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The 13 Memorial Day Weekend Ideas at Home (2023)

By Jason
May 26, 2023
7 minutes

Imagine having an outside dinner on a star-spangled dinner themed with red, white, and blue colors and some DIY American flags standing in patriotic painted mason jars. Commonly, the best Memorable Day weekend ideas at home are characterized by DIY activities. Your Memorable Day weekend doesn’t have to be expensive but, sacrificing a few dollars for grilling T- bone steak won’t break your bank.

With red, blue, and white fabrics materials, pieces of paper, water, or oil-based colors plus Memorable Day recipes, you’re equipped to honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives while serving in the military.

When commemorating those who lost their lives, their families are also worth you’re your support. Think of any activity including inviting a family from one of the army veterans for backyard camping during the three-day weekend.

There are endless Memorable Day weekend ideas at home. Below is a list of the most creative and fun Memorable Day activities to keep you engaged for the three days.

Memorial Day Weekend Ideas at Home

Think of Patrick Knapp, a Vietnam War veteran who wished to have a photo taken while in a full military uniform with his family four years ago at the age of 68, or the dying WII veteran who asked to meet someone from the same battlefield.

As much as Memorable Day weekend is meant to honor those American soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the country, it would be more honorable to invite a war veteran and take a virtual tour of a Memorable Day parade together.

1. Backyard Cookout

You can choose to have a home cookout with your immediate family, extended family, or army veteran. An outdoor patio grill is recreational and relaxing. This American trend was adopted by the Americans after World War II. Grilling steak kebabs or beef on skewers and enjoying the delicacy with rum or tequila would make a perfect backyard cookout.

Get yourself a good list of patriotic songs, set up the tables and chairs in your backyard then buy some good crackers, fresh vegetables, cured meat, and well-refined assorted drinks from a veteran shop. After enjoying the first two days of the Memorable Day weekend, invite people for a backyard cookout and have a patriotic celebration.

2. Set Up a Starry Dinner

Image courtesy of Confetti & Bliss

Blue, red, and white decorations will fire everyone to a patriotic spirit. Preparing chocolate chip cookies with patriotic sprinkles, and colored maple cinnamon star cookies, setting up a red, blue, and white decorated table, and preparing a tasty meal are great activities for your Memorable Day.

With hundreds of online chef classes, it’ll be more adventurous to follow their guides and prepare special Memorable Day meals and set up a starry dinner. And if you’re unable to prepare edible patriotic sprinkles, there are many online stores ready to supply you with enough sprinkles for the three-day event.

3. Outdoor Games

There’s an outdoor game for every member of your family and there’re also games you can all play together in your backyard. Playing badminton, flying disk game, and lawn dart while listening to the songs “American Flag On The Moon” by Brad Paisley and “American Soldier” by Toby Keith will change the mood and tone as you aggressively play your games.

Giant Jenga is an outdoor board game suitable for kids and adults. Get patriotic colors and paint the boards and while waiting for them to dry, a croquet game with end posts and wickets arranged to make the game challenging will be the best starter game.

4. Tour The White House Virtually

Making the White House 360 virtual tour will connect you to American history and brings with it a feeling of patriotism. This virtual tour walks you into the public rooms to have a glance at the beauty of the wall décor and corridors featuring portraits of Lincoln, Bush, Washington, and Kennedy.

With a computer and internet connection, you’ll have free access to an online 360-degree tour of the People’s House. As you take a view of Woodrow Wilson, the 28 th president of America, and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s portraits, memories of WW1 and WW11 as you’ve read or heard will coincide with the Memorable Day.

5. Backyard Camping

Your backyard camping won’t be complete without a sturdy flagstone firepit to keep you warm during cold night stories, hot drinks served in patriotic decorated cups and thermoses, and string lights flashing along the fence wall of the backyard.

Since this year’s Memorable Day coincides with the start of the summer season, installing a backyard camping bathtub will keep you refreshed and cold when the temperatures are high. Yoga mats especially those painted with patriotic colors will make a soft cushioning material for your sleeping bag.

For your main meals, let your plates have savory pork burgers plus soft drinks for your Whisky cocktails. Start planning early on the games and activities to play and have a list of top patriotic songs.

6. Watching Documentaries

Watching The World At War, Why We Fight: The Complete Series and War Comes to America on Memorable Day weekend will make you understand the history behind the sacrifices of the American soldiers who lost their lives fighting.

With hundreds of American war documentaries featuring mostly American soldiers fighting their enemy available on Netflix, BBC, Amazon, and other platforms, make a list that will take you through the three days.

7. Craft Patriotic-Themed Art

It’s possible to keep your indoors decorated with fancy patriotic-themed art crafted during the Memorable Day weekend. With cardboard, sparkly embellishments, paint, pieces of fabric, and wooden cutouts, kids plus you can make any patriotic-themed art. Spending a few hours making freedom ring wreaths and hanging some on your gate and the main door to your house is a creative way to commemorate Memorable Day.

Among the patriotic-themed crafts, you can make include; a paper rosette wreath, firework confetti stick, patriotic tie dye towel and bed sheets, and patriotic flower pot.

8. Watch National Memorial Day Concert

The National Memorial Day Concert is aired on different stations and is free for anyone to watch. This year’s free annual concert will be aired on May 28th from 8 pm to 9.30 pm ET. To watch the National Memorable Day concert, tune in to PBS station. PBS’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, and website page will also be streaming live.

Being a short annual event, you’ll have to incorporate other Memorable Day activities like watching documentaries, preparing delicious meals, and playing indoor games.

9. Send Military Care Packages

Operation Gratitude, Hero Care Packages, and USO Care Package Program will help deliver your military care packages to deployed troops.

Military men and women deployed in different parts of this world always need essential commodities like socks, energy bars, regular crackers, shampoo, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. By collaborating with organizations registered to send military care packages to deployed military, you can send as many items as possible from the comfort of your home.

10. Write Letters to Troops and Military Families

Let’s not forget to uplift the families of military veterans as we celebrate the Memorable Day weekend. Writing a letter and including a small gift in the package is a way of honoring the lost veterans’ lives. Be as motivational and positive as you can in every word of your letter.

Operation We Are Here, Support Our Troops, All Pro Dad and Any Soldier are amazing military care organizations that’ll help ensure your letters are delivered to troops abroad.

11. Help Build Homes for Veterans

Now that you can access your PayPal account and bank accounts while seated in your house, commemorate this noble event by partnering with other like-minded organizations by building homes for homeless military veterans.

VA Homeless Programs , Homes for Our Troops , and U.S. Veterans Initiative (U.S. Vets) are volunteer organizations helping rent, rebuild, or build new homes for veterans. Any amount contributed in kind will help provide shelter to the family of a military veteran or a veteran.

12. Listen to Veteran Stories

Image courtesy of America’s Veteran’s Stories

We’ve all been watching the Ukraine-Russian war. Who wouldn’t be interested in listening to stories from the frontline soldiers? Likewise, there are thousands of veterans you can chat with either virtually or face to face at your home on the invitation.

If you can afford to accommodate two or three veterans during the Memorable Day Weekend, the stories of what they encountered defending America will be worth making a war documentary.

13. Watch Live Feet Week Performances

Image courtesy of SECRET NYC

This year’s Fleet Week starts May 24 th to 30 th coinciding with the Memorial Day Weekend. Events will be held to honor the Marine Corps, US Navy, and Coast Guard across the different States of America. CBC and ABC7 NYC are already airing live Fleet Week events. Tune on to these stations and with Memorable Day delicacy filled in your plates, watch the elegant display of war jets and marine ships.

Among the events scheduled for this year’s Fleet Week include Fleet Week Freedom Run, General Public Ship Tours, Maspeth Memorial Day Parade, and Navy Dive Tank.


It’s only four days to Memorial Day. If the freedom and peace you enjoy are worth celebrating, you’ll also find the Memorial Day Weekend ideas at home listed above worth occupying your three-day holiday. If you plan to commemorate this year’s Memorial Day with your family at home, you’ll find the war documentaries and patriotic songs worth incorporating into your Memorable Day Weekend activities.

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