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Top 12 Plus Size Instagram Influencers You Can Follow

By Mariela
May 3, 2023
7 minutes

Do you suffer from low self-esteem because you think you don’t fit in the “model” description? Or, you’re looking for plus-size Instagram Influencers to promote your brand or products?

Many curvy and plus-size-bodied people have taken advantage of their body sizes and made themselves popular on social media platforms; partly because it’s more likely you’ll remember their image. Plus-size fashion models and famous plus-size bloggers do also use their platforms to promote body positivity.

In this article, we’ll share the top 12 plus-size Instagram influencers that will make you feel more confident and accept your body.

Plus-Size Influencer Name

Industry Of Specialization

Influencer Objectives

No. of Followers


Tess Holliday

Beauty, Fashion, Advocacy

Body acceptance, Positivity, Self-love

2.6 Million


La’Tecia Thomas

Beauty, Fashion

Body positivity, Happiness

1.7 Million


Callie Thorpe

Travel, Food, Well-Being

Women’s issues, Body positivity



Louise Pentland

Beauty and Fashion

Motherhood, Lifestyle, Finding joy

3.7 Million


Lauren Nicole

Fashion, Blogger

Body acceptance, Happiness



Sarah Tripp

Beauty, Fashion

Body positivity



Tanesha Awasthi

Fashion, Blogger

Confidence crusader, Wellness,



Isabella Forget

Makeup, Fashion

Happiness, Self-acceptance



Raeann Langas

Fashion, Beauty

Self-Love, Confident life



Aashna Bhagwani

Fashion, Beauty

Body confidence, Self-Love



Shelby Fetterman


Happiness, Plus-size positivity



Emily Walden

Model, Fashion

Curvy body Advocate,


Now that you’ve gone through the summary of famous plus-size influencers above, continue reading to know how they advocate body positivity and have grown from zero to heroes.

1. Tess Holliday _ @tessholliday

This American plus-size Instagram model, make-up artist, and blogger, Tess Holliday officially known as Ryann Maegen Hoven will make you love yourself more with her “Get Body Posi” campaign. Despite being size 22, she has been featured in the most famous magazines such as Cosmopolitan and The Vogue.

Other than championing body positivity, Holliday is obsessed with campaigns aimed at self-love, body acceptance, and inner happiness. From her Instagram posts, you’ll find it’s possible to become a supermodel no matter your body size. As a make-up artist and blogger, Holliday shares make-up-related photos and short reels to positively impact other plus-size people.

2. La’Tecia Thomas _ @lateciat

After sending requests to many brands for a modeling opportunity without success, La’Tecia Thomas started out as normal and took to social media posting photos side by side. Being body positive and living happily landed Lateciat many gigs as a model. She’s a famous plus-size model, gym enthusiast, makeup artist, and Instagram influencer to look up to when trolled due to your plus-size body.

Taking advantage of her body size and popularity, Lateciat is today hired to promote fashion and makeup products.

To promote body positivity and body acceptance, Lateciat shares encouraging posts, reels, and photos consistently on the Instagram page and other social media platforms which include Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

3. Callie Thorpe _ @calliethorpe

It’s Callie Thorpe’s low esteem that forced her to start her blogging career in 2012. She majored in diet and losing weight; a desperate move to help shed some weight. It never worked. To deviate from her negative approach, Callie adopted a new approach and began writing content about fashion in relation to plus size and beauty. Today, her Instagram profile is characterized by beauty products and inspirational stories.

To get the inspiration you’re looking for, then the confidence corner, where Callie is the co-founder, every post is a lesson to learn from and an inspiration to uplift your low ego. If body positivity and women’s issues are all you think, then Callie Thorpe is the plus-size Instagram influencer to follow.

4. Louise Pentland _ @louisepentland

Is your life surrounded by motherhood, lifestyle, and beauty issues? Louse Pentland is a top plus-size Instagram influencer dedicated to feeding her followers with plus-size fashion style and family insights on Instagram and YouTube. She believes in sharing content that leaves her followers feeling good and finding joy every day.

As a passionate writer and Vlogger, Louse Pentland has published 5 books. You can also follow her TikTok channel for fashion and beauty tips.

5. Lauren Nicole _ @ laurennicolefk

If you’d love to find joy and make peace with your extra-size L body, Lauren Nicole is the best plus-size influencer on Instagram to follow. Just like Lauren, you can take pride in your body size to advance yourself on Instagram and other platforms, and then promote products for financial gains. And from her posts, you’ll find inspirational quotes and images to get re-energized just like the other plus-size followers.

It’s a challenge when you find yourself growing without plus-size models believed to be beautiful and sexy to look up to like Lauren. That’s why Lauren always shares her photos. Go through her photos on Instagram and build your own confidence. This Instagram influencer turned entrepreneur owns an online clothing shop with categories including shoes.

6. Sarah Tripp – @sassyredlipstick

It wasn’t easy nor too fast for Sarah Tripp to find body positivity. But with this curvy fashion influencer on Instagram on your side, it will be easier to start loving your Plus size body. From Sarah, you’ll build your confidence, be confident and contended with the body as it is easy, and develop body positivity gradually.

According to Sarah, you’ve to start by being kind to yourself, and then accept yourself so as to make others accept and appreciate you. And just like her, you’ll need to get used to negative comments for they don’t define who you’re. Using her popularity on Instagram, Sarah has grown her fashion blog Sassy Red Lipstick to a global fashion.

7. Tanesha Awasthi _ @taneshaawasthi

Using her Instagram page Girl With Curves Collection designed to sell apparel and clothing online, Tanesha advocates for self-confidence and encourages curvy people to celebrate their curves. If you go through her posts, you’ll find a lot of inspirational quotes from people like Oprah Winfrey and Coco Chanel encouraging plus-size people to be grateful for their bodies.

Are you a fashion lover, plus-sized, and looking for ways to uplift your low self-esteem? Then, you need to surround yourself with plus-size fashion influencers on Instagram like Tanesha and Bruno Martenus .

Tanesha advocates for well-being, self-confidence, body positivity, and fashion.

8. Isabella Forget – @isabellaforget

As Isabella keeps advocating, you need to celebrate your body no matter the size of your body and feel the beauty inside out. Being an influencer, she consistently encourages her plus-size followers to accept and love themselves at all times. Scrolling through some of her photos, Isabella shares her body curves and then showcases how dressing to reveal the roles making waves makes her proud. And so you should emulate.

For fashion inspiration, follow Isabella Forget a curvy model who loves to share the photos many struggling plus-size people are finding hard to get.

9. Raeann Langas _ @raeannlangas

Beauty and fashion are the best words to describe this curvy plus-size Instagram Influencer. Raeann is a true curve model, lifestyle blogger, fashion influencer, and body activist. As a plus-size influencer, Raeann Langas has defined her goals as helping girls stop hating themselves. If you want to be inspired by Raeann, listen to her podcasts or visit her Body Positivity page.

Overcome negative imaginations about your body, upscale living standards, and grow guided by lifestyle and body positivity tips on Raeann’s blog. Confidentcollective is her Instagram page full of inspirational videos.

10. Aashna Bhagwani _ @aashna_bhagwani

Aashna is a body love influencer who’s not afraid of sharing photos of her plus-size body to instill body confidence in girls ashamed of their chubby bodies. To find and read body positivity quotes by Aashna, click any image or video posted on her Instagram.

Besides being a plus-size blogger on Instagram, Aashna promotes brands and products on her page. You’ll also find external links to other plus-size pages to keep you motivated.

11. Shelby Fetterman – @shhhelbss

Looking at the real images of a curvy Instagram influencer like Shelby Fetterman will inspire you to take bold moves in loving your plus-size body. As she shares her photos, Shelby also posts quotes to uplift people who like her suffered from low self-esteem and became anti-social. To find hashtag links to #embraceyourcurves, #bodypositive, and #plussize, her Instagram page has many more.

As of today, Shelby is a Nova Curve fashion ambassador and enjoys a following on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Do you love fashion? With Shelby, you’ll find the perfect dress, swimsuit, and hot lingerie that fit your plus-size body.

12. Emily Walden _ @nerdycurvyandthriving

It may not seem a great deal to post chubby images on social media platforms but many perceive it as a sign of self-confidence and acceptance of whom one is. It’s not only encouraging but also a symbol of self-recognition and promotes acceptance. And it’s exactly what Emily intends to achieve by regularly posting her photos and videos on Instagram. Looking at her photos, you’ll be thrilled by how she lives everyday life soaked in happiness and joy while being plus size.

Emily Walden is a fashion model and plus-size bodies advocate you should follow to learn how to overcome self-hatred and grow your Instagram channel.


Not every plus-size Instagram influencer will fit in all that you admire but the majority will propel you to great heights in your endeavors. While some are in-depth into fashion and modeling, others specialize in food and diet, and plus-size advocacy.

And because you may be suffering from self-hatred, low self-esteem, and body shaming, we’ve selected the best plus-size Instagram influencers for you to follow. With their posts full of inspiration and lessons to learn from, we believe they’ll help you overcome the challenges you face related to your plus-size body.

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