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How to Promote Beard Growth Faster and Naturally?

By Jason
April 26, 2023
6 minutes

How fast would you like your beard to grow? To stimulate and make your beard grow faster and naturally, you can turn to beard growth foods like fish and eggs, exfoliate the beard skin, exercise, and get quality sleep.

If after exploring all the beard growth tips your beard doesn’t grow as fast as you expected, it may be because of factors within you that cannot be changed. Genetic factors and hormones determine how a beard grows. While it’s possible to influence your hormones, the genetic factors remain unchanged no matter what you do.

The facial hair growth rate is different for everyone. Equally, how the facial hair grows is different. Some beards grow thick; to others, it grows patchy, and to a small extent they hardly grow any. Naturally, it should take 2-6 months to fully grow your beard.

In this article, we’ll explain how to make your beard grow faster. Whether you’re growing a beard for the first time, the beard is patchy or you had shaved, there’s a way to promote beard growth.

Fast Facts on Beard Growth

  1. Males start to grow beards during puberty and the first facial hair is noticeable at the ages of 13-16 years.
  2. Taking beard growth supplements increases the beard growth rate by activating hair follicles that are dormant.
  3. On average, beards grow at a rate of 0.27 mm per 24 hours, but this rate varies from male to male.
  4. Sleep promotes beard growth as the male hormone -testosterone responsible for follicle stimulation is in an active phase.
  5. Shaving doesn’t make a beard grow faster. It’s just a myth that close shaving promotes beard growth.

Can a Person Speed Up Beard Growth?

A person can speed up beard growth by observing regular healthy eating habits, cleaning, dehydrating, and managing stress levels. Consuming products that contain essential oils such as tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary has been shown to stimulate beards for faster growth.

Generally, any activity that will maintain or increase your testosterone levels will guarantee you accelerated beard growth unless the genes in you work against it.

Applying aqueous onion extracts or its juice increases testosterone levels in males. The onion juice induces testosterone production thus acting as a follicle stimulant. This translates to an increase in hair follicles, hence fastening beard growth.

8 Ways to Promote Beard Growth Faster and Naturally

To grow a beard naturally, you don’t have to take artificial testosterone or beard growth supplements. They’ve been proven not to help the beard grow faster. You should use beard oil to treat the underneath skin and make the beard look healthy.

Although beard growth is more related to genetics and hormones, some exercises, lifestyle changes, eating habits, and skin care tips do determine how fast your facial hair grows.

To influence the factors that make a beard grow faster and naturally, here is what you should do.

1. Eat Foods that Promote Beard Growth

Different foods have different effects on the body. While a well-balanced food will lead to high testosterone levels, and thicker facial hair, a poor diet will result in body hair loss. Taking foods rich in vitamins B, C, and D will promote beard growth.

Zinc plays a pivotal role in strengthening hair follicles and growing a healthy beard. You need to consume zinc every day since it’s not stored in our bodies. The daily recommended zinc intake amount is 11 milligrams. Here are the foods rich in Zinc to include in your meal.

  • Beans
  • Nut
  • Oyster
  • Beef
  • Fortified cereals and whole bread

Other beard growth foods you should include in your meal plan are:

  • Protein-rich foods to make your beard grow faster, healthier, and stronger e.g. eggs.
  • Boiled, fried, or roasted potatoes to increase natural DHT and testosterone.
  • Iron-rich foods like spinach are what make the beard grow faster and fuller. Deficiency in iron retards facial hair growth.

2. Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep helps in hair growth. Sleep activates human growth hormones and enzymes needed for protein synthesis. Growth hormones are responsible for hair growth while the synthesized proteins promote faster and healthy growth of the beard.

Sleep also helps with the production of melatonin and testosterone which promotes hair growth. Most hormonal production of testosterone occurs at night. The recommended sleep hours needed for hair growth is 7-9 hours.

Not getting enough sleep will lead to low testosterone levels and eventually hair loss.

3. Observe Daily Skin Care

Dead skin cells, dirt, and oils block hair follicles from sprouting. Start each day by washing your face and beard using a gentle cleanser as opposed to soap thoroughly. You can either choose a gel cleanser, a non-comedogenic cleanser, or a fragrance-free cleanser.

Gently massage the beard using a cleanser in circular motions, and rinse with lukewarm water. Moisturize to help keep the skin pores open to allow hair follicles to sprout, and reduce reoccurrence of ingrown hair. Don’t forget to exfoliate to unclog the pores and allow the patchy beard to grow fuller.

4. Exercise Regularly

Running is a simple exercise that will increase beard growth naturally as more testosterone is produced thus raising levels. Short sprints and exercises that work on multiple muscles simultaneously like pushups, chest presses, and deadlifts are the most effective in boosting testosterone levels.

Resistance training exercises will jumpstart your metabolism process and also increase blood flow and thus stimulate beard growth.

5. Manage Your Stress

To manage stress, engage in activities that will make you relax and control the triggers. Beards grow faster when one is relaxed. Therefore, once you’ve cooled your stress, taking time to relax will help repair damaged skin cells and promote beard growth.

Exercising also helps relieve stress, improve blood circulation on the face, and stimulate beard growth.

6. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating the beard area will remove dead cells clogging and blocking the hair follicles around that area. This will allow the blocked and ingrowing hair to sprout unimpeded and make the beard grow thicker and fuller faster.

To exfoliate your face, scrub the scalp gently with a face scrubber after washing. When you exfoliate, you get rid of beard dandruff; keep the area around the hair follicle clean, and make it easier for the beard to grow.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the carrier of most nutrients in the human body including vitamins and minerals that are responsible for beard growth. Drink plenty of water daily for the vitamins, minerals, and proteins to be delivered to the hair follicle to increase beard growth naturally.

Taking cold showers to supplement water intake will lead to higher testosterone levels and stimulate beard growth.

With the beard growth tips and tricks explained above, you should be able to grow your beard within days naturally. Taking supplements such as biotin daily is said to stimulate beard growth. But why take supplements when you can drink water, relax, exercise, eat foods, and grow a beard fast?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is my beard not Growing?

Among the reasons your beard is not growing is your genetic factors which you cannot change. Beard breakage although not common may result in the beard not growing to the desired length. Low testosterone levels and deficiency in important minerals such as iron and zinc will retard your beard’s growth rate.

2. What is The Fastest Time to Grow a Beard?

Male beards grow at different rates depending on factors such as age, genetics, skincare, and hormone levels. Normally, the fastest time you can fully grow a beard is 2- 4 months. Observing the beard growth tips listed above, you can grow your beard at a rate of 0.3 – 0.5 mm within 24 hours.

3. Does Applying Oil Increase Beard Growth?

The type of oil you apply to your beard will determine whether it’ll promote growth or not. If you want to apply oils to increase beard growth, use coconut oil as it contains lauric acid which is essential for beard growth. Other natural oils good for beard growth are avocado oil, unrefined jojoba oil, Moroccan argan oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, and Olive oil.


There are different ways to promote beard growth faster and naturally; you can exfoliate the beard skin and apply coconut oil, do resistance training exercises every day, enrich your meals with zinc and iron-rich foods, ensure you sleep for about 6-9 hours, and avoid stress.

If your beard isn’t growing as fast as desired, it’s most probably because of your genetics, and the male hormones essential for beard growth are low.

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