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15 Fun Things to Do in the Summer with Friends/Family/Boyfriend

By Laura
June 9, 2023
8 minutes

While winter is mostly spent indoors with the weather being too cold to do anything, summer is the most awaited time of the year as it allows us to go out and have fun. And fun in the summer multiplies by several times when we have someone to join us in our ventures because the more, the merrier.

You can have your friend accompany you, plan a warm summer day with your family, or surprise your boyfriend with a heart-touching date idea. So, have you decided how you are going to enjoy the summer of 2023 or are you looking for fun ideas to make the best of the summer?

In any case, we are here with 15 fun things to do with your friends, family, and boyfriend. We prepared this list according to the nature of your relationship but some of these plans can be interchanged as well.

So, let the fun begin.

Fun Things to Do with Your Friends this Summer

There is no alternative to friends. No matter if it is a university, study, career, going through a rough patch, or a hot summer day, it is incomplete without friends.

The happy moments become happier and the sad moments lose their melancholy when your friends are by your side. So, if you are looking forward to spending a great summer with them, you can do the following exciting things.

1. A Weekend Road Trip

As you have decided to go out and enjoy the bright summer, why not go all out and explore everything you can at once? A road trip is the best activity to try with your friends if you are free this weekend.

Road trips allow you to vibe to the music as you drive, talk about funny or emotional things on the way, explore new places, meet new people, and try delicious meals. So, rent a car and get on the road. Also, plan your route beforehand, and book the hotel to spend the night before you leave for your trip.

Also, remember to protect your skin from the sun during the trip. You can find some tips for safe skin in the summer here.

2. A Swimming Pool Party

Pool parties are a great option when you are not free for the whole weekend. Friday night can be the best time to arrange a pool party. Although pool parties need a lot of things to be done and it can get hectic, they are worth it.

Decorate the surrounding areas of your pool to add to the funky environment of your party, arrange a DJ and guide him on what type of music you would like, book a catering service for drinks and some light snacks, and you are good to call your friends.

Moreover, if you do not have a pool at home, get a big inflatable one and keep the preparations according to it because the aim of the party is to have fun. So, nothing should hold you back.

3. Enjoy Hiking or Mountain Biking

If mountains fill your body with excitement, your heart with warmth, and give you goosebumps, no activity can beat hiking or biking on mountains with your friends’ group.

Mountains bring you closer to nature and fill your soul with a refreshing spirit. Although you can end up with cramps if you are not used to such tiring yet adventurous physical activity, even the cramps will make you laugh when your friends are with you.

Packing for a mountain tour does not need many things. Just a backpack with your essentials like a water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, and some snacks, a sun hat to protect yourself from the sun, a comfortable pair of hiking gear, and some tools to play games if you decide to camp as well.

4. Volunteer at Social Activities

If you do thrilling things one weekend, you can devote the next weekend to the service of humanity and mother earth. No experience can be as wholesome as volunteering with your friends. It is a fun activity that will give you a sense of reward. Additionally, you do not need much budget for it.

You can work for a charity, an orphanage, street kids, or a school. So, gather your friends, find a community service looking for a volunteer, and spend your weekend doing something for a good cause.

5. An Outdoor-Indoor Game Night

Lastly, you can plan an indoor-outdoor game night. So, set up your PlayStation and call your friends for a night out. You can play thrilling games on your screen or challenge your friends for a PubG match and whoever loses, buys chicken.

Additionally, you can set up a gaming console in your backyard and play ludo, squash, badminton, table tennis, and other games you like. So, when you are tired after playing all the games, just play a movie and end your fun night.

Moreover, if you want more ideas, give Fun activities for summer weekends a read.

Fun Things to Do with Your Family This Summer

We are too busy to spend some quality time with your family throughout the year. So, summer gives us the chance to bond with our family and spend some unforgettable moments with our husband, wife, or babies.

Let us see which fun activities can become a part of your summer plans.

1. Picking Fruits

If you have kids and you want to teach them how hard work never goes wasted, picking fruits can be a fruitful activity. Kids get the fruits at the end of the long day and they realize how delicious things are when you achieve them on your own.

Also, do not worry as picking fruits is not a tiring activity. Rather your babies will enjoy running in the field, grabbing the fruits with their small hands, and plucking them from the stems. So, plan a small trip to a field having fruits your family loves.

2. Cooking Together

Cooking is one thing you do alone most of the time and you try to keep your kids away for the fear of them messing up the meals. But let us tell you, cooking can be a rewarding yet interesting summer activity for the kids. So, give your kids some kind of instructions beforehand and opt for some easy-to-make recipes.

You can make pudding pops, ice cream, cupcakes, sandwiches, and similar snacks with your kids. And we ensure you that it will be a memorable experience for you and your family even if it becomes a little messy.

3. Visit a Park

Another thing kids love and keep asking for every now and then is a visit to a park. They just want to go out and have fun with you regardless of which park you take them to.

So, first, ask your kids if they have a preference and go to that place. If they decide to follow your command, the options are endless. You can take them to an amusement park, a water park, a garden, a zoo, or a trampoline park.

Moreover, if it gets too hot to go outside, you can make your own park in your backyard. Get some inflatable tubs, fill them with water, and turn on the sprinkles in your garden. It will become a cool self-made water park that your kids can brag about.

4. Camping and Fishing

If your kids have never been to a camp, it is your chance to get them on this exciting journey where they can enjoy nature, the art of setting up the camp, bonfire, yummy bbq dishes, marshmallows, and of course your company. Ask your kids to help you set up the camp and decorate it as they like.

Moreover, you can choose a camping place with a fishing spot nearby to get the best of the two worlds. After the camp, trap some fish and enjoy the serene evening.

5. A Painting Picnic

The idea of a picnic excites the kids no matter what age they are. You do not need to go too far from your home either. Choose a nearby park for a fun picnic day, prepare the meals your kids love, and make them arrange the picnic basket. Then go to your destined place and let the kids free to play.

When they get tired, feed them some snacks and surprise them with a painting activity. They can use watercolors, crayons, pencils, and even acrylics to make their first drawing.

Fun Things to Do with Your Boyfriend This Summer

You can not neglect your beloved boyfriend when making summer plans with your friends or siblings. The relationship with your better half is special and it needs special attention and preparation as well.

So, let us find out some fun and romantic things you can try with your boyfriend this summer.

1. Amusement Park Date

Although an amusement park seems like a summer trip destination for the kids, couples can also have some of the best moments of their life while having fun in an amusement park.

Amusement parks have endless date spots. From ice cream parlors and cotton candy shops to gaming areas and thrilling rides. So, you and your boyfriend can spend quality time remembering your childhood excitement for the amusement park and making new memories for the future.

Also, do not forget to take care of your skin in the summer. Here are Summer Beauty Tips to get ready for your dates.

2. Beach Date

What do is think is the perfect time to go to the beach? Summer! Right? So, why not spend this hot weekend in the summer enjoying the cool breeze, warm sand, and up-roaring water tides? So, take your boyfriend to the beach, spread your mat and umbrella, get some drinks, and enjoy a beautiful view with a heartfelt conversation.

Additionally, you can plan a whole trip to Hawaii to enjoy more days at the beach and calming Hawaiian air. This will allow you to try surfing, swimming, late-night candlelight dinners, and getting a natural tan.

3. Watch a Movie in an Outdoor Drive-in Theater

The fun of a movie doubles when you have someone to watch it with and this fun increases exponentially when your boyfriend is that person. The genre, cast, plot, and ratings of the movie are not really as important as the adorable moments you can spend with your boyfriend.

So, look for a drive-in theater nearby and catch a movie. If there is no such spot at a close distance, go out of the way and enjoy a long drive as you reach a distant drive-in movie theater. Moreover, you can watch the sunset on the way and get some movie-time snacks as well

4. Go Boating

Is your dream date a cruise ship date just like many other women? It is time to bring your dreams into reality and arrange a boat date. It does not need to be too extravagant. You can simply rent a boat in a close water body.

Also, do not forget your sunscreen and some light snacks as this you do not want to ruin your skin or health.

5. Exercise or Yoga

What about getting healthy along with having fun with your partner? Yes, you are guessing it right. Yoga poses and exercise games for couples are a great way to start your healthy workout journey.

In addition to exercise, you can begin eating healthy, controlling your portions, and restricting your intake of processed food and drinks.

However, if you want to look for more ideas to spend every day of summer like it is the last one, here are some Best bucket list ideas for you.


Summer is a great time to have fun with your close friends, colleagues, siblings, children, spouse, or boyfriend. The vibrant environment of summer makes you want to try new things and have a good time. So, if you do not want to leave summer with any regrets, make sure to try out the ideas we have listed here.

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