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Ulike vs. RoseSkinCo: Which IPL Hair Removal is Better?

By Mariela
April 7, 2023
6 minutes

Hair removal at home, especially long-lasting hair removal has never been easier since the arrival of IPL hair removal devices. IPL technology combines two of the most advantageous hair removal methods, shaving which is quick and easy to do, and laser which makes the skin smooth and hairless for a long time.

Not to mention the privacy and comfort you feel by removing unwanted hair in your personal space the way you like. Moreover, the procedure is safe and most IPL devices are FDA-cleared. So, let us find the right device for you if you want to give IPL devices a shot.

Two of the leading brands of IPL devices are RoseSkinCo and Ulike. While both brands have a range of hair removal tools, we are going to compare the RoseSkinCo Lumi hair removal IPL device and the Ulike Sapphire Air+ White hair removal IPL handset here.

Ulike vs. RoseSkinCo IPL Devices

Here is the comparison of two devices in various parameters.

1. Build and Aesthetics: Winner – Ulike

Ulike Sapphire Air+ IPL device is an ergonomically designed device that fits the palm easily. It is compact, lightweight, and lean making it grip able and easy to hold. Its lower end is flat so that it can stand over your bathroom counter. Moreover, its white color and golden flash button, and intensity indicator add to the elegant design of the device.

When you look at the RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL device, it has the same color combination as that of Ulike. However, the design is different. It is a large device with rounded sides. Moreover, it is thicker and heavier. So, you might face difficulty in holding the device for your long hair removal session.

Lastly, the packaging of Ulike makes you aware of the luxury it holds over the RoseSkinCo IPL device with average packing.

2. Inside the Box: Winner – Ulike

Ulike White box The Ulike Sapphire Air+ White golden IPL handset comes with a lavish package that includes the white IPL device, its long cord attached to an adaptor, a smooth easy-to-hold hair removal razor, big goggles designed to protect the eyes from the light, and a user manual.

The SkinRoseCo Lumi IPL box comes in a mobile-box-like package. The package includes a Lumi hair removal handset along with its adaptor and a user manual. Its cord is also too long to easily do your treatment in any part of the room.

Moreover, each of the accessories of the Ulike Sapphire White handset is beautifully packed in separate small boxes making it easy for you to organize your stuff. But this is not the case with the Lumi handset.

3. Feasibility: Winner – Ulike

Both of the devices are corded handsets with long cords. Additionally, all you need is to shave the area you want to treat, plug in the device, and start your nearly painless hair removal treatment. However, the duration of one full-body session and the ease of holding the device differs.

As we stated earlier, Ulike is lightweight and compact. So, it is easy to hold the device while doing your treatment. Moreover, it offers a fast flashing speed so you need about 10 minutes for full body treatment.

RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL is a big device with a matte finish. The matte finish makes the device grip-friendly. However, its weight and design do not allow your hands to hold it for too long and you start losing the grip. It takes more than 30 minutes for a full-body session.

As a result, the Ulike Sapphire Air+ White handset is more feasible to use and offers a better treatment experience.

4. Gentleness on Skin: Winner – Ulike

Ulike White gentleness on skin Ulike Sapphire Air+ White IPL offers a medical grade pain-free patented ice-cooling technology that ensures that the IPL rays fall gently on your skin. This technique works by lowering the high temperature (158 F) to a chilling temperature (50 F) so that you feel a cooling sensation instead of pain, burning, or pricking as you touch the device with your skin.

In the case of RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL, it does not irritate the skin and its lower intensity levels are gentle. However, as you increase the intensity, it makes you feel uncomfortable along with a stinging sensation on the skin. So, the only choice is either to stick to lower intensity levels with time-taking treatments or just feel the burn for better results.

5. Confirm Results in Fewer Weeks: Winner – Ulike

Ulike Sapphire Air+ White IPL device offers guaranteed results within 4 weeks. During this month you can detect about 55% reduced hair numbers, 79% reduced hair strand length, and 90% reduced hair thickness. After that, you can adjust the sessions according to your needs.

Lumi IPL device starts to show results in 3 weeks. But these results are not too significant. So, you have to stay patient for 6-12 weeks to get the desired hairlessness.

The difference in the time taken to show results lie in the power of both devices. The strong the device, the quicker will be the results. Ulike Air+ White handset beams the light rays with 19.8 J of energy. However, most IPL devices only reach a maximum of 6 J.

6. Customer Reviews and Ratings: Winner – A Tie

Since the release of the Ulike Sapphire Air+ White IPL handset about one year back, it has managed to impress multiple people. With 300,000+ happy customers of Ulike, every 18 out of 20 people have given this device a 5-star review. And the last two love it to level 4.

RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL handset was launched 3 years back. About 287 customers left reviews with most of the reviews being positive.

So, when we see the average number of customers satisfied by the devices in relation to the time period since their release, both are neck to neck.

7. Intensity Levels: Winner – SkinRoseCo

RoseSkinCo Lumi The intensity level determines the number of rays per flash and the energy in each flash. Which means the more intensity, the better penetration. However, as the skin on all parts of the body differs with respect to thickness and sensitivity, different energy levels are needed.

Ulike Sapphire Air+ White handset has 5 intensity levels for the face, bikini, armpits, arms, and legs. While Lumi hair removal IPL devices have 6 levels allowing you to choose any level on any body part according to your requirement.

8. Number of Flashes: Winner – Ulike

The number of flashes of a device determines its lifespan. Which means it tells you how long a device can last. Both of these devices come with irreplaceable bulbs and their total number of flashes is all you can spend per set. But do not worry because they offer too many flashes to ever run out.

Ulike Sapphire Air+ White handset has 1 million flashes giving it 50+ years of life while Lumi has 900,000 flashes giving it a life of about 40 years. So, you can share your Ulike device with your sister as well. However, you might have to think twice before lending your Lumi handset.

9. Overall Cost: Lumi

Ulike Sapphire Air+ White IPL device with all of its accessories is worth $299. However, the Lumi IPL device with its charger is $229. So, you have to buy other accessories separately. Regardless it is cheaper as compared to Ulike.

Ulike White

10. Safety

The safety level of any IPL device is determined by its FDA cleared and dermatologist recommendations. Ulike Sapphire Air+ White hair removal IPL device got both of these. It was introduced to its customers after being cleared by FDA and many other international firms. Additionally, it is a dermatologist-tested and endorsed device leaving no confusion about its safety.

SkinRoseCo Lumi IPL device is also cleared by FDA but we failed to find any dermatologist research or recommendations about this 3-year-old handset. So, Ulike is a safer option to try on your skin.

Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table of the Ulike White device and the RoseSkinCo Lumi device.





Ease of Holding




Intensity Levels




Number of Flashes








Compatible Areas

Head to toe

Head to toe


Results in

4 weeks

6-12 weeks


Treatment Time

10 minutes

30 minutes



2 years

1 year






Dermatological Cleared




The Box Includes

Ulike white device


Protective goggles

Smooth razor

Instruction manual

Lumi device


Instruction manual



You would have seen many influencers talk about Ulike Sapphire Air+ White IPL handset and RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL device. We kept them side by side and focused on all their differences to help you choose one of them.

So, if you have the budget and want to invest in a device that will give better, faster, and longer-lasting results, Ulike is the perfect fit. Moreover, its feasibility, user experience, and nearly painless features are unmatched.

However, if you are patient and want a more affordable device, the RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL device is more suitable.

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