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Tonal vs. Peloton: Which Smart Exercise Equipment You Should Buy?

By Jason
July 7, 2023
8 minutes

Gone are the days when we have to commute all the way to a gym. It is now a digital era offering smart machines to work out at home. With the machine comes an online subscription, app, and membership. So, it allows people to keep track of their exercise, get guidance from professionals, and interact with other people exercising from home.

Two of the top brands offering matchless equipment in the industry of smart exercise equipment are Tonal and Peloton. But they offer totally different equipment. Tonal has a smart home gym while Peloton gives you the option to choose a bike or a treadmill while being more famous for its bikes.

Both are too expensive to be bought at once. So, we come down to the question of which one is better and which smart exercise equipment you should buy. Thus, here we are going to take a look at both brands from different dimensions to see which one will suit you more.

Tonal vs. Peloton: Brand History

The brand history of any brand helps us determine the brand story, the motivation behind its founding, and the journey it took to come a long way. Additionally, you can find out how long people have been loving it for, and how it gained fame. Also, brand history helps in establishing trust.

So, here is how Tonal and Peloton were born.



Founder: Aly Orandy

Founder: John Foley, Graham Stanton, Yong Feng, Tom Cortese

Year of Founding: 2015

Year of Founding: 2012

Country of Origin: California, USA

Country of Origin: New York, USA

Age: 8 years

Age: 11 years

How it Came into Being: Tonal came into being when its founder Aly Orandy was stressed out because of his obesity and his engineering job did not allow him to move much as it was a desk job. Additionally, he did not have enough time to go to the gym and work out.

So, he decided to introduce a piece of equipment for himself and thousands of others like him to lose weight and get fit while staying at home.

Also, he did not just focus on weight loss. Rather he incorporated a number of exercises in his smart home gym to ensure that no beginner or pro feels the need for a live gym.

How it Came into Being: Peloton is the product of the constant hard work and support of 4 friends on the idea given by one of them. John Foley, an executive manager at an E-Commerce company, felt how boring it was to work all along at home.

So, he thought to make a piece of exercise equipment that allows people to interact with each other as they exercise. This will motivate them to work harder and also make workouts more fun.

He talked about it to Tom Cortese, the co-founder of Peloton. They both shared this convincing idea with Graham Stanton and Yong Feng. Then all 4 collaborated and finally introduced the best smart bikes in the world.

Famous For: Smart home gym

Famous For: Peloton bikes, Bike and Bike+

Although both brands are popular for different equipment, both began their journey with a single goal in their mind which is to help people become the fittest version of themselves from the comfort of their own homes while interacting with others.

tonal vs peloton

Tonal vs. Peloton: Smart Exercise Equipment

Tonal offers a wall-mounted mirror-like apparatus with several accessories. This space-friendly simple equipment offers a number of exercises and is the best one as mentioned in the best smart home gym equipment.

On the other hand, Peloton has exceptional bikes that help in resistance training, cardio, weight loss, strength training, and more. Also, we would like you to give Peloton bike vs bike+ to know more about this amazing equipment.

For Weight Loss

Both smart gym equipment helps you in losing weight. But both have different targets. Tonal is a machine for strength training and building muscle mass. When you build lean muscles, weight is lost automatically.

On the other hand, Peloton is a machine for cardio, running, walking, and boot camp. These exercises help in burning calories quickly.

For Muscle Gain

If you are a weight trainer, Tonal is definitely the machine as its foundation is strength training. While the Peloton targets muscles of the thighs and calves, Tonal allows over 200 exercises to build muscles.

Additionally, Tonal has a specific eccentric mode to change resistance and train muscles accordingly.

For Cardio

Here the clear answer is Peloton. In cardio, your heart is expected to increase exponentially and this is exactly what happens when you exercise on Peloton bikes or treadmill.

You can also do cardio with Tonal but it is not as good as with Peloton.

For Heavy Compound Exercises

Whether it is isolated exercises or compound exercises, Tonal provides more options as it comes with a number of attachments that you can use to do different exercises like weight lifting, deadlifts, squats, bench presses, and more.

In contrast, Peloton offers limited running and cycling exercises.

Tonal vs. Peloton: Range of Equipment

Tonal and Peloton focus on getting the best in 1 category. So, instead of trying their luck at several pieces of equipment, you can only find a few pieces of equipment. But these are the best ones available in the market.

Also, both brands have a number of accessories to exercise at home.



  • A Wall Mounted Mirror-Like Smart Home Gym

  • Peloton Spin Bike

  • Peloton Spin Bike+

  • Peloton Treadmill

  • Peloton Rowing Machine

  • Peloton TV guide

  • Accessories shelf

  • T-locks

  • Mount Covers

  • Dumbbells

  • Shoes

  • Mats

  • Resistance bands

  • Heart rate monitors

  • Earbuds

  • Water bottles

  • Row starters

Although you can still find about 4 exercise machines on Peloton with a variety of exercise accessories, options are very limited in Tonal as it only has 1 smart home gym apparatus and 3 accessories. But this 1 apparatus features 200+ exercises.

peloton tonal

Tonal vs. Peloton: Prices

One thing is for sure Tonal and Peloton are not inexpensive. They are one of the most expensive exercise equipment you could buy. But let us tell you that they are worth the price because of the ultimate exercise experience they provide.

Let us see how much they are worth here.



Tonal Smart Home Gym: $4,785

Tonal Accessories: $42 to $272

Peloton Bike: $1,650

Peloton Bike+: $2,495

Peloton Row: $3,270

Peloton Tread: $3,625

Peloton Accessories: $15 to $655

Subscription: $59.95

Subscription: $44

Although Tonal only has 1 machine, its price is more than any of the machines of Peloton. However, this 1 machine is like 10 pieces of equipment in 1. So, if your budget allows and your goal is to build your body, Tonal is worth the price.

However, if you are more into cardio and weight loss, you can get Peloton bikes at less than half the price as compared to Tonal.

Tonal vs. Peloton: App, Classes, and Subscription

tonal Tonal subscription is about $60. But with this money, you get new classes every week, live coaching, group training sessions, target-based workout routines, and feedback. The content of the classes includes yoga, meditation, and dancing in addition to HIIT, strength training, weight lifting, and muscle training.

Moreover, your workout progress is recorded and you get personalized workout sessions. However, you have to constantly pay for the subscription for a year. After that, you can cancel the subscription anytime. Also, if you do not pay for it once, all of your data will be lost.

peloton All-access membership subscription of Peloton is only $44. Here, you get exercise options like boxing, rowing, stretching, cycling, and running. You can set your own goals and sync your favorite music with the Peloton app. There are also some pre-recorded classes and you can get on-demand classes as well.

Additionally, the Peloton app features a leaderboard to check your progress in comparison to your workout mates. Lastly, if you do not want to pay the full cost and have not bought Peloton equipment yet, there is an in-app membership that only costs $12.99.

Tonal vs. Peloton: Customer Services and Warranty

With Tonal, you get a 1-year warranty for the machine and its parts and a 2-year warranty for its individual parts. The customer services of Tonal are exceptional. They respond quickly to queries and complaints. Also, they take action for resolving the complaints.

The installation of a Tonal smart gym requires special skills. So, Tonal offers free delivery and installation when you buy their equipment.

Peloton also offers a 12 months warranty for the individual parts and 5 years warranty for the frame of the bike. It also provides free delivery and setting up of the equipment. However, the customer services of Peloton are not as quick and as efficient as Tonal. They often do not respond to the complaints and the delivery process is also slow.

The warranty of both brands is almost the same. So is their delivery and setup process. However, Tonal provides better customer service.

Tonal vs. Peloton: Social Media

tonal ig

peloton ig

The best way to acknowledge the reach and popularity of any brand is through its social media. Because no matter how good the product is, if people do not react positively to it, the equipment fails in establishing reliability.

These both are well-trusted brands and their age is also the same. So, let us see where they stand in terms of their social media approach.



Instagram: Tonal

ID: @tonal

Followers: 284 K

Instagram: Peloton

ID: @onepeloton

Followers: 1.9 Million

Twitter: Tonal

ID: @tonal

Followers: 12 K

Twitter: Peloton

ID: @onepeloton

Followers: 223 k

Tiktok: Tonal

ID: @tonal

Followers: 3,8 K

Tiktok: Peloton

ID: @onepeloton

Followers: 105.3 K

Facebook: Tonal

ID: @TonalStrong/

Followers: 107 K

Facebook: Peloton

ID: @onepeloton/

Followers: 928 K

Looking at social media, it is clear that Peloton has a greater reach. It could be because of the affordability of the brand, its popularity among celebrities, the unlimited options of workout classes, and the strong brand campaign. Although Tonal can be considered as an all in 1 smart home gym, people do not seem to love it as much as they love Peloton.

Tonal vs. Peloton: Celebrities

tonal lbj

Furthermore, if we take a look at celebrities that support both brands, Peloton is loved by a number of famous personalities ranging from gym trainers and fitness experts to sportsmen and women while Tonal is mostly preferred by athletes.

Serene William, Labron James, Micheal Wie, Steph Curry, and Maria Sharapova use Tonal. And all of them are either basketball players or tennis players. Megan Rapinoe Miley Cyrus, Ayesha Curry, Ellen Degeneres, Candace Cameron Brue, Kate Hudson, Venus Williams, Joe Jonas, Andrea Barber, Derek Holland, Micheal Morse, and more celebrities are into Peloton. These celebrities also include artists, actors, and musicians in addition to athletes and gym enthusiasts.

Tonal vs. Peloton: Where to Buy

Before knowing where to buy both, we insist you check out the comparison of these smart home gym equipment with other brands to find more suitable and affordable options. So, give Tonal vs. Tempo , Oxefit vs. Tonal , and Echelon vs. Peloton a read.

Moreover, below are the sites and stores where you can buy Tonal and Peloton products. Also, we forgot to mention how both brands offer a 30 days trial for free. So, check out the equipment and just return it if it does not provide satisfactory results.



The Final Verdict: Which Smart Home Gym Equipment You Should Buy

Well, we have explained both of the types of equipment in detail in this article. Tonal offers a smart home gym while Peloton is a bike and treadmill apparatus.

So, if you are looking for more than 200 exercises in one place, Tonal is perfect for you. However, if you would like conventional gym equipment having smart features at an affordable price, Peloton is the way to go.

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