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How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Brazilian Wax?

March 27, 2024
5 minutes
How Old Do You Have Get Brazilian Wax

Brazilian wax is the removal of unwanted hair in the pubic region that involves either removing all hair from the pubes or leaving a small pattern behind as mentioned in Bikini vs. Brazilian Wax: What’s the Difference?

People start developing pubic hair as they hit puberty and the hair becomes thicker and more coarse as the teenager is over 15 years of age. At that age, most teenagers want to try Brazilian wax because of its popularity among adults.

But are teenagers allowed to get Brazilian wax? Well, let us talk about how old you have to be to get Brazilian wax. And what are the guidelines related to Brazilian waxing in different countries?

At What Age Can You Get a Brazilian Wax?

Teenagers often want to get Brazilian wax so that unwanted pubic hair does not interfere with their physical activities like gymnastics and swimming. Also, some might want it for intercourse which is not considered legal under a certain age.

While the age requirement for Brazilian wax differs from country to country and state to state, a teenager has to be over 16 or 18 years of age to get Brazilian wax.

Can Minors Get a Brazilian Wax?

Many teenagers are going through early puberty. It means they will develop pubic hair earlier than expected as well. Thus, there is an increased demand for Brazilian wax in minors.

With the increased demand, there are no legal restrictions or verified laws related to Brazilian waxing at a young age in most countries. However, not all children can get Brazilian wax as it is an invasive procedure involving an unknown person touching the body’s private parts.

Considering the age, children under 12 years of age cannot get Brazilian wax at all. A child between 12 to 14 years of age might get Brazilian wax depending upon her condition.

Anyone above 14 years of age can get a Brazilian wax. However, a teenager under 16 years of age needs her parent to be present during the waxing session and a teenager aged 16 to 18 needs written parental consent to get Brazilian waxing.

Additionally, the guidelines are similar for Bikini wax.

Individual Salon Policies

As there are no legal policies about Brazilian wax, salons set their own policies. These differ from salon to salon.

In general, the salons in the USA consider 18 years of age as the legal age to get Brazilian wax. Similarly, salons in the UK and Europe take 16 years as the minimum age for Brazilian waxing.

Factors to Consider for Younger Clients

If the teenager has her parent present or is over the Brazilian wax age limit as mentioned by the salon, she can get a Brazilian wax. But here are some points to keep in mind for the young clients.

  • As they are getting the wax for the first time, their skin is sensitive. Thus, the waxing expert needs to be more gentle.
  • Choose the type of wax depending on the thickness of the hair and the pain tolerance of the clients.
  • A Brazilian wax can be uncomfortable initially. So, ensure that you counsel the client about it beforehand.

Alternative Hair Removal Methods for Young Individuals

We have already discussed Hair Removal Methods Used for Teenage Boys and Girls: Which is Best? In details. Here is a brief explanation of the alternative hair removal methods for young individuals to help your teenagers get rid of their pubic hair without visiting a salon.

1. ShavingShaving

As young skin is more sensitive to pain, shaving should be the first choice of pubic hair removal for teenagers. The teenager must be guided about how to shave correctly to prevent any mishaps like cuts or nicks.

You must choose a shaving razor with a design compatible with the curved area of the pubes. Moreover, the razor must be cleaned before and after every use.

Pros Cons
●        Nearly painless

●        Cheap

●        User-friendly

●        Can be repeated as required

●        Takes a little time

●        Works well on thin to thick hair

●        Risk of cuts, nicks, and ingrown hair

●        Quick hair regrowth

●        Need for frequent razor replacement

2. Hair Removal CreamsHair Removal Creams

The second and easiest option for removing unwanted pubic hair for young individuals is hair removal creams. You need to ensure that the cream is suitable for your teenager’s skin with the help of a patch test.

While hair removal creams had a poor consistency and bad smell in the past, the formulas are much better nowadays.

Pros Cons
●        Inexpensive

●        Easy to perform

●        Nearly painless and comfortable

●        Lasts longer than shaving

●        Suitable for concealed areas as well

●        Possibility of an allergic reaction

●        Chemical burns if left for too long

●        A lingering smell

●        A little messy

3. Epilation/TrimmingTrimming

For a young individual who wants to remove hair from the roots but can not get a Brazilian wax for any reason, epilation is worth a try. An epilator uses blades and coils to remove unwanted hair providing you with long-lasting results.

However, you need to be careful when you epilate the pubes for the first time and mentally prepare yourself for the pain as well.

Pros Cons
●        Lasts for a few weeks

●        No need to shave every other day

●        Durable and economical devices

●        The density and thickness of hair decreases over time

●        No side effects of shaving or depilatory creams

●        Extremely painful

●        Might tug on the skin

●        Time-consuming

4. Depilatory PadsDepilatory Pads

Depilatory pads are sandpaper-like stuff that contains a rough surface. You rub this surface over the skin in circular motions and hair strands fall off by clumping. While it is a good option for legs, trying it in the pubic area might not be a wise decision.

Pros Cons
●        Comfortable experience

●        Exfoliates the skin as well

●        Not expensive

●        Trim the hair gently

●        Might irritate the skin

●        Time-consuming

5. IPL Hair Removal

ulike bikini hair removal

Now, let us talk about the best pubic hair removal option for girls above 15 years of age. They do not need to wait until they are 18 years of age to get Brazilian wax for smooth skin when they can simply get rid of unwanted pubic hair with Ulike Air 3 IPL Hair Removal for Pubic Hair.

Pros Cons
●        Nearly painless

●        Results lasting for 6 months or more

●        Pocket-friendly in the long run

●        Can be used on other areas of the body and face as well

●        Easy to perform

●        Safe and FDA-cleared

●        Expensive

●        Need to repeat sessions initially


Although children and teenagers are developing pubic hair earlier as compared to the past, not all of them can get Brazilian hair removal. There is a restriction on age and parenteral consent when it comes to getting Brazilian wax at a salon.

A teenager aged 16 to 18 is considered eligible for Pubic hair waxing. However, each needs to consider his/her comfort level, pain tolerance, and need for waxing carefully before booking a session.

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