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Best Ways and Tips for Guys Shaving Legs

By Jason
October 18, 2023
6 minutes
Best Ways and Tips for Guys Shaving Legs

In the era where everything is becoming a norm and people are allowed to pursue whatever they want without the fear of judgment, some personal choices are still seen with dislike. One of such factors is grooming body hair.

Just like women can choose to keep or remove their body hair, so should men. And it is shocking to note that many men shave their legs for various reasons. So, if you are a man looking for an opinion about guys shaving legs, this article is for you.

Let us find out if you should shave your legs as a man. And if yes, we have some tips and tricks for men shaving legs.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Is Shaving Legs Bad for Guys?

Is Shaving Legs Bad for Guys

Here are some factors that can help you decide whether is shaving good or bad for you.

Why Should Men Shave Legs?

Well, the most important factor of why should men shave their legs is their personal grooming choice. If they want their legs to be hairless and smooth, they can do it without needing any other reason.

Furthermore, athletes prefer shaved legs as they improve their performance. Some men like to shave their legs to look clean and avoid irritation of leg hair with clothes and sweating. Lastly, it is common in some cultures to have a hairless body. For example, in ancient Egypt, men shaved their body hair and currently German guys love hair-free legs.

Benefits of Shaving Legs

The benefits of shaving legs are given as,

  • Better Performance in Sports: Hairless legs work great for improving aerodynamics by reducing the drag offered by air or water in sports like running, cycling, swimming, and gymnastics.
  • Better Love Life: Hairless legs look more pleasing to women resulting in more sex appeal.
  • Boosting Muscles: If you are a gym freak, you must know how hard are leg days and how disappointing it is to have your hard-earned toned leg muscles hidden by the hair. So, shaving your legs can make your days at the gym better and help you boost those muscles.
  • Comfortable Routine Life: Conditions like hypertrichosis can make your life a bit uncomfortable because of excess hair. Therefore, shaving hair can help you have a comfortable life.
  • Showing Tattoos: If you want leg tattoos, leg hair can be the greatest obstruction in getting and showing them. So, with no hair on the legs, you can freely display the tattoos.

Cultural and Social Perspectives on Men Shaving Legs

Trimming leg hair guys started centuries ago in ancient Egypt where hair was considered an obstruction to the performance of men on the battlefield. However, slowly body hair became a sign of masculinity for men. As a result, most men stopped grooming their body hair.

However, the trend of shaving leg hair is rising again for the comfort and clean look associated with it. For now, there are mixed opinions on men’s leg hair shaving. In some cultures, men shaving legs is a norm while it is seen with disgust in others.

Regardless, shaving leg hair is a personal preference that should be respected in any case.

Part 2: How to Shave Legs as a Man?

How to Shave Legs as a Man

Here, we will know what is the best way to shave legs for guys in three simple steps.

Skin and Hair Preparation for Shaving Legs

If you regularly shave your beard, you must be aware of how important skin preparation is for a smooth shave. So, follow the steps given below to prepare your skin and hair for shaving.

  • Take a physical scrub and scrub off the dead skin legs, loose hair, and impurities from your legs.
  • Take a warm water shower and let your hair soften to make the shaving process easier.
  • Trim the extra long leg hair with scissors or an electric trimmer to prevent such hair from blocking your razor.
  • Apply a pre-shave oil to hydrate the skin and further add to the softness of hair.

The Technique for Shaving Legs

Below are the steps to start shaving your legs like a pro.

  • Apply a shaving cream or gel into the desired area of treatment and lather it up. It will create a barrier between the razor blade and your skin making shaving safe.
  • Now take a fresh razor and start moving it in steady, gentle, and long strokes in the direction of hair growth for the first round. You can go against the grain in the second round for a closer shave. Also, check whether should you shave with or against the grain.
  • After a few strokes, rinse your razor and continue shaving until desired results are reached.
  • Work on the less hairy area first and then move to the hairier parts.
  • Always carefully examine the area at the back of the calves, thighs, and ankles to see that no hair is missed.

Post-Shaving Care

Once you are done shaving, the next step is to take good care of your legs to make them smooth and deal with the irritation, redness, and bumps caused by shaving. For this,

  • Wash the treatment area thoroughly with water.
  • Let it dry or pat it dry with a soft towel.
  • Apply a post-shaving treatment to your legs.
  • Follow it with an enriched moisturizer and you are done.

Part 3: Tips for Shaving Legs

Tips for Shaving Legs

To have the smoothest shaving experience without any unwanted accidents, here are some tips for guys shaving and leg hair grooming.

Select Your Shaving Tool

You can shave your leg hair by using an electric shaver or a plain razor. Both have their pros and cons as mentioned in 4D shaver vs. blade: which one is better for you? Considering which one you find easier to work with on other areas of the body, select your leg-shaving tool.

Trim Long Hair

Long hair gets stuck in the razor, whether it is manual or electric. This hair is difficult to remove from the blades and also makes shaving impossible. So, the best bet is to prevent such hair from blocking the shaver.

For this, use scissors or an electric trimmer to get rid of long hair and cut the hair to an appropriate length for shaving.

Soften the Hair and Prepare the Skin

Men have coarse hair which can irritate the skin when removed as it is with a blade. It can also lead to razor burns and cuts. Therefore, shaving at the end of the shower can help in softening such hair and making them easy to remove. Also, check wet vs. dry shaving: which is better for you.

Furthermore, always use pre-shave oil and shaving gel/foam/cream to prepare your skin for shaving.

Rinse the Razor Regularly

Leg hair should be shaved in long strokes. After each stroke, the buildup of removed hair and shaving product accumulates in the shaver blades obstructing the functionality of the razor. So, after 2 to 3 strokes, rinse your razor so that it is ready to effectively remove the hair in the next stroke.

Additionally, use a new razor or a sharp blade every time you are shaving because dull blades make skin prone to side effects.

Go Slow and Steady

Never rush your leg shaving session as it can make you end up with painful bleeding cuts. Always go slowly and steadily. It will remove all unwanted hair efficiently while preventing side effects.

Furthermore, apply gentle pressure while shaving. Keep your hands as light as possible and let the sharp blade do its job. More pressure won’t give you a closer shaver. Rather, it will hurt your skin.

Follow up with a Moisturizer

Do not leave your legs unattended once you are done shaving. Rather, take good care of them by rinsing them off with warm water at first to remove the remnants of hair and cream and then with cold water to close the pores.

After that, apply post-shaving treatment gel or moisturizer to nourish your freshly shaved legs.


Guys shaving legs is not as taboo as it used to be a few years ago. Men these days are well aware of their rights, hygiene, and disassociation of body hair with masculinity. So, they are happily embracing the decision to shave hair for a better lifestyle, athletic performance, love life, and more.

Therefore, they can follow the easy steps and tips mentioned in this article to shave their leg hair and enjoy a hair-free body.

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