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Pre-Preparation: How to Shave Before Using Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device

September 6, 2023
6 minutes
How to Shave Before Using IPL Hair Removal Device

IPL hair removal devices are all the rage, nowadays. These devices provide an amazing solution to our constant battle with unwanted body hair. 

However, before starting to use any IPL device, there’s one crucial step we mustn’t overlook – pre-preparation.  

The same goes for Ulike hair removal devices. If you have recently purchased a Ulike hair removal device, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. To start with, you should always shave your hair before using any IPL hair removal device. 

Shaving before starting your treatment makes sure that it is as effective as possible.

So, in this article, we’ll share a few tips with you to help you achieve a smooth shave.  

Why Do I Need to Shave Before Hair Removal with Ulike?

Shaving is a kind of prep work before any laser hair removal treatment. As you know, IPL hair removal devices are made to target the hair follicles beneath your skin and only work on anagen hair. And it will only work effectively if the hair above the skin’s surface is out of the way. 

This is where shaving can be your ally. Here are some reasons why you should always shave before using Ulike IPL hair removal device: 

  • Since IPL devices work on smooth skin, if you don’t shave before the treatment, it will singe the hair, which will lead to skin burning. 
  • Without shaving, the treatment might not be as effective. 
  • Not shaving your existing hair will also result in small temporary grazes on the top layer of your skin.  
  • Shaving gets rid of the visible hair. It will allow Ulike to concentrate on those difficult-to-find follicles without being distracted, giving you smoother skin and long-term benefits.

How to Get a Smooth Shave? (Shaving Tips)

To achieve a smooth shave, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind: 

Shower Before Shaving

Before you start shaving, take a warm bath or shower. It will not only help you relax but also work wonders for your hair and skin. As warm water softens hair follicles and opens pores, it makes it easier for the razor to do its job.  

Exfoliate Before ShavingExfoliate Before Shaving

Exfoliate your skin gently to remove any dead skin cells and create a smoother surface for your razor. This increases the likelihood of a closer shave while also lowering the risk of ingrown hairs.

Use Cooler Water

Instead of a hot shower, always opt for lukewarm water when shaving as hot water can be harsh on your skin. It can lead to irritation. 

Use Shaving Cream, Not Soap

Make use of some premium shaving cream or gel. By creating a barrier between your skin and the razor, this magical elixir lowers friction and the risk of accidental wounds.

Shaving Direction Mattersshave

Pay close attention to the way your hair grows. Shave consistently in the direction that your hair grows. The likelihood of discomfort and those dreaded ingrown hairs is decreased by following a map to smoothness.

Rinse With Cool Water

Rinse your freshly shaved skin with cool water after shaving. This not only aids in pore closure but also calms any possible irritation.

End With Moisturizer

After shaving, pamper your skin with a nourishing moisturizer. It traps moisture, keeping your skin supple and guarding against dryness or that uneasy “tight” sensation.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Put some sunblock on right away. Because of that recent shaving, your skin is a little more sensitive to the sun’s rays. To keep it feeling and looking great, protect it.

Replace Your Razor Regularly

Dull blades can impact smooth shaving. Make it a routine to replace your razor blade after five to ten usage or whenever you realize it isn’t sliding as easily as it once did. Every time, a clean, irritation-free shave is guaranteed by a new blade.

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Here’s How to Shave Your Face Correctly

shave face correctly

Cleanse your skin with warm water to open up your pores before shaving your face. Apply a good shaving cream for protection. For a close shave, choose a razor with several sharp, clean blades. 

Shave with moderate strokes and without using too much pressure, going in the direction of the development of your hair. Apply a soothing aftershave or moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and relaxed after shaving to keep the pores on your face closed.

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Here’s How to Shave Your Armpit Correctlyshave armpit correctly

Apply shaving cream or gel after taking a warm shower to soften the skin and hair. Lift your arm above your head so that it forms a smooth area for shaving. Shave with short, delicate strokes in the direction of hair growth while using a clean, sharp razor. After drying your armpits off and rinsing off any remaining shaving cream with cool water, apply a little moisturizer or aloe vera gel for pain relief.

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Here’s How to Shave Your Leg Correctlyshave leg correctly

Take a lukewarm shower. Make liberal use of shaving cream or gel on your legs. Shave in long, even strokes, moving from your ankles toward your knees, using a clean razor. To prevent nicks, use caution in the ankle and knee areas. Once dried, gently pat your legs dry and apply a moisturizing lotion.

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Here’s How to Shave Your Private Part Correctlyshave bikini line correctly

Shaving the bikini area can be tricky. If the hair is lengthy, start by clipping it with scissors to make shaving simpler and prevent clogs. Take a warm shower to soften your skin. Stretch the skin taut with delicate strokes and a clean, sharp razor to produce a smooth surface. To lessen irritation, shave in the direction of hair growth. After shaving, gently pat the area dry, rinse with cool water, and then use an aloe vera gel to soothe the skin.

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Post-shave Care

It’s crucial to give your skin some attention once you’ve gotten the silky-smooth skin you want. In order to prevent irritation and shut your pores, first rinse the shaved area with lukewarm water. Use a clean towel to gently pat your skin dry; do not rub as this may result in needless friction. To keep your skin hydrated and tranquil, use a gentle, alcohol-free moisturizer or a calming aftershave product. 


Is Daily Shaving Okay?

Daily shaving may be appropriate for some people, but it really depends on your skin type, the speed at which your hair grows, and how your skin feels after shaving every day. Give your skin a rest between shavings to give it time to recuperate if you have sensitive skin. Pay attention to your skin’s needs and change how often you shave.

Can I Use an IPL Device After Shaving Immediately?

Using an IPL hair removal device right away after shaving is advisable. In fact, a lot of IPL equipment is made to be used on skin that has just been shaved. Shaving gets rid of the hair that is above the skin’s surface, which makes it easier for the device to target the hair follicles.

Can I Shave Without Shaving Cream?

No, you should not shave without using a shaving cream. It is because shaving cream forms a barrier between your skin and the razor, which lowers friction and enables an easier shave. If you don’t use shaving cream, you run the risk of getting cuts, razor burns, and other discomforts. 


Shaving smooth and flawless skin through shaving is not a daunting task. With the aforementioned tips and factors, you can achieve smooth skin easily. 

However, if you want permanent and long-lasting results, IPL hair removal might be the best option for you. For this, you just need to choose the right device as per your needs and requirements.

Welcome to Ulike! We hope our expertise can bring value to you.
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