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Should Men Shave Their Armpits?

By Jason
October 4, 2023
5 minutes
Should Men Shave Their Armpits

In the past, many men assumed that removing armpit hair was related to women. Even still, some people have this thinking. But shaving armpit hair isn’t only good for sanitary reasons but also gives you a sound feeling.

So, if you question whether men should shave their armpits, the answer is a big yes. If you have multiple other questions related to this topic, like why and how men should shave their armpits, this article will be an ultimate guide.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Why Men Should Shave Their Armpits — Practical Reasons

There are multiple advantages of shaving the hair of the armpit that are explained below:

Reduce Body Odor

Reduce Body Odor

When your underarm hair gets sweaty, it induces bacteria, resulting in a smell.  So when you shave your underarms, your clean skin doesn’t produce a smell, giving you a pleasant feel.

Whether you shave your armpits or not, using the best men’s deodorant is always recommended to avoid the smell and experience a pleasant fragrance.

Aesthetic Purposes

Normally, ladies don’t like underarm hair. So, shaving your armpits will help you have a great time with your partner.

Clean Underarms

Clean Underarms

Besides reducing sweating and odor, the hair-free underarms look cleaner. It gives you a sound feel and lets you wear the desired clothing, like sleeveless shirts, etc.

Reduce Sweating

Underarm hair has sweat glands. So, when you remove your hair, your underarms cause less sweat to give you a pleasant feel.

Part 2:Considerations for Keeping Armpit Hair

When deciding whether to remove your armpit hair, there are multiple considerations to look at.

Friction Reduction & Chafing Prevention

Underarm hair reduces friction between clothing and skin. During physical activity, when you move your arm, it reduces skin irritation and discomfort.

Due to a lot of arm movement, the underarms get rubbed and cause rashes and pain. In such a case, armpits give a cushioning effect to underarms and avoid rashes and pain.

Sweat Evaporation

When it’s too much hot, sweat cools down the body. The armpits cause sweat and spread it in the nearby area, making it evaporate. This process provides a cooling mechanism so you feel comfortable with high temperatures.

Cultural Norms & Personal Preferences

In many cultures, armpit hair isn’t considered a good gesture, and people like to remove it for hygienic and aesthetic reasons.

Finally, it depends on whether the individual likes the armpit’s hair or not. So it’s your choice whether you’re comfortable with the hairless, smooth armpits or like the natural appearance of armpits.

Part 3: How to Shave Your Armpits As a Man

How to Shave Your Armpits As a Man

Do you want to shape your armpits but don’t know how to do so? There’s a smooth and nearly painless procedure is mentioned below. Simply go through it and get your job done.

Leather Up Your Armpits

If you exfoliate your underarms before shaving, it’ll remove dead skin. Also, the hidden hair in the dead skin will come out, so you can shave it and avoid ingrown hair.

Trim Your Armpit Hair

If you exfoliate your underarms before shaving, it’ll remove dead skin. Also, the hidden hair in the dead skin will come out, so you can shave it and avoid ingrown hair.

Select the Right Razor

The underarms are the sensitive part of the body. So don’t use a razor with a dull blade and multi-blade. Use the safety razor properly so you won’t experience any cuts and redness.

Raise Your Arms

This step will stretch your underarm skin so you can properly apply the shaving cream and deeply remove hair. Using a mirror to see your armpits is recommended so you can properly do your job.

Apply Shave Cream

In this step, apply a quality shave cream to lubricate your armpits.

Start Shaving

Now, start shaving your armpit hair in up, down, and side-to-side directions. This process will remove all hair and give you smooth and hairless skin.

Wash Your Armpits with Cool Water

Once you’re done with your armpits shaving, rinse your underarms with cool water. This process will not only remove the shaving cream residue but also soothe your skin and close up your skin’s pores to avoid irritation.


Once you’re done with the shaving, dry your armpits and moisturize to avoid redness and irritation.

Part 4: Alternatives to Shaving: IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal

If you’re looking for a shaving alternative and want to remove your armpit hair long-lastingly, IPL hair removal will be a great choice. It comes with the following features:

  • IPL Technology: IPL features intense pulsed light technology. This light travels in your skin and destroys hair follicles and papillae. Hair follicles and papilla cause the hair growth. So you find smooth and hairless skin long-lastingly when IPL hair removal destroys the elements that induce hair.
  • No Salon Expenses: You can use IPL hair removal at home and don’t need to pay for the salon, which consumes your money and time.
  • Long-lasting Results: IPL hair removal removes your hair long-lastingly. So you get smooth and hairless skin forever.
  • No Skin Irritation & Redness: IPL hair removal features ice touch technology. It decreases temperature from 158℉ to 50℉. So you don’t experience irritation and burning while using IPL hair removal.

Part 5: 4 Must-Know Personal Factors for Shaving Armpits

There are multiple personal factors to consider when you shave your armpits like:

  • Skin Type: Normal, oily, dry, and a combination of both are the skin types. So apply those products on your skin that suit its type so you won’t experience irritation and redness.
  • Allergies & Skin Conditions: If you’re suffering from eczema or psoriasis, consult with your dermatologist before shaving your armpits.
  • Comfort Levels: People who want to stay clean and odor-free would like to shave their armpits to increase their comfort level.
  • Personal Appearance Goals: If you want to maintain your fitness or become a model, shaving your armpits will meet these objectives.


From reducing body odor and sweating and cleaning underarms to aesthetic purposes, there are numerous pros of shaving armpits.

However, there are also some considerations for keeping the underarm hair, like sweat evaporation, cultural norms, and chafing and friction prevention. So it’s totally up to you whether you want to keep or shave your underarm hair.

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