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How to Get Smooth Skin: 10 Ways You Won’t Regret Trying

By Mariela
December 4, 2023
6 minutes
How to Get Smooth Skin

Throughout life, everyone tends to focus more on their makeup, clothes, and expensive accessories. But, if you want to leave a strong impression everywhere you go, it is best to focus on the health of your skin.

A healthy skin not only enhances your appearance but also gives you confidence. By making a few alterations in your daily habits, you can make your skin look younger and radiant. Moreover, the application of makeup is usually easier on smooth skin. So, do you want to know about the changes you need to bring? Let’s discuss how to get smooth skin.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Factors that Contribute to Skin Texture

The texture of the skin in every individual is different. It is because everyone lives under different environmental conditions and different lifestyles. So, let us understand how these factors influence your skin appearance and texture.


Your genetics determine the color of your hair, skin, your looks, and even your skin texture and your skin’s response to specific conditions. This is why some people naturally have oily skin and more breakouts than others.

So, luckily if the parent’s skin texture is good, the baby is at lesser risk of having a rough texture. But, if you notice that your parents have acne or breakouts, then you should start skincare before things worsen.


Aging is a natural phenomenon that leads to changes in the texture of your skin. As you age, the skin loses its elasticity due to decreased production of elastin. As a result, the texture of your skin becomes rough, wrinkled, and saggy.

Moreover, due to increased sun exposure, pigmented spots form on your skin. Connective tissue changes also occur that result in decreased skin strength and leathery skin.

Environmental FactorsEnvironmental Factors

Environmental factors such as increased sun exposure, oxidative stress, free-radical exposure, climate changes, and pollution can cause changes in your skin.

For instance, the UV rays of the sun can cause pigmentary changes in the skin and premature aging. Furthermore, oxidative stress can make your skin lose its natural regenerative potential.

Skincare Routine

Your skincare routine contributes greatly to how your skin looks. The right skincare routine can help improve the texture of the skin and make it look glowy.

This includes exfoliating your skin to get rid of trapped impurities, using moisturizer to hydrate your skin, and using sunscreen to protect the skin from UV rays.

Lifestyle Habits

Lifestyle habits such as proper diet, your daily activity, hydration, and the amount of sleep can influence your skin’s appearance. If you do not drink enough water, do not eat a balanced diet, sleep less, or be a couch potato then your skin can become textured.

These factors make your skin look dull, more acne-prone, and overly dry.

Part 2: Tips to Get Smooth Skin

Whether you are exhausted after trying hundreds of skincare products but all in vain or want your radiant skin to look the same, these skincare tips will help you with everything.

2.1: CleansingCleansing

Your skin suffers a lot throughout the day. Facing the sun, getting exposed to dirt, continuous flow of sweat from your face, oily products, and makeup take away the shine from your skin and make it look dull and clog your pores.

Therefore, it is advised to regularly cleanse your skin. For this purpose, wash your skin with lukewarm water and then apply cleanser there. Massage gently and rinse off the cleanser with lukewarm water again.

Also, use the cleanser according to your skin type. For example, those with oily skin can go for salicylic acid while people with dry skin should use oil-based cleansers.

2.2: Exfoliation

The next step in attaining the perfect glow on your skin is exfoliation. Exfoliation gets rid of debris, entrapped dirt, and dead cells from your skin and lets it breathe.

It also gives your skin a fresh feel with a youthful appearance. The exfoliators can be physical or chemical or in the form of peels and masks.

If it’s a physical exfoliator, apply it on your skin, scrub it for some time, and rinse it off. Chemical exfoliators do not need any removal while peels and masks need to be applied for some time and you take them off from the skin.

2.3: Moisturization

Then, moisturize your skin with the moisturizer that suits your skin type. Oily and normal skin types can apply water-based moisturizer while dry skin type needs to use an oil-based moisturizer. Sensitive skin types can try home-based moisturizing products.

Apply the moisturizer after cleansing and exfoliation. Just take a small amount and rub it in a circular motion on your face. You can leave the moisturizer overnight or use it during the day before applying your makeup.

2.4: Sun ProtectionSun Protection

Protection from the sun is necessary to reduce oxidative stress, avoid exposure to UV rays, and minimize the risk of skin pigmentation and skin cancer.

You can use a sunscreen with SPF higher than 30. Apply it on your face, neck, hands, and every other area that stays exposed during the day. Additionally, hats, wear sunglasses and long-sleeves and use sunglasses.

2.5: Remove Unwanted Hair

Removing unwanted hair can also help with achieving silky and smooth skin. The hair can entrap dirt, clog the pores, and increase acne risk.

So, remove your unwanted hair to keep your body clean and avoid the sweat for dirt from staying on your skin. Moreover, hair removal methods like shaving and waxing also cleanse your skin. Waxing gives you short-term results but you can try Ulike IPL Air 3 device for long-term benefits at the convenience of your home.

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2.6: Drinking Enough Water

Drinking water keeps your body hydrated and maintains the elasticity of your skin. It also flushes out harmful toxic materials from your skin thus maintaining its health. The removal of toxins helps in getting rid of acne and breakouts as well.

So, an adult needs to drink at least 5-8 glasses of water per day. This helps in maintaining the smooth texture of the skin.

2.7: Balanced DietBalanced Diet

A balanced meal also helps with making your skin look fresh, firm, and healthy. Vitamin A and beta-carotenes protect our body from damage by free radicals, and give it a healthy glow. Vitamin C assists your skin in regeneration and prevents wrinkles while Protein-rich foods such as chickpeas, fish, and eggs can help with firming your skin.

So, make a balanced diet plan if you want your skin to stay smooth naturally.

2.8: Regular Exercise

Exercise does not only make you stronger but also helps you cope with stress, stay healthy, and look beautiful. It increases oxygen and blood flow in your body thus letting your cells nourish adequately. As you work out, cellular debris rushes out of your skin thus cleansing your body from inside.

What kind of exercises can help you the most? Cardio helps improve blood circulation while yoga reduces stress and maintains skin elasticity. Moreover, running can help flush out toxins and make your skin look clean and fresh.

2.9: Adequate Sleep

Improper sleep can increase stress, make your skin look drained, and worsen acne. On the contrary, following a proper sleeping schedule with adequate sleep can increase your blood circulation. This gives you a glowing complexion.

Additionally, the skin can work to the maximum for collagen production, cell turnover, and repair at night. So, take proper rest to let your skin recover from all the damage and come out glossy and silky

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2.10: Professional Treatments for Skin Texture ImprovementProfessional Treatments for Skin Texture Improvement

Your last resort to get even-toned skin with a good texture is opting for professional treatments. These include microdermabrasion, the use of chemical peels, laser resurfacing, prescription medicines, and topical creams.

Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells with the help of fine crystals to reduce wrinkles, and age spots and renew your skin tone. Laser resurfacing uses a laser for skin rejuvenation. Chemical peels, medications, and creams also improve the texture but you need to use them repeatedly over a long period.


To get smooth and youthful skin, it is advised to follow a proper skincare routine, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and contact professionals to hear what they say.

A skincare routine involves proper cleansing, regular exfoliation, and moisturization. You can also make your skin beautiful naturally by eating a balanced diet, getting proper sleep, drinking enough water, and regular exercise.

However, the process can be a bit time-consuming. Therefore, you can opt for professional treatments and maintain a healthy routine on the side as well. Furthermore, stay patient, embrace yourself, and be consistent throughout the journey to see fruitful results.

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