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101 Guide to Magic Shaving Powder: Everything You Need to Know

By Viktoria
February 20, 2024
7 minutes
101 Guide to Magic Shaving Powder

Beyond your wildest imagination, there exists a hair removal method that provides the benefits of several hair removal methods altogether. The TikTok-loved magic shaving powder works on a principle similar to Depilatory Creams with more feasible applications like Foam Hair Removal Sprays.

Not to mention its cheap price and fast results. But what about this magic product’s safety, drawbacks, usage, experience, and reviews? Is it worth the hype or is it a no-no just like TikTok’s Crystal Hair Erasers?

In this article, let us discuss everything you need to know about magic shaving powder.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: How Does Magic Shaving Powder Work?

Magic shaving powder was initially formulated for men with thick and coarse beards to remove their hair without shaving. However, its use became diverse when people started using it on their arms, legs, and intimate areas.

The secret of this razorless shaving powder hides in its ingredients. It contains calcium thioglycolic acid, calcium carbonate, and calcium hydroxide. This amazing product works by breaking the protein bonds that hold the keratin in hair strands together.

The thioglycolic acid here is similar to the potassium glycolate used in hair removal creams and sprays. Its combination with calcium and the addition of other ingredients corn starch and guanidine carbonate allows it to stay in powder form, mix up with water, and remove hair quickly.

Part 2: How to Use Magic Shaving Powder?

How to Use Magic Shaving Powder

Receiving a tin with some powder in it can confuse you about how to use it correctly. So, here we have a little guide for you.

How to Open Magic Shaving Powder?

Opening the can of magic shaving powder can be a little tricky. So, follow the steps given below to open the packaging without losing the powder.

Step 1: Read the Instructions

Whenever you buy a new product, especially a product that you have never heard of, it is best to read its instructions carefully. A thorough assessment of pre-requisites can help you acquire the benefits of the products and avoid most of their side effects.

For example, the instructions for magic shaving powder say that you should not use it within 36 hours of your last shave or hair removal, intense sweating, or spending time in direct sunlight.

Step 2: Open the Package

The packaging of magic shaving powder looks like that of a cold drink can. And opening it is even easier. Just grab a spoon or knife, put it under the space present in the periphery of the lip, and apply a little force. There you will have the open box with powder in it.

Step 3: Do a Patch Test

Mix the powder in water to create a paste. Apply it behind your ear, on your thigh, or any concealed area of the body for a patch test. Wait for a day or two and then officially begin using magic shaving powder for the pubic area, face, legs, and arms.

Step 4: Prepare Your Skin

There is not much to do for skin preparation. The brand recommends not to wash your face before using this product. However, as you will be using it on other parts of your body as well, simply ensure that your skin is clean and dry.

How to Use Magic Shaving Powder?

Once you are sure that Fragrant Razorless Shaving Powder does not give you any allergy, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Make a Mixture

Take a bowl, and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of the magic shaving powder based on the area you will be using it on. Now add 2 to 3 tablespoons of cold water in it and mix it well to form a uniform paste with moderate consistency.

Step 2: Skin Application

Grab a spoon or spatula and apply the mixture on your body, legs, arms, or wherever you want to use it. You can also use your hands for application and they can provide better coverage.

Step 3: Wait, Wait, Wait

Wait for 5 minutes and let the thioglycolic acid do its job. Also, grab a damp towel meanwhile. Remove a small portion of the product to see if the hair comes off. If they do not, simply wait for another 10 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse it Off

Use a damp towel to remove all the paste. You can move the damp towel in any direction. Apply a little pressure but do not push it too much. After that, you can simply rinse your body, if needed.

Step 5: After-Care

Magic shaving powder can make the skin dry. Therefore, moisturizing the treatment area is the best way to finish it off.

Part 3: Magic Shaving Powder Review: Is it Safe?

Magic Shaving Powder Review

Now comes the real question about magic shaving powder cancer, other side effects, safety, and benefits. Therefore, here is your answer.

Magic Shaving Powder Benefits:

The advantages of magic shaving powder over other hair removal methods are given as,

  • The cheapest option for hair removal out there – only $3 for a whole jar
  • No hassle, no excessive supplies
  • Quick and effective
  • Black man sees it as a tradition to remove hair from their beards and private parts
  • Helps in avoiding razor burns, ingrown hair, and shaving cuts
  • Available in fragrance, normal, and extra-strength formulations
  • Offers a refreshing smell
  • Compatible for people with sensitive skin
  • More effective than depilatory creams and other female products

Magic Shaving Powder Side Effects:

Now, here are some side effects that make people resist using this magical hair-removing powder.

  • Getting perfect consistency even with careful measurements needs some practice and patience
  • Not the best option for white people as it targets the strong skin of black men
  • Can cause an allergic reaction on the scalp and skin damage in the pubes
  • Can be a risk factor for infections
  • The potential for chemical burns on the skin
  • Not suitable for people who avoid using chemicals on their skin

Alternative to Magic Shaving Powder:

While magic hair powder works exceptionally well for people who want to avoid ingrown hair and razor burns, it is not the most appropriate product for people who do not like using chemicals. Moreover, its side effects can be harsh.

Therefore, it is better to use a chemical-free, equally fast, more effective, and semi-long-lasting method of hair removal. This makes us recommend the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL handset to remove hair on your face, legs, arms, intimate areas, and armpits.

Although a little expensive, Ulike does not cost you the price that might be spent on treating chemical burns, infections, or skin irritation caused by magic shaving powder. Moreover, this durable IPL hair removal device lasts for an unlimited time.

Also, learn How to Use Ulike Air3 IPL Device? (Step-by-Step) here.

Part 4: FAQs About Magic Shaving Powder

1. Can You Use Magic Shaving Powder in Your Private Area?

Well, that is a confusing question to ask. If we talk about the results and usage of magic shaving powder, yes, it can be used in your private areas. However, if we mind the skin sensitivity and barrier of your pubes, it is better to avoid letting harsh chemical-containing products like magic shaving powder near your private parts.

2. Can You Use Lotion After Magic Shaving Powder?

Yes, you can use a lotion after magic shaving powder to moisturize the skin. However, that lotion must be a hypo-allergic and lightweight lotion with no harsh ingredients. Also, do not use soap after using magic shaving powder and wait for 1 day.

3. Does Magic Shaving Powder Expire?

No, there is no expiration date for magic shaving powder. Keep it in a cool and dry place away from the sun and you can use it for years to come. Moreover, the product starts losing its efficacy after 3 years of opening the can. Therefore, try using it within 36 months.

4. Does Magic Shaving Powder Remove Hair from the Root?

Magic hair removal is similar to depilatory creams. While it does not remove hair from the hair follicles like waxing, it is safe to say that it destroys the hair strands near the level of the roots which makes its results last longer than shaving.

5. Can You Shower After Using Magic Shaving Powder?

The answer depends upon which type of shower you are talking about. A simple quick shower with plain cold water is allowed after using magic shaving powder. In contrast, it is suggested to avoid a proper shower with soap and other products. It is because the chemicals in magic shaving powder might linger on your skin for up to 24 hours and react with the chemicals of the soap, shower gel, or shampoo.

6. How Long Does Magic Shaving Powder Last?

1 can of magic shaving powder lasts for up to 15 uses when used on a small area like the face and it can go up to 3 uses for large areas like legs. Additionally, the results of a magic shaving razor can last for 3 to 7 days.


Magic shaving powder is one of the not-so-popular forms of chemical depilation that has been around for many years. But it is gaining popularity just now because of its hype on TikTok.

Designed for thick beards in black men, this magic shaving powder is now used by people all around the world. However, it does not suit everyone. That is why it is essential to test the product first to determine if it is a yay or nay for you.

And if it is nay and your skin reacts adversely, immediately consult a physician and change your hair removal method to a gentler one just like IPL hair removal.

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