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How to Use Lip Scrub and Lip Balm? (Steps & Tips)

By Mariela
July 16, 2023
6 minutes

Lip scrubs and lip balms are the two essentials for getting healthy lips. Most of us just apply lipsticks and use lip balms only when our lips feel dry. But lipsticks and the occasional application of lip balm are not enough. They can only give you temporary relief.

For a long-lasting solution to dry and chapped lips, you need lip scrub and frequent use of lip balms. If you don’t know anything about lip scrubs, you can just learn here. Furthermore, we will also tell you some tips for using lip scrubs and lip balms to maximize their efficacy and get you the prettiest smile.

Lip Scrub and Its Benefits

Lip scrubs are exfoliators you can use on your lips to get rid of dry lips with flaky skin. They normally contain an exfoliating agent and an emollient to moisturize your lips. You can find lip scrubs in the form of tubes, sticks, or even make one at home.

Wondering why are they necessary? It is because:

  • They soften your lips by removing the dead layer and giving them a fresh appearance.

  • Rubbing the lip scrub can improve blood circulation which means good nourishment. So, your lips stay healthy and look plump.

  • Exfoliation can even the tone of your lips and reduce the discoloration

  • The emollients keep your lips moist so you can look good while making a pout

Lip Balm and Its Benefits

Lip balm is wax-like material you can apply on your lips to keep them hydrated and look soft and plumpy. They are a mixture of wax, butter, oils, and petroleum jelly. You can find tinted lip balms, medicated lip balms, and organic lip balms. The only difference between ChapStick and lip balm is that the latter is used generally while ChapStick is a lip balm of a specific brand. Applying lip balm can:

  • Retain moisture in your lips and help them heal quickly

  • Lip balms with SPF can protect you from the sun and prevent lip discoloration caused by UV rays

  • Lip balms can make your lips look glossy and a tinted lip balm can be used as a lipstick in your light makeup

How to Use a Lip Scrub?

Let’s look at the steps you need to follow for your lip scrub to work the right way.

Moisturize Your Lips

You cannot apply the lip scrub and start exfoliating right away. First, you need to moisturize your dry or chapped lips to ensure the scrub doesn’t hurt. You can wet them with water or a damp washcloth. This reduces the friction thus minimizing the risk of abrasions and pain while scrubbing.

Apply the Lip Scrub

Now you can apply the lip scrub. Take out the lip scrub and spread it evenly on your lips. You can start with the lower lip first then move on to the upper lip. You can use your finger to apply the lip scrub uniformly.

Scrub it

For removing the dead skin cells and getting rid of dullness from your lips, massage your lips in a circular motion for 30 seconds or 1 minute. Make sure you are massaging your lips at the right pressure of your fingers. Being too gentle will not have any effect and being too harsh can cause bleeding.

Remove the Scrub

After exfoliation, you are ready to get rid of the lip scrub. Use lukewarm water to remove the lip scrub. As your lips become a little sensitive after scrubbing them, lukewarm water minimizes irritation. Furthermore, lukewarm water is preferred for cleansing as it doesn’t dry out your skin and can get rid of germs.

Hydrate Your Lips

It is not over yet! Your lips need hydration after lip scrubbing. So, first, dry your lips by patting them with a soft cloth and then put on a lip balm or other moisturizer you usually use. This makes your lips soft, and moist and makes your smile more beautiful.

Tips to Use a Lip Scrub

Should we let you in on some secrets to increase the effectiveness of lip scrubs? Let’s get started.

Be Gentle

When you are scrubbing your lips, it produces friction between the scrub and the lips. As lips are sensitive, you are going to hurt them and never try scrubbing again. So, make sure that you are gently exfoliating your lips with not too much pressure.

Rule Out Allergies

Lips scrubs contain chemicals and other artificial products you might be allergic to. So, before applying them, do a patch test. Take a very little amount and apply it to a small area. If it irritates you, don’t use it.

You can try out some natural ways to exfoliate your lips. To know more, click How to Exfoliate Your Lips at Home .

Dont Scrub Cracked or Bleeding Lips

There are times when you are overly exposed to the sun or are facing an extremely dry environment, especially in winter. That’s when your lips become dry, chapped, and cracked. Using lip scrub can make things even worse. So, let your lips heal before exfoliation, and then apply the scrub.

Frequency of Using Lip Scrub

Lip scrubs can be an inevitable part of your skincare products but it doesn’t mean you should use them daily. Exfoliating once or twice a week is enough and never go above three times in one week. Over-exfoliation removes even the healthy skin on your lips causing bleeding and pain.

Don’t Use a Scrub with Bigger Granules

While choosing the lip scrub, avoid buying granular lip scrub or one with bigger granules. Lips scrub with smaller and finer granules are more gentle so you can use them without getting hurt.

How to Use a Lip Balm?

As we discussed earlier, you need a lip balm after the lip scrub. So, let’s see what to do with the lip balm.

Dry Your Lips

Unlike lip scrub, you need to dry your lips before applying the lip balm. But drying them doesn’t mean you can apply lip balm directly on chapped lips. First, make sure they are clean, you can use a lip scrub or lukewarm water. Then pat dry. This makes them soft and ready for the lip balm.

Apply the Lip Balm

If you are using your fingers to apply the lip balm, start with a smaller amount and then take more as per requirement. Apply it on your lower lip first from the center towards the corners. Then do the same for the upper lip. Rub your lips against each other to make sure it is applied evenly.

Let it Absorb

Before using lipstick or sunscreen on your lips, make sure the lip balm is absorbed completely. The right time to apply the lipstick is when you feel that your lips got a little dry after applying the lip balm.

Tips to Use a Lip Balm

Lip Scrub Before Lip Balm

Cleaning your lips before applying lip balm is a necessary step to take. If you are home, exfoliating them is even better. Exfoliation gets rid of all the dead skin, germs, and dust. So, your lip balm can absorb in the healthy layer of your lips instead of staying on the dead layer.

Prefer Lip balms with SPF

You need to protect your lips from the sun to reduce dryness and dullness. So, while buying lip balms, check if they have SPF. Prefer those lip balms with SPF 30 or more. A two-in-one lip balm can save you from the heaviness you are going to feel after putting on 3 layers: lip balm, lipstick, and sunscreen.

Avoid Using Excessive Lip Balm At Once

Using a large amount of lip balm makes your lips sticky, greasy, and heavy. So, apply it little by little using your fingers. A lip balm stick is better in these cases as you don’t have to control the amount of stick.

Avoid Sharing or Using Old Lip Balm

If you are sharing your lip balm, you are sharing your germs too. It means you can get the infection your friend has. So, don’t share it at all. Moreover, old lip balms are often expired so there’s no use in using them. Therefore, avoid them.

Frequency of Using Lip Balm

You can use lip balm daily especially at night to keep your lips moisturized throughout the night. And you can use it many times a day whenever you feel that your lips are getting dry.


The very first step you can take for your lips to look shiny and healthy is to exfoliate them using a lip scrub and then moisturize them with a lip balm. You just need to keep in mind the steps we mentioned in the article and follow them to improve the appearance of your lips.

In addition to this, check out How to Make Your Lips Pink Naturally to get rid of all the chemicals from your life and treat your lips with only organic products to reduce any risks leading to unhealthy, dark lips.

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