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How to Get Hair Dye off Skin? 10 Easy Ways for You

By Jason
February 10, 2023
7 minutes

New hair, new you, right? But with new hair, you want no new skin. Dyeing hair even though is a thrilling experience, is also equally frightening.

You feel anxious, no matter if you are getting your hair done at a salon or doing it by yourself at home. Because the dye drips on your neck, forehead, ears, and jawline even when you are extra cautious to avoid staining your skin.

Moreover, you are worried about the harmful effects of the dye.

Beyond all this, do you want to experiment with different hair colors without any anxiety?

If yes, we got you covered. As the right products and techniques can help you stay confident while dyeing your hair.

There are several simple DIYs to prevent dye from getting onto your skin, and remove it if it stains your face or neck. Additionally, you will find most of these products at home.

Let us get into the details with no delay,

Is Hair Dye Harmful to the Skin?

Hair dyes are a cocktail of many chemicals. Although they are cleared by FDA, they are not completely harmless. The dyes contain Peroxide and Ammonia to lighten natural hair color and artificial pigments to dye it. These chemicals penetrate the skin and damage its barrier. Thus, they make the skin vulnerable to allergy and irritation

The most common skin reaction to dyes includes mild itching, irritation, redness, and swelling. Long-term use of hair dye can lead to serious side effects like blistering. Dye may also get into the eyes causing serious complications. People with dermatitis and eczema are more prone to the adverse effects of dyes.

So how to get the best of a hair dye without damaging the skin? The solution is to prevent its contact with skin and keep it no longer than required on hair.

How to Prevent Hair Dye from Getting on Skin?

First things first, the best way to have dyeless skin with dyed hair is to prevent the dye from getting on your skin in the first place. But how to do that as you cannot stop the dye from dripping?

Here’s an effective tip,

Use a Coat of Vaseline or Baby Oil to Avoid Getting Hair Dye on the Skin in the First Place

Dry skin tends to absorb the dye. So dye will not be absorbed on the skin if it is moisturized enough. One way is not washing your face before applying the dye as natural skin oils can protect the skin. But it is not the most effective way.

A coat of vaseline or baby oil can do the job perfectly. Apply a layer of vaseline or baby oil around your scalp line, neck, and wherever you are afraid of stains. This will hydrate the skin and prevent it from absorbing the dye.

10 Easy Ways to Get Hair Dye Off Skin

No need to worry if you still end up with skin stains after the necessary precautions. Because you can get it off with little effort.

Easy DIYs can help you remove the skin stain so you enjoy gorgeous and cool hair color.

Let us see several tested and trusted methods to remove the dye from the skin after dyeing hair.

1. Clean Hair Dye off of the Skin During Application

Hair dyes do not immediately color the skin as it takes some time for to dye to penetrate the skin and show effects. So, do not let it do that. Keep a towel and a bowl of water by your side. And keep an eye on the dripping dye.

Whenever you notice the dye on your skin, clean it with a wet towel. Cleaning hair dye off of the skin during application is the simplest method. Because you need nothing more than water and it does the tricky job quickly.

2. Do Nothing and Let it Fade Away on its Own

Hair dyes do not stay longer than a week on the skin as the skin produces oils that dissolve the stains. So, do not bother it if you get stains on unnoticeable places like behind the ear, or if you a staying at home for a day or more.

The dye will go away on its own taking 1 day to 1 week depending upon the type of dye used. Being patient and confident can be your way to go. As people do not even notice little details about our faces as critically as we do.

3. Try Using a Moisturizing Baby Wipe

If you do not want to wait long enough and have an event the next day, baby wipes got you. Go to the nearby drug store and get hydrating baby wipes. Baby wipes tend to dry up the skin but carefully choosing the right ones can help you eliminate the dye while protecting your skin.

Moisturizing baby wipes work well for people with sensitive skin as they remove the stain effectively and are gentle on the skin.

4. Opt for a Creamy Shampoo when Rinsing off the Dye

If your hair color got around your hairline, rubbing shampoo on it can prevent your skin from staining. Take a moisturizing creamy shampoo and rub it on your hairline and around the neck as you wait before rinsing off the hair dye.

In addition to removing already settled stains from the skin, shampoo prevents the dye from getting on the skin during rinsing it off the hair.

5. Use any Facial Oil As a Cleanser

Facial oils remove the dye from the skin effectively and gently. Any facial oil including baby oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, almond oil, argan oil, or any skin oil serum you use can help you with skin stains caused by hair dye.

Take a few drops of oil, warm them in your hands, and apply them to the stains. Then, rub the oil into the skin in circular motions and let it stay as long as you can. After that wash your face. Oils break down the dye pigment without being rough and also soften the skin.

6. Buy Over Counter Hair Dye Removing Solution

Hair dye itself can be used as a stain remover. Because when you rub the leftover hair dye on the stains, it activates the dye and removes it from the skin. However, if you feel suspicious to try this, go for a professional dye-removing solution.

Several over-the-counter hair dye removal solutions like RedKen’s color removal pads are available in the market to help you remove stains hassle-free. Simply pat the solution over the stains with a microfiber towel. The stubborn dye will be gone without irritating your skin.

7. Makeup Removers can Double as a Cleanser for Hair Dye on Skin

We all have makeup removers, right? Even if you do not, they are easily available. Makeup removers can double as a cleanser for removing stained skin as makeup removers are designed to remove impurities on the skin.

Take your favorite makeup-removing product, apply it on a cotton ball, and rub it over the stains. Then wait for about 5 minutes and rinse off your face. Makeup removers work especially well for the skin around the eyes and mouth.

8. Rub Alcohol Wipes and Soap to Get the Hair Dye off of Skin

Rubbing alcohol work wonders at removing hair dye stains on the skin. However, they are harsh and come at the cost of irritating the skin. So, if you do not have sensitive skin, give this method a try.

Take some gentle liquid soap and rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, and rub it over the stain until it fades away. Then wash your face with warm water and apply some moisturizer.

9. Dip a Cotton Pad in Vinegar to Get Rid of the Hair Dye Stain

If you believe in Kitchen DIYs, this method is for you. And if you do not, it is totally worth a try. White vinegar is used as a scalp cleanser and it also does a great job at cleaning hair dye stains.

Take a bowl of vinegar and dip a cotton pad in it. Once it is wet, rub it on the stained skin. Vinegar has acidic pH and it works as an exfoliant. So, it can remove the hair dyes from the skin efficiently. This affordable and easily available ingredient is a safe alternative to harsh chemicals as it is gentle on the skin.

10. Use a Non-Gel Toothpaste to Remove the Hair Dye Stain

Non-gel toothpaste contains granular baking soda in small amounts, perfect for getting rid of stubborn hair dye stains. Get a non-gel toothpaste and apply it over the skin stain. Then gently massage it into the skin for a few minutes and leave it as it is for 10 minutes.

You can use your fingertips, a cotton pad, or a soft bristle toothbrush to rub it into the skin. Toothpaste has mildly abrasive properties so it delicately cleanses the hair dye stain without damaging your skin.


The right hair color gives confidence, and thrill, and compliments one’s looks. However, it can also give anxiety about getting skin stains. Skipping hair dye altogether and craving a new look is like letting your anxiety win. Rather, be bold just like your desired hair color, and go for it, as you can prevent hair dye from getting onto your skin. And even if you cannot, several easy, simple, and gentle methods are available to get rid of those unsightly stains.

The game is in your hands whether you choose to clean the stain with water and wait, opt for easily available products like vinegar, makeup remover, toothpaste, or facial oils, or look for an expert-recommended stain cleanser, moisturizing baby wipe, or a creamy shampoo.

Also, do not forget to perform a patch test before trying these methods, especially the latter ones as they might not be suitable for your skin.

Make sure to select the products according to your skin type and sensitivity. Now that you know all the tips to save your skin from hair dye staining, you can go ahead and embrace your vibrant hair color without any worries.

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