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The 10 Best Yoga Mat Brands to Buy (2023)

By Viktoria
April 14, 2023
6 minutes

Yoga mats are an essential tool for doing yoga and meditation as they help you prevent distractions and stay focused on the exercise. Additionally, they keep your feet firm and help you change poses without falling. Also, you can carry the mat anywhere to keep up with your yoga routine.

If you are a yoga enthusiast, you must already know the importance of yoga mats. And if you are a yoga beginner, we recommend buying yourself a good yoga mat to increase the efficiency of your workout. In any case, if you are looking for a high-quality yoga mat with features that won’t disappoint you, you are in the right place.

While researching the benefits of yoga, we also looked for the best yoga mat brands in 2023 to help our audience get the best of it. We have included mats of different materials, different thicknesses, and different sizes.

Best Yoga Mats to Buy in 2023

1. JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat for Women and Men


● Made of natural rubber

● Highly cushioned


● It has a strong odor that goes away after a while

JadeYoga harmony yoga mat is a moderately thick mat. It is manufactured with natural rubber that offers better cushion and grip as compared to synthetic rubber. Additionally, its slightly textured surface makes it slip-resistant.

As its raw material is obtained from a rubber tree, it is environment-friendly, PVC-free, and phthalates-free. Moreover, it contains no chemicals, metals, or toxins making it user-friendly. So, if you are looking for durable and environment-friendly yoga mats, the JadeYoga harmony mat can be the one.

It is easy to clean as well. However, it is hand-wash only so skip washing it in a machine.

2. Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat


● Mat carrier straps

● Dual-sided textured surface


● Not durable

Gaiam essential yoga mat is made of nitrile rubber foam that provides padding and cushioning to help you enjoy yoga without your feet feeling tired. Moreover, its ⅖ inches thickness and 74 x 24 x 0.39 inches dimensions make it perfect for people practicing yoga for muscle-skeletal recovery.

It has easy-to-bind mat straps that allow you to carry the mat with you and do your yoga at different locations like your home, park, or yoga class. In addition to yoga, you can do pilates, burpees, squats, and other exercises on it as well.

It comes in 9 elegant colors. But be sure to wash it by hand as it can be ripped in the machine or by mishandling.

3. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat


● Ulta-dense 6mm cushioning

● Made of OEKO-TEX certified PVC

● Lifetime guarantee


● Not as slip-resistant as it claims until the top layer wears off

Manduka is one of the top brands known to manufacture high-quality and durable yoga mats. Its multipurpose Pro yoga mat is the no. 1 choice of many yoga therapists and fitness trainers. The mat dimensions are 71 x 26 x 0.4 inches making this extra-long mat perfect to be used on a wooden or tiled floor.

It is a handmade mat made of emission-free, latex-free, OEKO-TEX-certified PVC ensuring its durability. This ultra-thick mat with a non-slip textured top layer provides stability, protection, good grip, and comfort while doing yoga.

However, the top layer is not too slip-resistant. So, you will have to wait until it wears off for a better experience.

4. BalanceFrom All-Purpose Exercise Yoga Mat


● 71 inches long with 24 inches wide

● Dual-sided non-slip surface


● The smooth soft surface is not long-lasting

The long BalanceFrom multi-functional yoga mat is the perfect fit for plus-sized people and it is equally useful for thin and tall people. It is built of high-density soft material that helps in providing extra padding and comfort to the spine, knees, elbows, and hip joints, especially when you practice yoga on an irregular or hard surface.

It is textured from both sides which adds to the stability and slip-resistance of the mat. Additionally, it has a moisture-resistance technology that allows you to wash it with soap and water without damaging it. Lastly, it also has straps for making it travel-friendly.

5. CAMBIVO Extra Thick Yoga Mat


● Comes in attractive colors

● 2 thickness options, 6 and 8mm


● Cannot be washed in the machine

CAMBIVO extra-thick yoga mat is made of thermoplastic elastomers material and comes in 6 or 8mm thickness allowing both yoga beginners and pros to practice on it. Moreover, its thick yet soft material provides premium cushioning and absorbs shocks. And its double-sided textured surface prevents you from slipping.

So, the CAMBIVO yoga mat is a great option to practice yoga with no discomfort, joint strain, slipping, or traction. It is a 72 inches long mat. Yet it is very lightweight making it easy to carry with its straps. Lastly, its TPE material is eco-friendly and free of toxins.

6. IUGA Non-Slip Textured Surface Yoga Mat


● Made of eco-friendly and SGS-certified material

● Lightweight yet durable


● Could give out an uncomfortable smell

The hand wash-only IUGA yoga mat is made of SGS-certified TPE material containing no PVC or latex making it environment-friendly. Both of its sides offer a grip-able non-slippery textured surface allowing you to perform several vigorous asanas of yoga without slipping.

It is a full-size yoga mat 72 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 0.23 inches in thickness. Although it is large, it is lightweight making it travel-friendly. So, it is an excellent brand to try if you are looking for durability, an adequate level of cushioning, natural material, and free carry straps.

7. HemingWeigh Yoga Mat


● Have thick anti-tear foam

● Ergonomic built and design

● Reasonable price


● Straps do not fit well with the mat

While most thick yoga mats have foam that is prone to indentation and damage, the HemingWeigh yoga mat offers the perfect level of softness and durability with 1-inch thick foam and NBR material. It measures 70 x 23 inches allowing you to stretch, do extensive yoga poses, and do other exercises without getting out of the mat.

Plus its soft material is suitable to be used on hard surfaces and allows vulnerable joints to be protected from pressure. It also offers straps for carrying it around. Furthermore, its NBR material is eco-friendly, easy to clean, flexible, and safe to use.

8. Liforme Chinese New Year Collection Yoga Mat


● Personalized Chinese new year theme designs

● Innovative align-for-me system


● Expensive

If you are looking for a new year gift for your fitness freak friend, Lifeorme Chinese new year collection yoga mat is for you. It comes in different colors and designs based on the Chinese zodiac signs. Moreover, good looks do not mean bad quality.

It is made of earth-friendly natural polyurethane and rubber with no traces of PVC making it biodegradable, easy to clean, and long-lasting. As it is designed by yogis, they have kept the comfort, functionality, and safety of fellow yogis in view.

It also has a grip on me and aligns with my system to help you get the best out of your yoga routine.

9. Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat


● Affordable

● Easy to clean


● Not suitable for fast-paced yoga

The Retrospec Solana yoga mat is a ½ inch thick mat that is used to reduce the pressure on joints while exercising. And its non-slip ribbed surface material prevents injury by keeping your feet and hands firmly on the mat. It also has easy-to-wear straps.

It is made of easy-to-clean, durable, and safe foam which is free of latex, heavy metals, and phthalates. However, it might have a mild smell initially which goes away within a few days. Also, this is not for you if you are looking for a thin mat for fast exercises.

10. GURUS Sweat Proof Durable Cork Yoga Mat


● A soothing design and color

● Made of natural material


● Difficult to keep it flat for the few first uses

GURUS sweat-proof yoga mat is made of natural cork on its top and tree rubber on its bottom which provides good cushioning and dependable grip without having any toxic ingredients. Additionally, its grip becomes better in a damp environment but it also prevents the absorption of excessive moisture.

Moreover, the minimalist and natural design of this cork mat immediately brings peace and concentration to your yoga as you look at it. It is a 72 x 25 inches 4mm thick yoga mat that is also lightweight and durable. So, you do not need to invest in another mat for years.


While yoga mats are essential for a productive yoga session, finding a good yoga mat is challenging. There are so many things you need to consider while spending your hard-earned money on a mat. So, we decided to check out different popular yoga mats in the market and make a list of the top 10 yoga mats in 2023.

We want you to keep the type of yoga you practice and the condition of your joints in mind while buying any of these.

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