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The 20 Best Summer Family Vacation Ideas 2023

By Mariela
June 30, 2023
8 minutes

With the completion of the school year and the beginning of summer vacations, you and your kids would not be planning to spend all 2 months at home, right? Yes, you can send them to their grandma to have a wholesome time with their cousins, but your kids need more than that to have a memorable summer break.

So, if you have not made any plans for summer vacations yet, it is time to surprise your family with a summer tour. And if you are not sure which places to visit and how to make this yearly break thrilling, we have ideas for you.

In this article, we are going to take you on the journey of the 20 best summer family vacation ideas in 2023 to help you find your favorite vacation destination. Also, here are some fun activities to do on summer weekends you can try when on vacation.

What to Consider When Planning A Family Vacation

Although summer vacation seems a fun and exciting time for family members, parents need to make a foolproof plan to ensure that kids love every second of their most awaited break. Here are some factors you should consider as you prepare for vacations.

Your Budget

First of all, it is important to estimate your budget. Budget is the most important factor determining your vacation site, days you are going to spend, spots you are going to visit, and places you will stay at.

Places Your Kids Would Love to Visit

When deciding on any place, you need to keep your kids’ perspective in mind. They are not full-grown adults. So, they would rather like fun places like zoos, water parks, gardens, and amusement parks than places like galleries, museums, and historical places.

However, do not bind yourself to this opinion as kids these days surprise you with their interests. So, ask them before finalizing anything.

Things You Want Your Kids to Explore

Although kids at a younger age only want to have fun and play and teenagers live in a world of their own, there are several things you would want your kids to learn.

Whether it is renewing the family bond and making it stronger, learning teamwork and leading the team, or taking an interest in creative activities, a vacation is a great chance to teach your kids all that.

Travel Items

Another big problem before any vacation can be the stuff you need to carry along. So, enlist the items required in a tour and categorize them on the basis of things you require and things you already have.

To help you in this regard, we have travel must-haves you can add in summer for you.

Best Summer Family Vacation Ideas 2023

Here are the top summer family vacation ideas for 2023.

1. Lakes, Italy

Italy is one of the top countries in the world to have the most enchanting lakes. Its lakes like Garda Lake is famous for their serene surrounding. Nothing can beat the romantic environment of the Como lake making it the best spot to have a good time as a couple. Additionally, your kids will be in awe of the glory of Maggiore Lake.

Moreover, you can have your family taste authentic Italian pizza this summer.

2. Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

Disneyland might be the oldest theme park loved by people of all ages, but it is too mainstream. So, visit some new theme parks in 2023 and take your kids to vacation in Pennsylvania.

Located in Hershey, Hersheypark is famous for its 60+ rides, large water park, chocolates, chocolate-themed props, and gardens. It is considered one of the sweetest vacation destinations in the world.

3. Colorado Springs, Colorado

While beaches are the must-visit spot in summer, nothing can satisfy a family who loves cool alp air than mountains. Along the big mountains and beautiful pinnacles, Colorado has rivers giving you the chance to try fishing, hiking, skiing, and mountain climbing altogether.

Additionally, Colorado Springs have fun activities for kids like zip-lining, golf, cycling tours, and bungee sky coasters. Also, Garden of Gods Park and Royal George Bridge are some hot spots to visit.

4. Mohonk Mountain House, New York

Mohonk Mountain House in New York is a resort perfect for families looking for the sunrise on the shores of a lake, row boating in a huge lake, swimming near the banks, and kayaking. This resort allows you to do unlimited fun activities in the beautiful water,

Additionally, around the lake, there are woodlands spread over a huge area that allows you to enjoy hiking, camping, and fishing. This idea works best for the family that you do not want to spend much time in traveling.

5. Islands, Hawaii

Just like the lakes of Italy, the Hawaiian islands can be your go-to location this summer for their refreshing breeze, vast water bodies, and breathtaking landscapes. You can go to popular yet crowded islands like Maui or islands with fewer people yet more fun like the Big Island of Hawaii.

Also, this idea will allow your kids to build sand houses and bring their creative spirit out.

6. San Diego, California

With countless places to visit in California like Sequoia National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Santa Barbara, Carlsbad, and more. In 2023, San Diego is the most popular spot to visit in California for its 70 miles huge coastline, thrilling zoos, seaside view, and boat tours.

Additionally, the weather is great in summer and you can have a fun time with your family visiting several spots in one trip.

7.Miramar Beach, Florida

We can never get the enough of beaches in summer, right? If there is one spot your kids would love to visit in summer break, it is the beach. One of the most unique beaches in the world is Miramar Beach in Florida.

The pearl white sand with turquoise water makes the exclusive among the others. Moreover, the 200 miles area of this wonderful beach is full of modern-day facilities.

8. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Have your kids watched whales directly in the sea yet? If not, take them to cape cod for an unforgettable experience. Having 15 different towns, this hook-shaped peninsula has 14 lighthouses rich in history.

Additionally, you can enjoy white sand beaches, cottages, and the yummiest seafood in the world. This peninsula is divided into 4 regions. So, you can spend about a week exploring all one by one.

9. Palm Beach, Aruba

Although most beaches have palm trees, the Palm Beach of Aruba is particularly popular with historical landmarks, dainty mansions, and luxury resorts. Its Holiday Inn Resort is an affordable yet interesting place to go with the family.

This resort offers free meals and drinks for the kids and a spa for adults. Additionally, there are good discounts on cruises, kayaks, boating, and similar activities.

10. Transverse City, Michigan

If your kids love cherries, it is time to show them the “cherry capital of the world”, the Transverse City in Michigan. This artistic city has several freshwater bodies like beaches, vineyards, orchards, wineries, and more.

You can also join its National Cherry Festival in the first week of July. Additionally, the beautiful colors of this city and joyful vibes will fill your family with excitement and valor.

11. Portland, Maine

Portland is a port-based city located in Maine. Previously known as Casco, this city has a history dating back to 1633, George Cleeve settled in there. Although a little expensive, Portland offers lush gardens, city parks, mansions, theaters, and delicious food.

It is also one of the best cities in the USA to enjoy a long road trip with your family where you can listen to music, see charming scenery, share some inside jokes, and have some deep talks.

12. Park City, Utah

The city that organized the 2002 Olympics, Park City in Utah can prove to be a great idea for an athletic family. So, if you plan on getting some exercise with your family during the summer break and doing outdoor activities like mountain biking, Park City is the right vacation spot for you.

In addition, you can take your time to visit the Deer Valley Resort, Utah Olympics Park, Egyptian Theater, Park City Museum, and more.

13. Peru, South America

Peru is full of tourist attractions. From historically important points, culture, and traditional buildings to Rainbow Mountain, Machu Pichu, Manu National Park, and Lake Titicaca, Peru has everything you would like to see this summer.

Additionally, Peru is famous for its unmatched delicious cuisine, amazon rainforest, rich biodiversity, and bisecting mountain system. Your family will come across some of the rarest species in the world while visiting the city one of the seventh wonders of the world.

14. Williamsburg, Virginia

Do you want things to get a little serious without losing all the fun? Williamsburg in Virginia is your place to visit for its mini golf courses, historical locations, and educational sites.

The older capital of Virginia is now the ultimate center for American colonial history. Plus do not worry that the tour will get boring as Williamsburg has several recreational and fun events held throughout the year.

15. British Columbia, Canada

Are you looking for a place that has it all, huge mountains, vast coastline, green forests, and glorious forests, British Columbia is the right place for you. Also, you won’t have to travel much far.

Moreover, you will come across a number of cultures in this friendly city. Bike rides, mountain trails, boating, visiting wineries, golf, and other outdoor sports are some of the activities you can try when in British Columbia.

16. Yellowstone National Park, Idaho

If your family loves parks, especially parks with natural attractions, Yellowstone National Park in Idaho is a must-visit place for you. This park has the greatest number of natural geysers and hot springs in the world.

Around the hot springs, you can find rainbow-colored pools, mountains, waterfalls, vast forests, and beautiful green meadows. Also, the park is spread over an area of more than 3000 sq. feet. So, you can spend quite some time exploring it.

17. The Galapagos, Ecuador

The Galapagos is a volcanically active island with wildlife that inspired Darwin to write the theory of evolution. It is the perfect place to visit with a family that loves animals and wonders about their growth, evolution, and life.

You will find both bold, fearless, and terrific creatures and little adorable species in Galapagos. Additionally, your family can get a first-hand cruise experience here. Plus it is a good option if you are planning a 2-week long tour.

18. Croatia, Greece

Greece is one of the countries you should visit at least once in life for its mesmerizing architecture, famous Greek myths, clear blue water, beautiful beaches, and attractive islands. However, visiting the main cities in Greece is getting expensive.

So, you can get your family to visit Croatia while maintaining your budget. In Croatia, you get to enjoy clear water beaches with visible pebbles, a Golden Cape beach that keeps changing its shape, and Cavtat with its waterfront promenade.

19. Paris, France

Last but not least, a city that is the dream place for many fashionistas, artists, and musicians, Paris can make your family look at the places where some of the greatest personalities in the world were born.

From Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum to Notre Dame Cathedral and the center of Pompiduo, this romantic city is full of some known yet astonishing surprises for you. You can also leave traces of yourself in this big city with some love locks.


Summer break is like good news to the kids and of course, parents who want to spend some quality time as a whole family. You can make this good news the best one of the year for your kids by taking them out on vacations and letting them do things they do not do in routine life. Also, here are some fun things to do in summer.

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