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The 10 Best Nail Trends From the Summer (2023)

By Sejla Selimovic
March 27, 2023
7 minutes

Forecasts for the expected manicure trends of summer 2023 are already widely publicized. If you are new to the world of nails, or you are already a deep and long-term lover, you certainly do not want to be “OUT” this summer when it comes to fashion details on nails.

We are witnessing the return of the era of retro fashion, both in clothing and in accessories, which are getting closer and closer to becoming the main role of what we wear. Thus, nails have become an important and indispensable part of fashion.

Given that nails are becoming an increasingly integral part of our look, which has caused them to speak about us a lot in cases of first impression, attachment to nails has started to strongly interest much younger and many older ladies, but inevitably also gentlemen. What all nail experts will agree on is that nail art will make a real splash this year, if not a revolution!

Here are the latest nail trends for the coming summer of 2023:

1. Airbrush magic

@LILA ROBLES on Instagram

Old school technique improved with modern machinery! Who would not like to witness with their own eyes how fairy-tale displays of art are created on such a small surface? Although the airbrush covered the world even before 2018, experts expect that in 2023 this perfectly blended look of anything we can imagine will make a big comeback. To start with a pastel

color as a base for summer, and then letting the imagination spill over our nails, is best achieved with an airbrush. There are several ways in which you can decorate your nails in the style of airbrush nail art, for example, layered ombré, shading symbols such as hearts, clouds, flowers, sun, stars, or geometric characters. Be free and play with colors, because summer is for your nails to scream with nail polish that blends incredibly with each other with the help of an airbrush.

2. Piercings on nails

Aimie Wheatley of AimieVee Beauty Studio (on Instagram: @aimieveebeauty )

Who would have thought that the piercing would reach even the nails? First seen approximately around 2018, again hitting hot scales last year, this kind of nail art will definitely prolong its prime-time with this summer. Updated, perfected, and spread wide over the world, piercing accessories on your nails are coming back in a different shade in 2023. “I’ve seen so many people up their nail game since 2020. Some amazing new talent has emerged, it’s been incredible to see and it’s making the industry a very exciting place to be right now!” says Aimie for Scratch Magazine.

Although it may look demanding, nail experts consider piercing to be one of the easiest trends. It’s strange to hear, but let’s leave the work philosophy to its master. You would like a piercing, but are you afraid of the pain? Nail piercing is definitely the right solution for you.

3. 3D toys

@hugsxkissesnailbar on Instagram This super cute natural-length nail trend has been present for several summers and also during the holidays, but it has yet to reach its peak. It is necessary to dare to wear this trend because it stands out significantly and attracts the attention of every eye it catches in the frame. Demanding, but doable with both acrylic and gel. Cardi B, Kyle Jenner, and Megan Thee Stallion are just a few of many who wore this tremendous accessory and rocked it! If you do something like 3D nail art, you will constantly carry a pair of toys with you to tease your fingers in moments when the phone is not an option.

4. Textured manicure

@finessedgrip on Instagram Another trend that won the hearts of all women, is the all-time favorite design for the New Year holidays. From the very beginning of nail extensions, ladies have loved to match their nails with an outfit, skin tone, hair color, or even with their favorite phone case. This effect is enhanced by the textured nail art since it gives a pleasing feeling under your fingers when touched. The difference between 3D and textured art lies in only one thing: the technique used to achieve it! 3D nail art is achieved with different materials such as gel, acrylic, or gel polish, but the texture is achieved in one way: with the help of acrylic powder! After drawing your desired design, highlight it simply by sprinkling acrylic powder before curing polish, and “Voila!”

5. Chrome craze

Nails by @nailsxanalysse on Instagram Last year, Hailey Bieber dominated the trend charts with her delicious glazed donut effect on her nails, causing the trend to last all season and beyond. This summer, the chrome craze is back in incredible form, forcing all clients who like monochromatic and simple nail looks to add this celebrity shine to their everyday routine. “Lip gloss” as the new “chrome craze”, is a special shine that is applied by rubbing chrome powder before the final protective layer of shine on the manicure. Chrome will add a crystal look to your simple manicure. It is suitable for all occasions, from prom to the important first date with a new crush. It is inseparable from summer vacation, doing this trend and photographing your nails on the surface of the ocean will give you the feeling of royalty.

6. Ombré

Look by : @the_nn_nailz on Instagram Classy, elegant, and natural is all that one ombré nails include! They are most in demand for weddings, and they are loved equally in summer and winter! The previous trend with ombré nail art was simple, offering a base with blended ombré on the nail tips. But this year, ombré will cause a big frenzy in the world of nails. Ladies started to experiment with color, position,

and type of material with which they perform their ombré nail art. Matt ombré, glitter ombré, transparent ombré, name it! They are certainly one of the trends that will hold the attention of nail art lovers for a long time.

7. Matt finish

Inspired by Instagram: @indigodistributor_sara Smooth and hazy, a matt finish is always in fashion! This summer, experts expect unprecedented combinations of nail art under the matt finish. Most work is done on acrylic, but the application of matt on the gel is becoming more and more famous. Matt will add a sense of professionalism, poise, and seriousness to your nails. Only the proud can wear matt as it befits. Precisely for this reason, this matt trend comes out of the winter coat that he wears every year, and this year it stands out to the maximum in summer clothes. Do you want to be one of those who will mark their summer 2023 with a set of matte nails? We guarantee that you will not fail with this shot.

8. Velvet or cat-eye?

Work of @glowbygracee on Instagram Known as velvet as well as cat-eye, it’s another trend you don’t want to miss. Velvet is something that we could only see in the form of material for clothes or other, not expecting that the world of manicures will come to a phenomenal discovery of how to bring the velvet effect to the nails.

This trend is stretched throughout the year but will be significantly spread and noticed this summer. A mini magnet that extracts a special high shine from cat-eye gel polish, reminiscent of velvet, is a stunning method that all ladies love to watch while it is being created on their manicures.

9. Pop art, cartoon art!

Captured moment of glam by @elennailedit on Instagram Just when you thought your nails couldn’t look more unreal, nail experts surprised us with the recent appearance of this type of nail art. They are usually done on long and striking nails, making them extra desirable and unusual. Instagram users witnessed this nail art taking over the feed last year, but it is in such demand that it will hold a high position for several years in a row. Who does not like to return to the original trends of various spheres such as the film industry, to refresh the fast lifestyle of today? The pop-art nail trend is one of the nice ways to remember that simplicity can be pleasant.

10. “No nails” – nails?!

@ccnailsandco as gem of Instagram The Internet is familiar with the trend – “no makeup makeup”. This time, this simplicity and natural look will cover nail trends. The natural length, the color of the polish that best matches the skin tone, applied in a very thin layer so that the color of the nail plate stands out under the gel polish, and a thin small line of french as a cherry on top, will inevitably keep the attention of ladies of various professions. Westmoreland of the updated classic informs us that the french manicure will barely be there as very thin and natural for 2023.

Nail trends are a new interest for ladies every year, as they become an increasingly important part of our appearance. The number of possibilities is constantly increasing, since nails are one of the unusual platforms for showing off your makeup and expressing yourself as a person.

There are days when we are not in the mood to design or choose a nail idea, and it’s time for a new set. Sometimes, if we don’t know how to express our feelings, it’s best to let our favorite technician make us happy with one of his top 10 ideas, no doubt it will be one of these.

One thing is for sure, it is not only important to be in trend with nails, it is also a big trend today to have nails!

Sejla Selimovic
Hi, my name is Sejla Selimovic and I am a professional manicurist and nail art technician. With a heightened sense of aesthetics and a great passion for beauty, I work on beautifying the days and nails of many ladies. With over 4 years of experience, I am the co-CEO of the beauty salon "The NN-Nailz Difference". My goal when I started doing this business was to make every dream of my dear clients come true, no matter how demanding it was. Through certified work and experience, every step of the way I ensure that my clients receive a significant, high-quality, relaxing and refreshing treatment.
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