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OxeFit vs. Tonal: Which Smart Home Gym Should You Choose?

By Jason
April 24, 2023
8 minutes

When the coronavirus pandemic had us all confined to our homes, the gym freaks could not just sit still. They had to do something to give their bodies the routine pump, boost their stamina, and maintain their muscles and abs. While some chose simple workout equipment installation, others went all in with smart home gyms.

And years after Corona, the scenario is the same if not better for smart home gyms because they allowed people to interact with their workout buddies and trainers from their homes, motivated them to work harder, and saved them from traveling every day.

So, just like that, if you are inspired by your friends into making a smart home gym but one of the friends loving OxeFit while the other is crazy for Tonal and it is making you confused, we got you. We will help you choose the best brand for you here.


So, let us get into the details of both of these amazing smart home gyms from different aspects.

OxeFit vs. Tonal: Basics

Just like me, all you know about OxeFit and Tonal might be that they are the top smart workout gyms. But to invest in any of these, you must know what actually the smart home gym is and how OxeFit and Tonal can be used as smart home gyms.

What is a Smart Home Gym?

A smart home is a multi-purpose workout and fitness equipment that combines machinery with artificial intelligence to get healthy, lose weight, and build strength. Here, the machine has a built-in system to customize a workout plan for you, find out your physiological measurements, help you set goals and achieve them, record your data, and track your workout progress.

Moreover, this gym equipment comes with a digital smart display to interact with others and also has an app where the processing of these gyms takes place and you get a personal trainer.

The Home Gym of OxeFit and Tonal

Both of these gyms are mainly strength training gyms. However, they are not exactly the same. So, now let us see what is the OxeFit and Tonal home gyms and how they work.



  • The major smart system of OxeFit gym is its XS1. It is one solution to all types of workout techniques and types you could ask for. It provides strength training, cardio, weight lifting, and more.

  • So, you are good to set your own workouts, ask for professional help, and reach your goals with consistency.

  • Additionally, it works on the “flex, flow, form, and peak” configuration systems.

  • The Tonal home gym is a smart strength training system in which electromagnetic resistance is used to build strength or lose weight.

  • So, it uses smart weights which can be changed easily and adapted to your workout routine.

  • Additionally, its smart display shows your workout duration, progress, and feedback from different workouts and resistances.

Both of these home gyms can meet your needs with their 200+ exercises ranging from simple weight lifting, squats, and bench presses to deadlifts and overhead weight lifting. But OxeFit home gym has more to offer with its functional exercises that engage the core.

Oxe Tonal

OxeFit vs. Tonal: Brand History

To assess the quality and efficiency of any brand, one must know the brand history of how the brand came into being, what made the founder set the beginning of a revolutionary story, and which country it is based on to know the target people.

So, let us find out about the past and somewhat present of OxeFit and Tonal.



Country of Origin: Plano, Texas, United States

Country of Origin: San Francisco, California, United States

Year of Foundation: 2019 (4 years)

Year of Foundation: 2015 (8 years)

Founder: Peter Neuhaus and Rab Shanableh

Founder: Aly Orandy

Brand History: OxeFit, in 2019 launched an exclusive and innovative system of strength training through robotics and artificial intelligence. Before OxeFit, most smart home gyms were associated with cardio. So, it made athletes and regular gym guys enhance their strength at home. Also, Oxefit combines cardio workouts with balancing exercises in addition to lifting weights and building strength.

Brief History: Tonal originated as a company to help people with desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles lose weight at home. Its founder, Orandy, was an engineer at Samsung who constantly faced the problems and health issues associated with obesity. So, he developed an AI-based strength training system that also helps in losing weight.

Main Equipment:

  • All-in-One Strength Training and Cardio Machine XS1

  • The Ultimate High-End Strength Training Machine XP1

Main Equipment:

  • A wall-mounted smart machine with a big digital display and adjustable arms

  • Tonal accessories like wide mount covers and T locks

Interesting Fact: An all-in-one solution to all your workout and fitness needs within a simple machine

Interesting Fact: An overweight person developing a machine that can help anyone become muscular and strong

Reputation: The best overall home workout gym

Reputation: The best machine to keep you on track in your fitness journey

Focus on: Integrated fitness workouts

Focus on: Electromagnetic resistance training

While both of these brands have less than a decade of history, it is confirmed that they are going to go long way and make their everlasting name for coming generations. Tonal set its feet into the smart home gym industry 4 years earlier than OxeFit. But OxeFit has given tough competition to Tonal because of advanced technology.

OxeFit vs. Tonal: Range of Items

Smart home gyms are mainly designed to fit several workout devices into one piece of equipment. So, the range of items by both of these brands is not too wide. They have both kept it simple with a few items. Oxefit only offers two types of smart home gym devices. On the other hand, Tonal offers a single smart gym equipment. But it also has some other workout accessories.

So, here is the whole range of equipment produced by both brands.



  • XS1 Smart Home Gym Equipement

  • A Large Digital Display Wall-Mounted Device with an Adaptable Arm Design

  • XP1 Smart Home Gym Equipement

  • T-locks

  • Tonal Accesorries Shelf

  • Wide Mount Covers

OxeFit only has 2 items you can get while Tonal only has 1 major item with a few simple accessories. Regardless of the number of items, both of these are able to satisfy you with multi-use devices that will also save you from the hassle of looking for a whole room to keep your gym equipment.

You can simply set them in any corner of your house and they will add to the neatness of the space without making it look messy.

Oxe Tonal

OxeFit vs. Tonal: Prices

One of the most important things to know before setting your eyes on any workout equipment is whether you can afford it. As smart home gyms are pretty expensive, you need to make a sane decision if you are ready to use them regularly or if your equipment gonna collect some dust in the corner of your home.

So, here are the prices of both OxeFit and Tonal equipment and their accessories.


OxeFit Prices

Tonal Prices

Smart gym equipment

$3999 for the full equipment

Also, it offers

  • $749 Flex

  • $1249 Flow

  • $1749 Peak

$5999 full basic package

$3995 including

  • Membership

  • Shipping

  • Installation

Monthly subscription


$49 per month

Accessories pack



Looking here, you can find out that the prices of both smart home gyms are comparable. The basic subscription and accessories of OxeFit are a little less than Tonal. However, the prices can vary depending on the package you choose.

OxeFit vs. Tonal: Training Modes

Both OxeFit and Tonal have 200+ exercises fed into their smart devices. So, these digital devices can be used to perform a number of workouts. Both also use digital resistance to customize the workout and also allow trainers to help you with it.

Additionally, both smart gyms offer different workout modes like eccentric mode and burnt-out modes. So, what makes the training with OxeFit and Tonal different?

OxeFit mainly has advanced training modes while Tonal features dynamic training modes. Here, we have brief details of both.



  • Burn-out mode: The burn-out mode of OxeFit involves successive addition of weight with each workout set. The weights are adjusted and added automatically according to your set preference.

  • Digital assist: The digital assist mode of OxeFit has an assistant for you who determines your workout and weight lifting capacity by focusing on your energy output.

  • Overload: The overload mode of OxeFit increases the resistance while you are working on eccentric mode.

  • Chains: The chains mode of OxeFit features a change in weight during a workout. For example, it increases the weight as you move up and reduces it during the down movements.

  • Perturbation: Lastly, perturbation is an exclusive mode of OxeFit that helps in improving your reflexes to a sudden change in motion and also enhances balance.

  • Burn-out mode: The burn-out mode of Tonal reduces the weight when you are about to lose it and helps in enhancing time duration of weight lifting workouts.

  • Eccentric mode: In the eccentric mode of Tonal, the weight, and resistance fluctuate during negative and positive phases of a workout set.

  • Chains: The Chain mode of Tonal is the same as that of OxeFit and it produces the workout where weight changes with subsequent movements.

  • Spotter: Spotter mode of Tonal spots the change in your energy, stamina, and postures and detects when your muscles reach fatigue. So, it reduces the resistance to your power level and allows you to complete your set.

  • Smart flex: The smart flex mode of Tonal flexes and adjust the resistance according to your capacity. It can add or remove weight gradually with your power output.

The workout mode of Tonal and OxeFit has great similarity and they ensure the workout is set according to your power and goals. Additionally, they maintain safety and prevent muscle damage, pull, or injury.

The difference between the two is the perturbance mode of OxeFit which also enhances your reactions to sudden and unpredictable movement around you. So, OxeFit provides more than just fitness.

Oxe Tonal

OxeFit vs. Tonal: Celebrity

You would not trust a nobody like me to invest thousands of dollars into a single machine, right? But what if your favorite sports celebrity says the same? Well, we have to accept that celebrities and influencers with professional knowledge about the workout, gyms, and even smart devices can help one estimate the efficiency of any equipment.

Both OxeFit and Tonal are supported by several sports celebrities, let us see the celebrities loving these smart gyms.

Celebrities with Oxefit Gym

Celebrities with Tonal Gym

  • Dak Prescott, The American footballer

  • Blake Jarwin, The American footballer

  • Dustin Johnson, The pro-golfer

  • LA Rams Jalen, The footballer

  • Serene Williams, The tennis legend

  • LaBron James, The Pro basketball player

  • Steph Curry, The top basketball player

  • Michelle Wie, The pro Golfer

  • Maria Sharapova, The Russian Tennis Athlete

In addition to celebrities supporting these home smart gyms, OxeFit also receives funds from several celebrities to improve its equipment and reach the best level it can offer.

Oxefit vs. Tonal: Where to Buy

Now we are sure, you know more than enough to go for any of the two top smart home gyms. But are you unsure about where to buy these? Relax, we are going to be with you till the end.

Above are the few sites you can get these home gyms from. But we recommend getting it from the official website for the best quality and best offers.

Final Verdict: Which Gym Should You Choose

Because the price of both smart home gyms is the same, other factors can play a significant role in choosing the best out of the two. If you want a simple wall-stationed device to solely perform resistance training exercises, go for Tonal.

However, if you can make a space for the machinery of OxeFit and would love to do cardio and balancing exercises in addition to strength training, OxeFit is the one.

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