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How to Remove a Blade from Razor: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Laura
September 13, 2023
5 minutes
How to Remove a Blade from Razor A Step-by-Step Guide1

Knowing the right technique to remove razor blades is essential so that you can continue getting yourself a comfortable shave as dull blades can make your shave harder. Moreover, learning the proper technique helps you keep your razor undamaged for a long time. Replacing blades regularly can also minimize the chances of ingrown hair.

However, before learning the technique, ensure that the razor is dry, clean, and soap-free so that the blade does not slip and hurt you. Also, avoid touching the sharp edges of the razor directly. Now, let’s talk about how to remove a blade from a razor safely and quickly.

Table of Contents:

PliersA small needle plier or a tweezer is used for pulling out the blades from disposable razors. In safety razors, butterfly razors, and other types of razors, neither the plier nor the tweezer are necessary. But, if you are afraid of touching the blade by hand, you can use the tweezer to pick up the blade from the razor head.

Matchstick or Lighter

While all other razors can be handled without heat, you need a matchstick or a lighter to soften the plastic head of the disposable razor. This loosens the grip of the plastic frame on the blade so that you can take out the blade smoothly.


Disposing of the blades directly in your dustbin can hurt anyone who comes in contact with the blades. So, it is better to wrap them in a tissue before putting the blades into your dustbin.

Part 2: Step-by-Step Guide: Removing a Blade from Razor

Standard Three Piece RazorsStandard Three Piece Razors

A typical three-piece razor usually includes a handle and a head. The head can be separated into two parts, the base and the top of the head. Let’s get the blade out of this razor.

  • Hold the razor head in your left hand while rotating the handle of the razor in an anti-clockwise direction with the right hand
  • Now, pull the handle apart from the razor head
  • Detach the top and base of the razor head from each other. Make sure the top of the razor head is facing downward direction while doing so to prevent the blade from falling
  • You will see a blade present on the top of the razor head
  • Remove this blade and wrap it in a tissue before disposing it

Standard Two Piece Razors

Standard Two Piece RazorsA two-piece razor is one in which you can separate the handle from the top plate (Cap)  of the razor head. To Remove the blade in a two-piece razor:

  • Use your one hand to hold the razor head while twisting the bottom of the razor handle in an anti-clockwise direction
  • Now separate the top plate of the razor head from the rest of the razor and the blade will be visible at this point
  • Hold the blade from smaller sides (not the sharp edges) and remove it

Butterfly Razors

Butterfly RazorsButterfly razors are one-piece razors in which the top opens into two halves when you twist the bottom of the handle. For getting rid of your dull blade in a butterfly razor:

  • Hold the razor in a vertical position to prevent the blade from falling when the cutting head opens
  • Now start twisting the bottom of the handle and you will see the top opening into two halves
  • In some models, you need to twist the razor from its base instead of the handle
  • When the top opens, you can either use a tweezer or your hand to lift up the blade and remove it

Single Edged Razor

Single Edged RazorSingle-edged razors usually have only one cutting edge. How to take a blade out of a razor with a single edge? Let’s learn.

  • Find a tab to place your thumb under the blade. It is typically present on the side with more blades visible
  • Now apply a little pressure so that the blade can bend upwards a bit
  • Now use your index finger and thumb to pinch out the blade from the Oneblade razor head

Disposable Plastic Razor

Disposable Plastic RazorThe method of removing blades from a disposable plastic razor is a bit different. You require a matchstick and a plier for this purpose. How to get the blade out of a razor? Follow these instructions:

  • Use the flame of a lighter, candle, or matchstick to heat up the head of a disposable razor
  • When it slightly heats up, the plastic softens. At this point, take the pliers and remove the blade from the disposable razor head
  • If the plastic head hardens and you are unable to pull out other blades, heat it up again
  • Put all the blades in a tissue and wrap them well before getting rid of them

Disposable razors are not environment friendly so you can replace them with some long-lasting razors, To know more, 10 Best Hair Removal Razors for Women in 2023.

Clean and Maintenance

After removing the blades, you can either clean them or dispose of them depending on their sharpness. Cleaning the blades and razor regularly also helps you maintain the health of your razor for a long time.

For cleaning, you need to remove the razor head first and then take out the blades. Next, you can clean the blades and razor heads with a brush to rub off any hair. Then, put them in soap water, rinse off any dirt, and wash them under warm water. After cleaning, store the razor in a dry place.

It seems a bit hectic, right? With shaving, beginners are also more prone to cuts, nicks, and ingrown hair. So, click Hair Removal Methods Used for Teenage Boys and Girls: Which is Best? to find some safe hair removal methods.


Disposing of the blade carefully is important to save yourself, trash collectors, or any other person from hurting themselves. It just takes one to two minutes to remove a blade and dispose of it. Most blades have screws at their handles and all you need to do is to rotate the screws, remove the cap and take out the blade.

For disposable razors, you need to heat them first and then take out the blade with a tweezer. After removing the blade, make sure you wrap them in a tissue or put them in a blade bank. This is essential to prevent the blade from cutting you or those who can possibly come in contact with the blade.

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