy hairless skin.

4. How Many Times Do you Have to Pluck Hair Before it Stops Growing?

How Many Times Do you Have to Pluck Hair Before it Stops Growing?The short answer to it is unlimited times. Plucking the hair prevents its regrowth for more or a little more. However, the hair is bound to regrow back from the follicle once a new cycle of hair growth is started.

Therefore, no matter how many times you pluck the hair, it won’t stop growing and you will have to look towards other methods to help you with becoming hair-free.

5. Does Plucking Stop the Hair Regrowth? 

Does Plucking Stop the Hair Regrowth? Unfortunately, plucking does not stop hair regrowth ever. Yes, it might slow down the regrowth when hair is plucked at the right times and might make the hair thinner by traumatizing the follicle as well. But, no, it cannot affect the health of the follicle long-lastingly. 

As plucking does not kill or put the hair follicle to a resting phase, the hair growth is not stopped and hair starts to regrow from the leftover bulb after the root and hair strand is removed by the tweezer or thread.

6. What Other Methods Can You Use for Removing Unwanted Hair Temporarily?

What Other Methods Can You Use for Removing Unwanted Hair Temporarily?Plucking might not be the best choice for removing the hair on the body because of the time consumption and its side effects. As plucking won’t make the hair stop growing, here are some safer and faster methods to try. 


Shaving is the most feasible method of removing the hair. It works as a dermaplanning technique when done on the face and exfoliates the skin when done on the body. 

However, it makes the hair regrow quickly and you have to shave them off every 3-7 days. Not to mention the razor burns it can give you and the blunt thick-looking hair it causes.


Waxing works efficiently on every area of the body including the face. Several waxing tools are available for easy hair removal with the wax. These include hard wax, soft wax, card wax, and wax rollers. 

Although a little painful, waxing slows down hair growth and makes hair regrow finer as well. Moreover, you can determine the difference between plucking vs. waxing here.

Hair Removal Creams 

Hair removal creams are a pain-free alternative to a tweezer or thread that is used to pluck the hair from the roots. Depilatory creams work on the protein build-up of the hair and slowly dissolve it to help the hair get removed with a spatula.

They do not go as far as the hair roots and the hair might grow back in a week or two. Also, beware of the rashes and chemical reactions that these little bottles can give you.

7. Which Methods Can Be Used to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Long-lastingly?

Which Methods Can Be Used to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Long-lastingly?You might have come here while looking for a hair removal method that can make the hair stop growing, right? As plucking has disappointed you and you are tired of the temporary hair removal methods, here are some other options for you.

IPL Hair Removal Devices

Out of all the methods that keep hair follicles dormant for months or years, IPL hair removal devices are the most affordable, feasible, and effective ones. Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset is the ultimate device to get rid of unwanted hair at home.

These devices work by damaging and destroying the hair follicle. Consequently, you can stay hairless until the follicle regenerates which might take up to 6 months or more. 

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal works on the same principle as that of IPL where the light radiated from its window is converted into heat energy that annihilates the follicle and offers long-lasting results. 

However, laser hair removal is a professional procedure done at salons, clinics, and spas. Also, the intensity of the laser is much more as compared to that of IPL. therefore, you have to be more cautious with it.


While laser and IPL hair removal are long-lasting, they are not long-lasting. So, electrolysis can serve as the only method that will stop hair regrowth forever.

A small wire inserted into the hair follicles destroys them with an electric current. However, it is not a common method of hair removal because of its complex process and extremely painful experience. 


We all want the unwanted hair on our bodies and faces to go away with the simplest methods like plucking, right? However, we do not always get what we want, right?

Therefore, we are sorry to conclude that plucking does not stop hair growth regardless of the times you pluck a hair even though it eliminates the hair root. 

But there is nothing to worry about as other methods are available that can destroy the follicle and stop the hair regrowth. These include IPL, laser, and electrolysis. Also, you can use temporary hair removal methods meanwhile.

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