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IPL Hair Removal Side Effects: Is It Safe, Is It Painful, and More

May 11, 2023
7 minutes

IPL hair removal devices use an intense beam of light to target the hair follicles and kill hair roots. As a result, skin becomes hairless for up to 6 months, the time hair follicles take to regenerate. This is exactly the reason why IPL devices are becoming the favorite method of hair removal among women.

However, when we shift from one method to another, we find ourselves doubtful about the safety and effectiveness of the new method, right? So, have you decided to give IPL hair removal a try but cannot invest in an expensive IPL without doing your research?

We will help you know about all commonly asked questions about the usage of IPL devices. Let us clear all your concepts about at-home IPL hair removal one by one. Also, we will talk about Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL as an example to explain our answers.

Is IPL Hair Removal Safe?

Yes, IPL hair removal is a safe and FDA-cleared method of removing hair long-lastingly at home. IPL radiation can be harmful to the skin but several devices come with UV filters to filter out the damaging rays and let the useful rays reach your skin.

Therefore, you must get a high-quality IPL device cleared by FDA that ensures safety. Some devices like Ulike Air3 have gone through a long list of experiments and tests to ensure their safety.

Moreover, it has several certifications from global organizations including UKCA, WEEE, SGS, IEC, CE, and more.

Is IPL Hair Removal Painful?

The pain experience differs from device to device and person to person. All IPL devices have some mechanism to reduce pain. However, Ulike Air3 has a four-fold sapphire ice-cooling technology to ensure that is no pain or discomfort during the treatment.

Its nearly painless mechanisms include dynamic sapphire ice-cooling technology, dual air duct heat dissipation, VC liquid cooling solution, and graphene liquid cooling solution. So, the device stays below 68 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 mins of usage giving you the coolest and most calming hair removal experience.

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Do You Really Need No Assitance For At-Home IPL Hair Removal?

The major benefit of IPL over Laser is that you can do it by your own self and at your own home while maintaining your privacy and needing no external assistance. IPL devices are safe and simple to use at home.

Plus an ergonomically designed lightweight device like Ulike Air3 is easy to hold and use. So, you really need no assistance.

Does IPL Hair Removal Irritate or Damage the Skin?

As IPL is absorbed into the pigment, the goal is to prevent this light from absorbing into the skin pigment. So, these devices come with skin tone sensors to ensure that the light does not flash until your skin tone is suitable for the device and your skin is in complete contact with it.

Consequently, it does not irritate or damage the skin. However, you should avoid getting reckless with using IPL hair removal devices as they can rarely cause skin burns.

Is IPL Hair Removal Harmful For Eyes?

Although many brands claim that using IPL devices without goggles is completely safe, we differ with this opinion. If you are not doing treatment in a well-lit room and looking directly into the flashing light, your eyes will be affected.

Additionally, many users develop floaters, blurring of vision, or photophobia by using IPL devices on the face or near the eyes. However, if you wear safety goggles and do your treatment in daylight, IPL hair removal is not harmful to the eyes.

Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

Definitely, IPL hair removal devices work well. However, the effectivity and duration to notice results vary from device to device. Some IPL handsets take 2-3 months to long-lastingly block hair follicles while other devices like Ulike Air3 show the same results within 3-4 weeks.

Can IPL Devices be Used in Intimate Areas?

The skin of intimate areas is sensitive. But it does not mean using IPL hair removal is not safe for private parts. IPL devices offer intensity levels and comfort modes to ensure that you can perform hair removal on the pubic region along with a bikini line with no adverse effects.

Can IPL Hair Removal Devices be Used in Pregnancy?

Although there is no evidence of IPL devices being unsafe in pregnancy, there is no study on the safety of IPL devices in pregnancy either. So, doctors recommend waiting for a few weeks after delivery and breastfeeding before getting into IPL hair removal.

Can IPL Hair Removal Deviced be Used in the Summer?

IPL devices can be used in any season including summer. However, you have to take extra care of your skin while going in the sun so that it does not get sunburned or tanned. So, wear an SPF repeatedly throughout the day as you go out and prepare your skin for IPL hair removal

What are the Complications of IPL Hair Removal?

IPL is one of the safest methods of hair removal that has little to no complications. The maximum side effects you can experience are pain or skin redness. In rare cases, there is blistering, hyperpigmentation, or skin scarring.

But if you use an IPL device like Ulike Air3, such complications are unlikely.

Precautions To Take Before Using An IPL Device

IPL hair removal devices are safe to be used at home with no assistance and are effective in treating unwanted hair to its downfall. But to ensure the safety and effectiveness of IPL devices, there are several precautions to need to take.

Matching Skin Tone With The Compatibility Table

First of all, the intense pulse light of IPL devices finds its way into the hair roots by getting absorbed into the melanin of the hair. So, you can gather that hair needs to have melanin making them dark enough for IPL to work.

Our skin also has melanin, right? But we do not want this light to be absorbed into the skin as it can damage it. Only fair or medium brown skin tones are compatible with IPL hair removal.

So, you should compare your skin tone to the IPL compatibility chart before trying an IPL device.

Avoid IPL on Hyperpigmented Skin, Moles, or Other Skin Conditions

Hyperpigmented skin, tanned skin tone, moles, birthmarks, and scar marks tend to absorb a more significant amount of IPL light as compared to normal skin. So, it can damage the skin.

Additionally, you should not use IPL devices on chronic skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis as it may exacerbate the condition.

Avoiding Wax or Epilate Hair Before Using an IPL Device

Heated light rays from an IPL device are absorbed into the hair. You must have hair, not too long or too short for IPL hair removal to work. So, shave your skin immediately before or 1 to 2 days earlier to your hair removal session.

Furthermore, do not wax or epilate the hair in between your treatment sessions as it may interfere with the results. You can find a mini safety razor for shaving your skin in the box of Ulike Air3.

Do a Patch Test Before Going All in

No matter how safe a device is and how many protective mechanisms it has, you must do a patch test before treating your whole body. Skin sensitivity varies among people and some women might also show idiosyncrasy to this light.

So, it is advised to do a patch test 24 hours before your full body hair removal session to avoid any side effects like allergy or hypersensitivity.

Protect Your Eyes

Although IPL devices are safe for the skin and many companies do not recommend using protective black glasses during your treatment, we want you to take no risks and protect the most important visual organ of your body.

Pigments of the eyes can absorb IPL radiation leading to long-lasting damage to the periorbital area . So, perform your IPL hair removal in a bright light wearing safety goggles. And Ulike Sapphire Air3 features safety goggles in its kit to help you protect your eyes.

Do Not Treat Your Skin More Often Than Required

All IPL devices have specific instructions for scheduling treatment sessions. For example, Ulike Air3 needs to be used twice per week for the first 3 weeks and as per requirement afterward.

So, you should stick to this schedule instead of trying your own because throwing IPL radiation too often on your skin can cause more damage than good.

Protect Your Skin Post-Treatment

Freshly IPL-treated skin is sensitive because of the hot radiation used. So, it is best to avoid direct sun exposure, hot baths, steam, or exfoliants for 1-2 days after the treatment.

Although Ulike makes the light cool as it falls on your skin and prevents sensitivity, you should stay careful for at least 24 hours after the treatment and wear a liberal amount of sunscreen as you go out.

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IPL hair removal is a completely safe method to get rid of unwanted hair at home because of advancements in technology, skin-friendly features, and tests IPL devices go before launch. So, you can use an IPL device like Ulike Air3 without being concerned about its safety or side effects.

Welcome to Ulike! We hope our expertise can bring value to you.
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