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10 Barbie-Inspired Makeup Looks to Doll Yourself Up

By Mariela
January 31, 2024
7 minutes
Barbie-Inspired Makeup Looks

Although bright and funky makeup has always been popular, the release of the Barbie movie has set an irreplaceable trend for a few months. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are full of people wearing Barbie-inspired looks. You should not stay behind anyone in this regard, right?

Another great thing about the live-action Barbie is the presence of Barbies of multiple ethnicities, colors, figures, and more. It represented a beautiful amalgam of human society where everyone is beautiful in their own way. Barbie-inspired makeup can enhance this beauty and charm.

So, we came up with 10 Barbie-inspired makeup looks to doll yourself up in 2024 and steal the show. Moreover, even if your kids cannot watch the Barbie movie as concluded in what age of kids can watch the Barbie movie, we are sure that they would love their Mom turned into a real-life Barbie. So, let us see what we have in store for you here.

Table of Contents:

10 Barbie-Inspired Makeup Looks to Doll Yourself Up

Out of the countless variations in the Barbie-inspired makeup looks, below are the 10 most attractive ones we found. In addition to these, you can go for the TikTok makeup trends mentioned here.

1. The Iconic Barbie Look

The 1st and the most characteristic makeup look for Barbie is the one where you look exactly how Barbie looked wearing her pretty pink outfits. This makeup appearance is a blend of different shades of pink.

Your iconic Barbie look is complete with powder pink eyeshadow, rosy pink cheeks, black winged eyeliner, and glossy lips. Another variation to the iconic look could be nude lips with pink winged eyeliner. 

2. Electric Eyes Barbie Look

The electric eye Barbie-inspired makeup radiates the creativity of the wearer. It is a combination of colors like pink, orange, peach, and green on the eyes with a blue-colored double-winged eyeliner completing the look.

For the rest of your face, you can go for something elegant and nude ensuring that attention stays on the eyes.

3. The Sun-Kissed Barbie Look

The sun-kissed look makes its appearance every year with different names like strawberry makeup etc. This year, sun-kissed makeup perfectly fits into the concept of Barbie makeovers. 

For this look, all you need is a lot of liquid blush-on applied on the high points of the cheeks and nose being connected in the shape of a W. Blend this blush as you like and apply a light-toned lipstick to achieve the perfect summer Barbie look.

4. The High-Ponytail Barbie Look

If you have thick blonde hair, the high ponytail Barbie look is for you. If not, a Barbie can have dark hair as well as the movie represented.

Simply put your hair up in a ponytail, take all of your pink makeup shades, and play with the colors to make a look exclusive to you.

5. The Glamorous Barbie Look

This look is for the Barbie dolling-up for a date night, a party, or a formal gathering. In this look, you do not need to overdo it with the pink color. Rather choose the shades that go well with your outfit.

The basics of this glamorous look are the winged eyeliner, the smooth skin, plump lips, and lifted cheeks. So, as long as you achieve this, any color will make you appear like an elegant doll.

6. The Gorgeous Golden Barbie

Enough with the pinks, be the golden Barbie people cannot take their eyes off. For the gorgeous golden Barbie look, wear a bold shade of shimmery golden eyeshades and maybe use two different shades of golden and blend them uniformly creating a smoky eye appearance.

Then wear a golden-beige highlighter on the cheeks, nude lipstick, smudged eyeliner, and falsies, and you are done.

7. Mermaid Barbie

Mermaid Barbie looks makes people spellbound by your charm and enchanting facial features. So, the whole idea of the mermaid look is to intensify your facial features with feminine colors.

Rose gold to coral eyeshadows with fruity lip colors and a soft-smoke eyeliner look are the way to go. However, if you would rather have a colorful mermaid look, choose subtle shades of purple, blue, and pink for the eyes.

8. Barbie with Classic Red Lips

Red lips are timeless. So, why not incorporate them into graceful Barbie-inspired makeup? For this look, you need to pay attention to creating seamless bold red lips with velvety and glossy lipstick.

You can keep the eye makeup exquisite with neutral or nude-colored eye shadows. 

9. No Makeup-Makeup Look Barbie

Have you ever fantasized about how Barbie would look when she woke up? This is the look you need to aim for in the no-makeup-makeup Barbie-inspired look. 

The ultimate goal is to wear nude makeup from your eyes to lips that makes your skin flawless and your features accentuated without exaggerating it.

10. Barbie with Blinging Hearts and Stars

The Barbie-inspired heart and star makeup look is perfect for the days you are going out with your girls or planning a sleepover with no sleep.

The base of this makeup is formed by hot pink eyeshadows, a winged cat-like eyeliner, a bright pink blush connecting cheekbones with outer eye crease, and a subtle pink lip gloss. Then you add some final touches in the form of hearts and stars just above the cheeks.

Tips to Get a Barbie-Inspired Makeup Look

Various glamorous and modest looks can be achieved by getting inspired by our trendsetter Barbie with a bit of modification in the shades you choose or the makeup style you use.

However, some features of the makeup reflect the Barbie look. Such features are given below to help you create your own personalized Barbie look.

The Flawless base

Starting from the start, Barbie has flawless skin and so should you if you want to doll yourself up like a pro. However, flaws make humans, and no matter how nice your skin is, there will be a spot or two that you would like to cover.

So, get the most suitable shade of a high-coverage foundation that matches your complexion. For example, Fenty Beauty has 50 shades of a beautiful-looking matte foundation. 

After the foundation, choose a suitable concealer, and make sure to apply the foundation perfectly on the face.

Glowing Skin

Barbie dolls also have bright and glowing skin that radiates the happy and cheerful energy of a doll with no worries and stress. So, achieve a glowing makeup look by maintaining hydration, using a moisturizing primer, and finally stepping up the look with a long-lasting and flashing highlighter.

Glossier, MAC, Maybelline, and Hourglass offer some of the best highlighters available in the market. 

Pink Eyeshades

Pink eyes are iconic to Barbie. Although Barbies have had multiple eye shadows and different looks, Pink has become a color exclusive to Barbie after the release of the Barbie movie. 

You can choose any tone of pink color but the rule is to have sharply creased eyeshadow on the mobile lid. Some of the best pink eyeshadow palettes you can find are from Fenty Beauty, Anastasia, and Pat McGrath.

Tips to Get a Barbie-Inspired Makeup LookAn Inner Eye White Eyeliner

A white eyeliner on the water lines makes the Barbie look even more flattering by making the eyes appear bigger and brighter. You can find high-quality easy-to-apply white eyeliner at Colorpop, Anastasia, and Maybelline.

In addition to the white eyeliner, a white shimmer in the inner corners of the eyes adds to the classic Barbie look.

The Outer Winged Liner

Although not the absolute feature, a winged eyeliner makes the Barbie look more glamorous. The prototypical Barbie Winged eyeliner starts as a thin line from the inner corner of the upper eyelid and progressively becomes thicker as it moves toward the outer edge of the lid. Finally, the liner ends with a cat-like wing. 

Charlotte feline flick pen and Maybelline liquid eyeliners can help you complete the winged eyeliner look. You can check more styles of eyeliners at Different eyeliner styles

Flushing Cheeks

A Barbie radiates lively energy and an enthusiastic personality. A rosy and flashy blush-on is a representation of this characteristic of the doll as well as the real-life Barbie. 

So, go for a blush in reddish or pinkish hues and rock the Barbie look. A cream or liquid blush works better making cheek heat by Maybelline, NARS liquid blush, and Charlotte Tilbury beauty light wand some great options.

Well-Shaped Lifted Eyebrows

Barbie has uplifted well-groomed eyebrows that are thick yet each of the hair strands is separately visible and carefully shaped. For this, have the eyebrows shaped by a salon expert. 

Then simply comb them up, fill them in, remove the eyebrow pencil from the sides with a cotton bud, and you are done with the eyebrow look.

Thick Curled Lashes

To complete the look of the eyes, the last step is thick curled eyelashes. Just like the lashes are drawn on the Barbie doll, you need to wear falsies to create a similar appearance. 

The lashes are set and curled in a way that they look like matted spider webs in an organized order. This is specific for the upper lashes while the lower lashes can be left as it is. 

Plump Rosy Lips

No look can be complete without the lips, right? The same is the case with our Barbie look. All Barbies, whether it is the 59-year-old doll or the live-action Barbie actress Margot Robbie, have thick plump lips.

It is great if your lips are already like that. If not, you can simply create the look by outlining the shape of the lips and filling it with a vibrant color. Some of the best lipsticks for rosy lips are from NARS, Loreal, Maybelline, and Hermes Rouge. 

Hairless Face

Unlike humans, dolls do not have to worry about facial hair. You can do the same by getting rid of unwanted and flawed facial hair with the help of an IPL hair removal device like the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Device.  

The best thing about Ulike is its nearly painlessness which ensures that you have to bear no discomfort while removing unwanted hair. Therefore, you can continue to be the most comfortable and beautiful princess in your Barbieland.


The classic Barbie-inspired looks are mainly about pink makeup, smooth skin, attractive features, and trendy dresses. Several looks can be created by keeping the pink tone as your focus. These makeup looks include iconic Barbie, sun-kissed Barbie, and a natural-looking Barbie. 

But let us tell you that you are not restricted to a single color and can try some more to doll up for special occasions. For example, a gorgeous golden Barbie, a mesmerizing mermaid Barbie, the enchanting electric eyes Barbie, and a ruthless, and royal red lips Barbie. We shared the details of all these looks in this article. 

Additionally, there are some makeup tips for creating a seamless Barbie-inspired makeup look for you.

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