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Does Pubic Hair Turn Gray?

January 7, 2023
6 minutes
Does Pubic Hair Turn Gray

Pubic hair can be a little embarrassing topic to talk about. However, it is a mandatory topic to know about when your pubes start turning gray as most people do not expect their intimate region to go colorless.

Therefore, did you find your way here after coming to know about graying of the pubic hair? Are you concerned about when your hair will turn gray and how can you manage it?

If yes, let us find out does pubic hair turn gray, at what age it becomes white, and how to treat it.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Does Pubic Hair Turn Gray?

Does Pubic Hair Turn Gray

We all are aware of the fact that scalp hair turns gray as the person ages. But it is not only aging that turns hair gray. So, let us see what is the science behind gray hair on the scalp as well as the pubic region.

Process of Hair Graying

Just like our skin, the pigment in the hair determines the color of the scalp, body, and pubic hair. These pigment-producing cells are under the influence of aging, genetics, stress, and nutrition.

The hair starts turning gray as the person ages, stays under chronic stress, does not have balanced nutrition in his/her diet, or has a family history of premature hair graying.

The factors mentioned above reduce the production of melanin in the hair as the melanocytes die. With little to no melanin production, hair turns silver or gray. Also, it can take up to a decade for all hair to become gray.

Hair Graying on the Pubes

The hair on the pubic region follows the same pattern of hair graying as that of the other parts of the body and the scalp. The only difference is that pubic hair is a little less noticeable and might take a few more years than scalp hair to become gray-white.

Part 2: At What Age Does Pubic Hair Turn Gray?

At What Age Does Pubic Hair Turn Gray

Do you wonder does pubic hair turn gray when you get old? The answer is yes, they do. The age for pubic hair to turn gray is almost the same as that of graying the scalp hair.

Most people notice their scalp hair becoming white in their 30s and 40s while some people in their 20s can also sprout gray strands.

The same is the case with pubic hair. It begins to appear around the age of 30 in males and 40 in females. By the age of 60, most people regardless of gender have gray pubes.

Factors Affecting Hair Graying on the Pubes

As the age of graying of pubic hair varies significantly among people, let us see the factors that affect it.

Genetics and Family History

The most significant factor that determines the graying of pubes is genetics. The presence of melanocytes in your hair and their function are influenced by a variety of genetic combinations.

So, you might also get gray hair around the age at which your parents and grandparents started facing hair discoloration.


Lifestyle can also play a role in determining the color of your hair. Some factors that are implicated in graying of the pubic hair include,

  • Life with chronic stress or depression
  • Smoking and overconsumption of alcohol
  • Deficiency of micronutrients like vitamin B5 and B12 in diet
  • Use of chemical-containing products in the intimate region

Medical History

Gray pubic hair can also be a symptom of a medical disorder. Some of the most common diseases to make pubic hair gray include

  • Vitiligo is a hereditary disorder of skin and hair discoloration
  • Hyperthyroidism that interferes with the function of melanocytes
  • White piedra, a fungal infection of pubic hair
  • Pubic lice that lays eggs to make pubic hair appear gray.

Hormonal Imbalances

Lastly, hormonal imbalances can also make the pubic hair go gray. The hormones affecting the pigmentation of the hair include thyroid hormones and estrogen.

So, lack of estrogen in menopause can be the culprit behind gra pubic hair in older women.

Part 3: Options for Managing Gray Pubic Hair

Hypopigmented pubic hair can be a source of embarrassment for people who want to feel young forever. So, here are some ways to deal with the gray pubic hair.

Let it Be

The best way to deal with gray pubic hair is simply to embrace it and age like a fine wine. Graying of hair is a natural occurrence and it should be accepted like it.

Additionally, gray hair appears classy when you wear it with confidence. So, do not stress about the discoloration of your hair, and let it be.

Trim it

If you do not like it and just want this hair to stay away from your sight, trim the hair regularly. Use a razor, electric trimmer, or scissors, and get rid of the gray pubic hair as it sprouts out of the skin.

Remove it

Trimming the pubic hair can be the quickest way to deal with it. However, hair can come back sooner than later. So, in these cases, either remove than from the roots by using wax or remove them for good with laser hair removal or electrolysis.

Dye it

If you want to keep the pubic hair but hate seeing it turn gray, start dyeing the hair regularly. A few pubic hair dyes are available in the market to help you look your best.

Furthermore, you can choose a scalp hair dye as well if it contains natural and nourishing ingredients.

Improve Your Lifestyle

Do you have stress, smoking habits, or nutritional deficiencies? If yes, the best bet for you is to focus on your lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet, using stress management techniques, and quitting smoking can help in preventing and reversing gray pubic hair.

Part 4: How to remove gray pubic hair

How to remove gray pubic hair

The details about removing gray body hair are mentioned in getting rid of white, grey, and light blonde hair. Here we will only focus on how to remove gray pubic hair.

IPL Hair Removal Devices

First of all, we would like to suggest Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal to get rid of the pubic hair when you still have some pigment in the hair. It can serve as the best method of hair removal for people who have begun to notice gray pubic hair recently.

As Ulike Air3 IPL device removes up to 90% of the hair in 3 weeks, it can help you get rid of the pubic hair before it turns gray.


The other method of treating unwanted pubic hair is laser hair removal in an office. A plus point of the laser is that the advanced technologies of laser can be effective even after all hair has turned gray as mentioned in Does laser hair removal work for blonde, gray, and red hair?

However, it is important to note that the efficacy of laser for gray hair differs from person to person.


Shaving is the easiest method of removing gray pubic hair. All you need is a cleanse and a sharp razor to get rid of the hair in the pubic region. It also works great as shaving can eliminate hair strands of any length.

However, you have to be careful not to cut yourself down there as it can lead to infection.


Brazilian wax might be painful but it is a good option for removing the gray pubic hair. Hard or soft wax can be used to remove the gray pubic hair. Wax can get rid of the whole pubic hair or remove it in a pattern that only gray hair is gone while you can keep the dark part.

The best thing about waxing the pubes is that you can stay stress-free about the hair coming back for 2 to 4 weeks. Also, check out how much does a Brazilian wax cost.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams have been used as a go-to option for treating unwanted pubic hair for decades. So, hair removal creams designed specifically for pubic hair can be used to remove the gray pubes as well.

However, a patch test is necessary while using a depilatory cream as it contains chemicals.


While the efficacy of laser and IPL hair removal is under question for gray pubic hair, electrolysis is surely effective. It treats the discolored hair and can help you get rid of them for good.


Gray pubic hair can result from a normal aging process, genetics, and lifestyle. People begin to notice their pubes sprouting a few gray strands in their 30s and 40s. So, it can be a source of stress.

Under such circumstances, you can either accept the gray of your hair as they are not ugly, go for a hair dye just like you dye your scalp hair, or remove it. The top hair removal options for gray pubes include IPL, laser, electrolysis, shaving, and waxing.

Welcome to Ulike! We hope our expertise can bring value to you.
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