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Top 12 Female Fitness Models on Instagram to Follow ( 2023)

By Mariela
March 6, 2023
7 minutes

If you think “masculinity” is a word for men only, then you’re wrong. Seeing female fitness models on Instagram showcase their strength, good aesthetics, and heavy muscle mass, you’ll gain more interest in transforming their body physique. Instagram prides itself in acting as the home to hundreds of fitness models.

Having an admirable physique is everyone’s desire. Equally, being likened to one of the hottest female fitness models on Instagram is what’s pushing individuals to social media and regular gym visits. Just to lose some pounds and gain a lean fit body.

To help you shed some kilos and have that toned body usually displayed by the top female fitness models, we’ve analyzed the best fitness models to follow and scale up the journey faster.

Top Female Fitness Models Instagram

Most of the female fitness models listed below are qualified fitness trainers/coaches, champions, and bodybuilding pros. following their training tips and tutorials on Instagram will make you achieve your fitness goals without much hustle.

Here are the top 12 female fitness models on Instagram to follow to stay focused and motivated throughout your training:

ID Name

Number of Fans

Instagram Home Page Link


Lulia Danilova


@ fit. with.iulia


Anita Herbert

2.8 Million



Sommer Ray

26.2 Million



Pamela Reif

9.0 Million

@ pamela_rf


Kelsey Wells

3 Million

@ kelseywells


Anllela Sagra

16.5 Million

@ anllela_sagra


Stephanie Sanzo

3 Million

@ stephaniesanzo


Valentine Lequeux

1.8 Million



Michelle Lewin

15.3 Million

@ michelle_lewin


Noel Arevalo


@ noelarevalo_


Ana Cheri

12.6 Million

@ anacheri


Jen Selter

13.6 Million


1. Lulia Danilova

Lulian Danilova is an enthusiastic fitness model on Instagram who only shares fitness and rarely family photos. The reels on Instagram detailed with fitness descriptions qualify to be real fitness online training. Combining her workout descriptions on Instagram and the workout plans on her fitness app- Fit with Lulia will help realize your objectives.

The Guides section is divided into four; Chest/triceps workouts, Abs workouts, Leg workouts, and Shoulder workouts. For you to compete with the top female fitness influencers, you need to watch over 12 videos in each section.

She also shares videos of her workouts on YouTube and Facebook with her 798K followers. Besides fitness, she’s also an entrepreneur. Fit with Lulia app is programmed to keep track of your diet while her blog is weekly updated to equip you with the latest fitness trends.

2. Anita Herbert

Anita Herbert originally from Hungary is a well-sculpted fitness model who has vowed to inspire and motivate her followers through her fitness challenges, and workout tutorials on Instagram and other social platforms. While still living in America, she’s participated in many competitions such as the NPC and IFBB in which she has carried the trophy six times- NPC 5 times and IFBB once.

To fire you up in this fitness career, Anita offers a six-week body transformation challenge where she promises women a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Included in her program are free meal plans, gym workouts, and fat-loss plans. As an entrepreneur, she sells fitness apparel and accessories. On Instagram, Anita is fond of sharing the supplements she uses, workout challenges, and her love for dogs.

3. Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is a young American bikini fitness model who has attracted 26.2 million Instagram followers and a total of 278.4 million followers on TikTok. This popular Youtuber has won the Bikini Teen and Bikini Class D awards in NPC competitions. Without any cosmetic surgery, Sommer has taken advantage of her good genes and maintained good health benefits to remain at the top of other fitness models.

She believes it’s through hard work that she’s managed to sculpt the aesthetic body that has propelled her to fame. Sommers’ vibrant and energetic extrovert character is revealed in the Instagram photos she keeps sharing. In line with her model and entrepreneur goals, Sommer runs a beauty and wellness business, and an online apparel store.

4. Pamela Reif

If you’re looking for the simplest way to climb the fitness model career ladder, Pamela is the right fitness model female to follow. She not only shares insightful fitness training videos but offers online training. Another reason to make you follow Pamela is her workouts can be done at home and by anyone – going to the gym is not necessary. From her multiple Instagram pages, you’ll love the nut bar videos, fat burn, and better sleep videos.

Having cemented 9 million followers on Instagram and a noble number with Forbes 30 Under 30, Pamela is a fitness model and influencer to learn from- especially her 10 Minutes Sweaty Endorphins on YouTube, diet, and meal plans. She perfectly couples up her workouts with motivational works to keep her followers motivated.

5. Kelsey Wells

Kelsey couples a lot of things – wife, podcaster, poet, mother, entrepreneur, and fitness trainer with an app to take you through your fitness training workouts. Born and raised in Salt Lake City Utah, Kelsey rose to fame in 2016 and has maintained her spirit to empower women to work on their fitness. Besides Instagram, she shares workout plans on all other major social media platforms.

Through her fitness training style – hypertrophy training- which is a resistance training style, you’ll achieve a whole body lean muscle and extra strength. Through her fitness app, you’ll learn how to balance diet and meals throughout your training sessions. In her cloth line business, there are leggings, tees and tanks, bracelets, sweaters, and joggers.

6. Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sangra is a pro fitness trainer, bodybuilder, and fitness model from Colombia. It has taken Anllela much effort, dedication, and hard choices to scale up her career from initial modeling to fitness model. She has participated in many competitions winning over five trophies. To maintain her physique, Anllela mostly trains her glutes and lower body.

Among the reasons you’ll want to follow her is her embodied commitment to helping other women grow through her workout videos on social media platforms. How to grow your career from a humble beginning is a great lesson you’ll learn from Anllela. She trains 4-6 times a week mostly specializing in resistance training workouts. To better understand how her training workouts, visit her YouTube channel.

7. Stephenie Sanzo

Stephanie shows her seriousness in fitness through the posts, reels, and videos shared on Instagram. And while fitness takes center stage in her life, her love for family life is fully exercised on the Jamie Bisset Instagram page. Fitness training videos with her partner,

marriage tips and secrets to weight loss also fill this page.

Stephen Sanzo is a certified personal fitness trainer, a female fitness model on Instagram, a mum, a bodybuilder, and an entrepreneur specializing in the apparel niche. Again, she’s a sensational TikToker and YouTube fitness influencer with 138k loyal subscribers. Most workout videos average 14 minutes and are categorized to make it easy for you to choose. Though she disapproves of competitions, she participated once and attained 2nd position.

8. Valentine Lequeux

From Valentine’s shots shared on Instagram, you’ll find her to be a fitness guru who has mastered the best techniques for mindset, and physique transformation. She offers fitness and health training with the aim of helping men and women simplify fitness and nutrition training to achieve the mind and body they’ve always admired. To achieve better results, she’s come up with an app to facilitate training workouts and share diet tips.

It was in 2016 that Valentine began posting photos and videos of her fitness journey. This attracted a mass following which saw her become an online sensation within a short period. To help her followers with personalized training, she founded a website for them to subscribe to.

9. Michelle Lewin

Michelle is among the Instagram aesthetic female fitness models who have attracted a huge mass of followers and high-value gigs from diet supplement companies and modeling magazines. She enjoys 15.3 million followers on Instagram who are consistently updated with fitness workout videos, family photos, and gym tricks. Her workout plans for each body part are outlined in the personal fitness training app – FITPLAN.

She has participated in IFBB competitions and grown her own brand globally. If you’re ready to kickstart your fitness modeling career her YouTube channel is the best option.

10. Noel Arevalo

Noel is a fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and YouTuber who has shredded her physique through hard training, observing good health, and abiding by diet plans. From her Vlogs, you’ll get fitness tutorials, health dieting tips, fitness tips, and workout videos.

Just like the other top female fitness models, Noel shares both workout and personal photos with her Instagram followers. From her humble fitness bikini competitions, opportunities came knocking on her door and this catapulted her to fame across the globe.

11. Ana Cheri

As a CEO, fitness influencer, and model on Instagram, Ana Cheri has managed to grow her ventures to a great height in less than five years. She owns an activewear apparel business, a photo studio, and a gym. As an actress, she has premiered in several movies including Playboy’s Amateur Girls, and In Real Life. While modeling has taken a bigger portion of her social media posting, her curated physique is evident in the videos and photos.

12. Jen Selter

Jen Selter is among the hottest female fitness models on Instagram with plenty to offer to her followers. Besides being a fitness guru with a lot of photos and videos shared on Instagram and YouTube, she qualifies to be your fitness influencer, model, motivator, lifestyle coach, and trainer. Anything posted on her Instagram profile depicts her love for nutrition and diet, fitness workouts, and passion for stylish activewear.


It’s not a coincidence almost all the female fitness models on Instagram followed in this article are fitness instructors or trainers. Having perfected gym workouts, as motivational and models inspired to help fellow women achieve their much admired lean body and mass muscles, they’ve taken it as their responsibility to walk with their followers in the fitness journey.

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