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Tonal vs. Tempo: Which Smart Home Gym is Better?

By Mariela
April 26, 2023
7 minutes

The need to stay fit has been on the rise for the last decade. However, not many people can stick to a gym routine, with many preferring home gyms. This has seen an increase in the manufacture of gym equipment tailored for small spaces.

Among them are smart home gym products. And the leading brands include Tonal and Tempo. This article looks at what products they produce and which exercises they target.

Tonal vs. Tempo: History

So, how did these disruptive smart home gyms start? Let’s find out.



Country of origin: United States of America

Country of origin: United States of America

Year founded: 2015

Year founded: 2015

Founder: Aly Orady

Founder: Moawia Eldeeb and Josh Augustin

Brief history: Aly Orady struggled with his weight as a kid, forcing him to join gyms for weight loss workouts. However, like many gym goers, he did not follow up on his routine diligently.

As such, he sought to revolutionize how people can benefit from workouts at home. In 2015, Tonal was born with Orady as the CEO. He led the company until 2023 when he became the CTO.

During this period, he oversaw the production of smart home gym equipment and the inclusion of simple yet fundamental bodyweight exercises.

He also led the company to secure patents and funds from notable persons in the business world. Some of the companies behind Tonal success include Mayfield, Sapphire Ventures, and Shasta, among others.

Today, the company employs over 300 employees and has over 40 locations where buyers can demo their products.

Brief history: The story of Tempo is true to the “turning misfortune to fortune” quote. At the age of 12, Moawia’s family building burnt down, forcing them to live in a homeless shelter. Looking for ways to stay out of trouble, Moawia joined a local YMCA, where coaches trained him for free.

In return, he committed to staying in school. It is through such training that he discovered workout benefits. First forward to 2015, he and Josh Augustin founded Tempo, an AI-powered home gym, to help people stay in shape.

As of writing, the company offers different workout programs such as Tempo Core and Move and has gone on to establish a cult following on social media.

Main features: Tonal is a smart home gym that utilizes AI for training. The company focuses on electronic-based weight resistance, using its smart equipment. A customer buys their equipment, through which they get a wide array of body exercises. The program is membership-based, allowing users to access one-on-one training.

Main features: Tempo’s approach is somewhat similar to Tonal’s. It uses AI to offer personalized training routines, which one accesses through dedicated hardware. However, unlike Tonal, you can choose among its three products: Tempo Core, Tempo Move, and Tempo Studio.

Reputation: Well, Tonal is one of the most revered companies in the smart fitness equipment industry. It has backing from renowned Silicon Valley VCs and celebrities such as Steph Curry. While its pricing is beyond most average people, you’ll get value for your money.

Reputation: Like Tonal, Tempo has an excellent reputation. The input of scientists, physiologists, and trainers, has seen it gain the trust of many fitness enthusiasts.

Focus: The company focuses on resistance training to improve mobility, strength, and more. Other areas it focuses on include yoga, cardio, and meditation.

Focus: Tempo also focuses on resistance weight training. There is a wide range of full-body exercises for improved strength and mobility.

Tonal Tempo

Tonal vs. Tempo: Range of Equipment

Tonal and Tempo focus on smart home gym equipment for strength resistance training. Both companies afford the user easy-to-install and ready-to-use smart products. However, Tempo has more equipment to choose from. Let’s see how each product can meet your needs.



Product: Tonal Home Gym Machine

Product: Tempo Core, Tempo Move, Tempo Studio

Tonal offers its clients the AI-powered home gym machine, allowing them to improve their strength and flexibility through resistance training.

With it, you can perform various exercises, ranging from upper body to full body. The best part? It allows for personalized training based on your fitness levels. What’s more? You can track your progress via the provided app.

And if you want to consult a personal trainer, you can do so via the machine.

Like Tempo, you get professional installation, so you can start exercising within hours. One major benefit of using Tonal is the 30-day home trial. This allows you to gauge whether it can meet your fitness goals. If not, you can return it for a refund. And if you decide to use it, you get a 2-year limited warranty.

You can also try Tonal through their online demo virtual room. If you want to try it out physically, you can visit either of their over 40 stores. For optimal results, you must subscribe to their monthly membership plan.

Tempo smart home gym machine affords you more flexibility and somewhat caters to different budgets.

If you are looking for an award-winning product, this is the machine to buy. It has won several awards such as Best Inventions of 2022, Best Wellness Design, and Best Home Gym. Let’s look at each product.

Tempo Core: Costing $800, Tempo Core is the most affordable of the three products. All you need is an iPhone and you are good to go. Once you dock the iPhone, you can access many exercise options.

You get color-coated smart weights that the AI sensors track to adjust the weight. The smart weights include barbells and dumbbells.

Interestingly, the Tempo Core will charge your iPhone as you exercise. You can choose between light and dark finishes for improved aesthetics.

What’s more? There are three equipment packages: Pro, Plus, and Starter. This makes it an ideal option for beginners.

Tempo Move: This is an upgrade of the Tempo Core. With it, you get better performance and more exercise options.

It helps turn your small spaces into real home gyms. Like Tempo Core, you get smart weights that adjust accordingly. Likewise, you just need to dock your iPhone and you are good to go. You also get to choose between Pro, Plus, and Starter equipment packages, with each offering unique features.

Tempo Studio: If you are looking for a more powerful home gym, this is the package to purchase.

It offers real-time training with color-coated smart weights. With it, you enjoy built-in 3D sensors, a free-standing frame, a storage pocket, and a 42” touch screen.

Like other Tempo products, you can choose between light and dark finishes. Again, it comes in Pro, Plus, and Starter equipment packages.

Tonal Tempo

Tonal vs. Tempo: Range of Exercises

Both smart home gyms allow you to perform several exercises. Let’s look at them.



Range of exercises: mobility, boxing, pre + post-natal, yoga, cardio, recovery, golf, Pilates, strength training, quick fit, meditation, barre, family fitness, high intensity

Range of exercises: mobility, cardio, strength training, quick fit, high intensity.

As you can see, Tonal offers you more options. It is therefore ideal for not only exercising but also for golf and barre training. That said, Tempo has three products that cater to different fitness levels.

Tonal Tempo

Tonal vs. Tempo: Celebrities

As you’d guess, this disruptive fitness equipment attracts attention from different enthusiasts, among them, celebrities. Besides, celebrities and influencers can help propel a brand’s reputation and awareness. And both have embraced influencer marketing. Here are celebrities using Tonal and Tempo for their fitness needs.



Steph Curry

Drew Brees

Serena Williams

Maria Sharapova

Lebron James

Jason Momoa


Tonal vs. Tempo: Social Presence

Like other brands, Tonal and Tempo use social media to interact with their audience. They also use these platforms to interview users and produce tutorials on how to use their products. Let’s see which brand has a larger social media following.



Instagram: 280K

Instagram: 82.5K

Facebook: 96.62K

Facebook: 17.93K

YouTube: 21.2K

TikTok: 824

Twitter: 11.8K

YouTube: 1.55K

As you can see Tonal has a large following on all platforms. Besides, it is a favorite of popular musicians, actors, and athletes.

Tonal vs. Tempo: Prices

Both Tonal and Tempo home gyms are no doubt expensive. This is due to the built-in technology that allows you to enjoy workouts remotely. Besides, they are made of high-quality material, hence the high price. That said, you won’t break the bank when getting either of the two.

Here is their price breakdown:



Initial cost: $2,995

Tempo Core: $245 or $10.21 per month for 24 months

Accessories: $495

Tempo Move: $395 or $16.46 per month for 24 months

Delivery and installation: $250

Tempo Studio: $1,695 or $70.63 per month for 24 months

Monthly membership: $49

Delivery and installation: $250

Financing option: $148.89 per month for 36 months.

Monthly membership: $39


Tonal vs. Tempo: Where to Buy

Currently, you can buy home gym machines and subscriptions from their respective official websites.

Tonal vs. Tempo: Which is the Most Ideal for You?

Well, Tonal is ideal if you want a whole package. With it, you don’t have to buy upgradable packages, rather, you buy the machine and pay for a monthly subscription. On the other hand, if you are cash-strapped, you can opt for Tempo since you can choose between Core, Move, and Studio options.

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