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The 12 Biggest TikTok Makeup Trends of 2023

By Laura
September 5, 2023
7 minutes

TikTok is a great social media app for knowing all the emerging trends worldwide. It not only keeps you entertained but you can also learn a handful of tips and tricks regarding makeup, cooking, and other daily life activities.

Are you also one of those girls who spend most of their time on TikTok finding some useful makeup techniques? Or do you want to update your makeup routine with all the latest trends going on around the world? You came to the right place. This article includes a compilation of various famous TikTok makeup trends of 2023 to help you know about all the new looks you need to try right now!

Moreover, you can follow influencers on TikTok to stay updated with all the Makeup trends. Want to know about which influencer to follow? Click, 10 Top TikTok Beauty Influencers & Makeup Artists to Follow in 2023

Table of Contents:

The 12 Biggest TikTok Makeup Trends of 2023

1. Coquette Beauty 

Coquette Beauty TiktokWith 1.7 billion views on TikTok, The Coquette Beauty is a highly growing makeup trend on TikTok. This makeup trend can define your feminine side perfectly. It involves the use of pink hues for your cheeks, eyes, and lips with a Lana Del Rey thick eyeliner style that gives your eyes a doe appearance.

Do you also want to try this look? All you need is to do subtle and dewy eye makeup with pink eyeshadows, generously concealed under-eyes, add lots of blush to your cheeks, and then use a gloss to finish off the look. Matte lover? No problem, you can use sheer matte lipstick and still rock the coquette beauty makeup.

Lastly, add pink ribbons to your hair and some pink laces to your clothes, and see everyone fall in love with your perfect look. 

2. Grunge Makeup

Grunge Makeup TikTokThe Grunde Makeup trend with over 900 million views on TikTok takes you back to the 90s era when pop culture was at its peak and we got to see some amazing movies and hear fabulous songs. Getting Nostalgic, right?

While you cannot go back to that era, you can still relive those moments and give yourself the ’90s look with Grunge Makeup. This makeup trend mainly started after “Wednesday” a Netflix show featuring Jenna Ortega and now it has become a popular trend to follow. 

Want to be a part of this trend? Focus on making your eyeliner smudged, and getting smokey eyes, and then either go with nude or dark lips to complete the look. 

3. Budget Beauty

Just as the name suggests, this makeup trend has started to find the most budget-friendly and reliable makeup products for you to use. This trend is the best coping mechanism against rising inflation while maintaining your skincare and makeup routine. 

With 920 million views on TikTok, all the followers are now trying everything from Drugstore dupes to refillable makeup to find the best beauty items while staying within budget. You can find all the low-cost makeup products by keeping up with this makeup trend.

Moreover, you can also find economical products online from e.l.f cosmetics, L’Oreal, Sephora, Maybelline, and many other stores with the highest quality products at low prices. 

4. Monochromatic Makeup

The monochromatic makeup trend has been started for a long time and everyone is still loving this look in 2023. By following this trend, you can give yourself a cohesive and sophisticated makeup look using a single shade on all your face areas. 

Sounds a bit boring? It surely is not because you, with various colors available in your makeup kit, can try endless looks until you find the perfect look for yourself. You can try a soft pink shade for a feminine look or a brown shade for a little bold getup. Going out in the fall? Go for the purple hues. A day out with your girls in summer? You can try the yellow shade. 

Now it sounds exciting, right? Then what’s the wait? Get up and start finding your favorite monochrome look for each season. 

5. Brown Eyeliner

While all the makeup looks were limited to the use of black eyeliner, people have now started experimenting with colored eyeliners. The colored-eyeliner trend specifically the brown eyeliner has grabbed everyone’s attention on TikTok.

It is because the brown eyeliner gives you a soft, minimalist makeup look while still making a statement. Additionally, it can also help your eyes look bigger and brighter while adding depth to your eyes. 

So, whether you are looking for a natural look or a bold one, brown eyeliner is your must-have item to stand out in the crowd. 

6. Strawberry Girl Makeup

Another Makeup trend to channel your feminine side is the Strawberry Girl Makeup. You can guess just by the name that this trend is all about pink hues. But, another addition to pink hues is the faux freckles on your cheeks that resemble little strawberry seeds. 

The trend was already famous enough but after Hailey Bieber posted a makeup tutorial regarding this trend, the trend reached its peak and now everyone on TikTok is going crazy about following the strawberry girl soft makeup look. 

It mainly focuses on creating a dewy makeup look using pink blush, pink/peach lip gloss, and a peach-toned highlighter. Winged eyeliner along with the strawberry makeup can add further glamour to your appearance. 

7. Hot Glue Gun Eyes

Another Classy yet cool makeup trend that is mesmerizing all TikTok users with its charm is the Hot Glue Gun Eyes trend. In the past, glue guns were only used to make 3D tears but recently, various artists have started designing attractive face stickers using these glue guns to create a 3D makeup look. 

You can use a glue gun to make your DIY designs, then give them beautiful colors using the color pigments. Once they are ready, apply them using the eyelash glue. These 3D stickers can be used for your eyelids, forehead, and even the area below your eyes. 

You need to use the glow gun with little caution and it might be hard at first, but once you know how to make the stickers, you are going to love this trend. 

8. Reverse Makeup

Another shocking makeup hack that went viral on TikTok is the reverse makeup technique. Sounds weird? Well, this makeup trend helps you create a seamless and natural look. It also allows flawless blending of the makeup and helps you decide the amount of foundation you need to put on. 

This makeup trend was started by Mary Phillips, a celebrity makeup artist, and involves the use of contour, highlighter, and blush before the application of the foundation. Now, you must have guessed why is it called reverse makeup.

9. Bold Brows

While everyone was obsessed with having thin and sleek eyebrows, the times have changed now and women have started loving their natural eyebrows. This gave rise to the bold brow trend. This trend does not necessarily involve the use of makeup to make your eyebrows thick. So, it is more of a haircare or skincare trend on TikTok. 

Thick brows make you look younger while framing your eyes perfectly which further enhances their appearance. They also minimize the requirement of makeup around your eyes. So, what are the steps to have bold brows?

All you need to do is let them grow to their fullest and then use a tweezer to clear all the stray hairs. After that, you can give them a perfect feathered appearance using any eyebrow gel. 

10. Sparkly Makeup 

Some days are for a natural look but some days require a little glittery makeup to spice up your glamour game. Sparkly makeup is a hot trend on TikTok as the perfect amount of glitter can make you stand out of the crowd without being over. 

The chunky glitters can be perfect for any party and become your mood booster as the blinging energy of the little sparkles can make you feel happy-go-lucky. Are you also loving the concept of glitters on eyes but don’t know where to start?

Apply a primer first and then use a nude eyeshadow as a base. Then put on the glitter eyeshadow and blend them using your fingers. Lastly, add a little highlighter to your brow bones to lift your brows a bit. 

11. Barbiecore Makeup

Ever since the release of the Barbie movie, everyone has been obsessed with creating different Barbie looks. This has made the Barbiecore Makeup go trendy on TikTok and everyone is loving the various looks presented by various influencers. 

Similar to Strawberry Girl Makeup and Coquette makeup, this trend also involves the use of pink but not necessarily light and soft shades of pink. You can go for nude pink or warm shades of pink depending on your skin tone. You can also use a combination of undertones with shades of pink to complete the look. 

For instance, a blue undertone with pink makeup can suit very well to those with dark skin tones. 

12. Gradient Lips 

Lastly, another trend that is living in the minds of all TikTok users rent-free is the gradient lips trend. The trend mainly emerged from Korea as various actresses in dramas usually like to wear gradient lip makeup look. The look mainly focuses on using darker colors in the center of the lips and then lighter colors at the edges. You can blend the light and dark shades using a finger or a lip brush. 

It gives the lipstick a fading effect as you move towards the lips’ edges. The gradient lips radiate an innocent vibe and can be a perfect trend to follow for achieving a doll-like pout. 


From Coquette makeup to ‘90s grunge makeup, from natural monochromatic makeup trends to glamorous sparkly makeup looks, this article includes a detailed list of all the trendy makeup looks of 2023 on TikTok. You can experiment with the trends you love the most and the continuous experiments can help you learn how to attain different looks for different events.

To nail the looks perfectly, you need to have products from the best brands. To know about some of the brands that can help you achieve your dream look, click Top 10 Makeup Brands of 2023.

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