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Is IPL Hair Removal Device Effective for Men’s Beards on Face?

By Jason
September 22, 2023
7 minutes
Is IPL Hair Removal Device Effective for Men’s Beards

Shaving every day to achieve a clean face look and constantly grooming your beard alternatively can be such a hassle as the more you shave it, the faster the beard grows, right? Men are not fully aware of the alternative methods of beard hair removal making them shift from one kind of razor to another.

Although several types of facial shaving and beard grooming tools have been introduced including safety razors, cartridge razors, and electric razors, none of them has yet eliminated the risk of cuts, nicks, ingrown hair, and bumps. Skin irritation is yet another story.

The solution to avoiding all these side effects lies in grooming your hair in a way that they are treated from the roots without pain and skin irritation. IPL hair removal can offer the ultimate answer to beard grooming needs in men.

So, in this article, let us talk about is IPL hair removal safe and effective for men’s beards on the face.

Table of Contents:

1. Why Should Men Use an IPL Device for Hair Removal?

Although shaving can be replaced successfully by laser due to the benefits explained in Laser Hair Removal for the Male Face, let us see why men should opt for IPL hair removal instead.

Grooming and Styling the Beard

Grooming and Styling the BeardIPL hair removal devices come with a small rectangular window to help you groom your beard in several styles like goatee, royale beard, balbo beard, Verdi beard, and more. 

These styles need regular grooming. So, if you plan on keeping any of these beards for up to 6 months, IPL hair removal devices are perfect for you.

No Irritation, Ingrown Hair, Cuts, and Bumps

No matter how careful you are with shaving and shaping the beard, you will always end up with ingrown hair, irritation, bumps, and at times razor cuts. To prevent these side effects, you need whole skin pre and post-shaving care.

In comparison, IPL eliminates the hair from the roots and your skin appears smooth without such effects.

Saves Time, Effort, and Money

Saves Time, Effort, and MoneyYou only have to spend on IPL hair removal devices once in your life and it will cost around $300 to $400. Additionally, you only need 6 to 12 hair removal sessions with each session only taking 5 to 10 minutes.

There is no need to be extra careful as well. So, IPL hair removal can save time, effort, and money.

Semi-Permanent Results

As IPL hair removal results last only for 6 months, you can change your beard styles twice a year. This, in contrast, to laser gives you more chances of personalisation of the beard. 

Additionally, a comparative study published in PubMed Central concluded that IPL is more effective for facial hair as compared to laser [1]

2. How Does an IPL Hair Removal Device Work for Men’s Beards?

How Does an IPL Hair Removal Device Work for Men’s BeardsThe mechanism of IPL hair removal is no different on men’s faces as compared to women’s faces. It is just that male hair is thicker and more coarse requiring a greater number of sessions for significant results. 

However, the good thing about it is that men can maintain their masculinity and the satisfaction that comes with the idea of growing a beard.

Therefore, IPL devices use the technique of thermophotolysis to break down the hair strands and annihilate the hair follicles. In this technique, photo rays get absorbed into the dark hair strands. This working principle of IPL has been explained in the Current Trends in IPL study by David J. Goldberg, MD [2].

They then reach the bottom of the strands, the roots, and the follicles. Here, light energy is converted into heat energy destroying hair follicles.

3. How to Use an IPL Device for Men’s Beards on the Face?

How to Use an IPL Device for Men’s Beards on the FaceYou can follow the easy steps given below to use an IPL device at home like a pro.

  • The first step is to always prepare your skin. You do not need to do much. Just keep up with your regular exfoliation, cleansing, sun protection, and moisturization. If you do not have a skincare routine, it is time to have one. Some skincare tips for men are given in the best skincare routine for men.  
  • Then make a thoughtful decision about the beard style you want, map it, and shave the hair in that pattern. 
  • Connect the device to a power source, turn it on, and flash it over the shaved area. Start from the lowest level of intensity and gradually increase the levels in subsequent sessions as beard hair can be stubborn.
  • Follow the hair removal session with skin moisturization and you are done.
  • You need to do about 2 to 3 sessions per week and get your desired results within 1 to 2 months. However, this timeline depends upon the device you are using.

4. Is IPL Hair Removal Device Effective and Safe for Men’s Beard?

Is IPL Hair Removal Device Effective and Safe for Men’s BeardYes, IPL hair removal for men’s beards is as effective as women’s hair removal on the face or body. They make hair darker and thicker. It means that IPL rays can efficiently absorb into them even though it takes a greater number of treatments. 

Moreover, a greater level of intensity can be used as well for stubborn hair. This is because the facial skin of men is thicker and less sensitive as compared to women’s allowing them to tolerate more power output. 

Regarding the safety of IPL hair removal for men’s faces, it is completely safe as approved by the FDA. however, you have to pay attention to protect your eyes with UV protective goggles, wear sunscreen when you go out, and stop any artificial tanning treatments to ensure that it does not harm the skin.

The safety and effectiveness of IPL has been studied in clinical trial published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology [3]

5. Which Men Can Use an IPL Device on the Face?

Which Men Can Use an IPL Device on the FaceThe detailed contraindications of IPL have been discussed in IPL hair removal treatment contraindications. Here, we will only discuss the basic requirements for using an IPL device.

Hair Color

The major factor for determining if an IPL hair removal device will be effective for you is your hair color as the light absorbs into the hair. So, if you have dark hair including black, brown, and even dark blonde, IPL will work for you.

However, if your beard is white, red, grey, or blonde, look for some other hair removal treatment like a laser for colored hair or electrolysis. 

Skin Tone

The safety of an IPL device is best determined by your skin type and skin color. Although skin sensitivity only decides the intensity level you can use, skin color ascertains if you will get side effects like burns and blisters.

So, IPL is great if you have light to medium brown skin. However, you should stay away if your skin is dark. The effectiveness of laser vs. IPL has been elaborated in a randomized controlled trial by S A Ismail, published in PubMed [4] 

6. Which IPL Device Should You Use for Men’s Beard?

Equipment Required02Choosing a high-standard IPL hair removal device is imperative for the safety, effectiveness, and results you want. The best hair removal IPL devices for men are given in Best 8 IPL hair removal devices for men.

Out of these devices, the first brand, Ulike has introduced its latest model Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL hair removal handset this year. So, you can invest in it because of the advantages given below. 

  • Painless and Cooling: The treatment window of Ulike has a special sapphire cooling technology to give your skin a painless soothing sensation during your hair removal session.
  • For the body as well: A single Ulike device can work for your body, intimate areas, and face as well because of its multiple comfort levels and treatment modes. Also, check how you can use an IPL device on private parts at grooming below the belt 
  • Safe and recommended: It is an FDA-approved safe device that is recommended by both male and female dermatologists as well. Additionally, it is one of the most effective and safest IPL devices available in the market.
  • Economical and durable: Ulike Air3 only costs $379 dollars and features countless flashes. Moreover, it is manufactured with a high-quality material and smooth finishing making it durable. So, as long as you spend this amount once, you do not need to be concerned about hair removal ever again.
  • An attractive design: Although looks are not the top consideration for men, the elegant design of Ulike Air3 will attract them as well.


IPL hair removal is not only an effective and safe method of hair removal for men but it is also hassle-free, effortless, and low maintenance. You just need to spend a little more time treating thick, dark, and coarse beard hair. 

However, it is faster and more time-saving as compared to shaving. So, if you have been confused about getting an IPL device for yourself, it is your sign to invest right away.

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